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Frank Blackburn
groovy chernon
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Very Paranoid
  3. Morale
    Heavily Stressed
  4. Date of birth
    1998-10-02 (21 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Middletown, Virginia
  6. Nationality
    United States
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Straight and black
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - Upside Down Cross carved into back, but has since been covered up with extensive tattoos
  8. Equipment
    - Scuffed U.N. helmet
    - Battle Dress Uniform
    - M4A1
    - Jungle Boots



The Start


Frank Blackburn was born and raised in Middletown, Virginia and had a quite uneventful life there as he was usually in the background of everything, whether it was at school or home. Frank's parents wanted him to enroll into a college right after he graduated, despite his slightly below average grades and the desire to enlisted into the United States Marine Corps instead to be apart of something worthwhile. At the age of 18 Frank soon dropped of out college after he decided he didn't want to follow in his parents footsteps, and left to enlist. Frank wanted to be a simple infantryman, and that wish was granted, being deployed in Afghanistan for a decent amount of time, but was never deployed into actual combat, which is what he desired most. After getting sent back to the states, Frank was beginning to become fed up with the USMC, realizing he hadn't done anything. He then decided to apply to become a United Nations peacekeeper after he saw the United Nations was looking for more peacekeepers due to some forgettable events that occurred in the country of Chernarus. It didn't take long for Frank to become accepted as a peacekeeper after after all he thought, people were scared of ebola and its effects, but the virus was contained, so how could an infection in Eastern Europe be that much of a problem?

The Beginning Of The End


On July 17th, Frank was sent to Miroslavl, Chernarus as part of one of the first responding UN peacekeeping battalions to provide logistical support to the CDF and the research center there. Frank was then quickly sent with a platoon of other peacekeepers to transport relief supplies to Chernogorsk on July 23rd. Frank and his platoon assisted civilians, the CDF, and U.S. Forces. The region was devastated due to the infected, and Frank's worse nightmare became true as the infected approached Chernogorsk at a quick rate. It didn't take long for Chernogorsk to fall into complete chaos, with large hordes of infected strung throughout the city attacking the rioting city. Frank was attempting to retreat with his platoon and the rest of the military from the hell hole, when he ended up getting separated due to all the carnage and fire. Frank took shelter inside an abandoned building then attempted to contact his squad leader via radio, but it was of no use. Frank knew he had to get out of Chernogorsk before he died, or worse, and he knew everyone was heading west. As Frank left the building to leave west, a looter with a kitchen knife stabbed frank deep in the thigh, right after Frank attempted to make the man stay back, then was forced to kill the looter with his M4A1, which he was already dangerously low with ammo due to him trying to fend off the countless waves of infected in his path. After being stabbed in the thigh, Frank realized the knife punctured an artery, and Frank stumbled back inside the building, then quickly applying a field tourniquet to stop the bleeding.


The Crash


Frank then limped back outside, rifle in hand as he struggled to a car nearby, the driver slumped over dead. Frank quickly moved the deceased driver out of the car, which was already started, then frank slammed on the gas through the streets of Chernogorsk, hitting many infected and swerving to miss people running through the streets. As Frank was finally exiting Chernogorsk towards Elektrozavodsk, a hail of bullets was sprayed at the vehicle from an unknown direction, one bullet hitting Frank in the right shoulder and the other hitting him in his right calf. This caused Frank to veer off the road and drive recklessly through fields and trees while blacking out, until the car hit a large ditch and flipped upside down, breaking a few of Frank's ribs as he went unconscious, bleeding severely.


The Recovery

One of the remaining residents from the small village of Pusta heard the commotion, and hurried to Frank's aid, carefully pulling him out of the vehicle, then dragging him back to his house. The man, a retired doctor with the help of his wife patched Frank up and gave him a bed to rest on, using the leftover supplies from a nearby clinic. The gunshots had done a decent amount of damage to Frank, all of his wounds causing him great pain as he had to use morphine, it took Frank months to heal and recover enough to get out of bed. The man who saved him explained his reasons for not leaving his home despite everything and why he saved Frank's life. In order to repay the older man and his wife, Frank helped around the house and was then taught how to grow crops by the man with his small backyard garden, which helped keep Frank active and moving, despite his many injuries. Frank knew he was safe where he was, and made great friends with the elderly couple, causing him to stay a bit longer than he should've, living a mostly quiet and peaceful life in the small town despite the chaos and destruction surrounding them, fending off any infected or bandits with the old man's shotgun.


The Loss

Long after Frank's health became stable and healthy, he was making looting runs throughout the surrounding areas, searching for mainly food and other useful supplies. One time however, Frank went deeper into the desolate Chernogorsk than he had ever gone before, evading the infected and collecting as many supplies as he could in a small hiking backpack he had found. As Frank returned to the elderly couple in Pusta to share his findings with them, but as Frank walked into the house, he discovered both of them dead on the floor and covered in blood, their bodies riddled by bullet holes, the man responsible looking through their kitchen cabinets, his AKM laid across the counter near him. Frank did not care who the mysterious killer was, he crept slowly behind the man, then quickly hit him in the back of the head with his backpack full of heavy cans, causing the murderer to stumble to the floor. Frank then ended the mans life quickly but relentlessly. This had all caused Frank to snap as he exited the house he had spend many months in, then Frank walked and walked North West with little supplies, meeting peculiar people, until he stumbled on top of an abandoned farm, which he then settled into and grew his own crops, trading most of them for supplies in what appeared to be a small-time nearby trader. Frank ignored everything else besides his simple life of growing food, trading it, then repeating.


The Fresh Start


Frank did this for a few months, hearing stories from the trader about different groups with different goals doing different things, most of these stories disturbed Frank, as these hostile and vile groups grew larger and more powerful everyday. Frank was finally fed up as he wanted to return home to America, or at least to fix the region he was currently in, so he turned on the handheld radio he hand't used in a very long time, inserting one of the few batteries he had left. Frank then tuned to the U.N. frequency he was ordered to use all those months ago, then spoke into it, a plea for help. Only static returned his requests, until Frank was going to give up, but then finally a faint voice was heard, claiming to be a new United Nations unit sent to help the vast destruction in the region, then gave Frank the coordinates of their new F.O.B, which he swiftly made his way towards.

The Intermission

After months of operating with the second response team of the United Nations to South Zagoria, things had fallen apart as the north part of the region was literally hell. The second response team was annihilated by Russian agents and hundreds of bandit raiding parties. The second response team was recalled to Miroslavl after sustaining massive casualties and the execution of the first commanding officer. Frank Blackburn however stayed behind in South Zagoria, living off the land as he survived alone in the western woods. For Now.


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