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Sofie Richter
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1995-03-03 (24 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Berlin, Germany
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    German, English
  8. Relationship
    Thomas Kruger
  9. Family
    Parents: No contact
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    164 cm
  2. Weight
    51 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown, long
  5. Eyes
  6. Occupation
  7. Affiliation
    Her Friends & The Haven
  8. Role



Sofie Richter was born to German parents, Hans and Renate, in Berlin on the 3rd of March 1995. When she was barely a year old, her father found work as a lorry driver for a construction company, mainly transporting loose materials. After a few months of hard work, long hours and many days away from home, Hans scraped enough money together to rent a small apartment in the city, the apartment where Sofie would spend her childhood growing up. It was nothing special but it belonged to the family and her parents decided not to have any more children, so there was no need to go further upmarket. Sofie’s mother, Renate, spent her days looking after Sofie and tending to the apartment, keeping the place running whilst Hans was away, sometimes for days at a time. Upon his return from a long trip, Hans brought Sofie a gift in the form of a tamed chameleon to keep as a pet. She kept him lovingly, christening him ‘Hans’ after her father.


Growing up, Sofie became your typical lazy teenager, never really helping around the house much to her mother’s resentment, doing well at school to keep her parents off of her back, spending much of her free time outside with her friends, smoking, and drinking in her later years. Eventually, her love of the bottle and development of a liking for party drugs ate away at her performance in school, forcing her to skip classes to keep up with her social circle of drug-loving friends, driving her grades down from their usual excellence to a middling level. Unfortunately for her, she was prone to doing things in order to maintain her status in her friend circle, which spurred her on to be the first in her friend group to get a tattoo from a local tattoo artist operating out of a small apartment above a greengrocers. This element of her personality led to her developing a tidy drug habit towards the end of her schooling, mainly dabbling in cocaine, ecstasy and, her favorite, LSD. She spent the remainder of her last year in high school this way, partying, staying out late with friends, acting irresponsibly to the point of giving her mother a heart attack, usual teenaged behavior.


Despite her erratic behavior, she graduated with decent grades and received an offer to attend the city’s university to study economics, her chosen course from high school. Under intense pressure from her parents, she accepted despite wishing to pursue her life elsewhere. She lived out of her childhood home, for the most part, occasionally bunking down at the houses of other friends in the city when she was in a state after a long night, though she would always return home to ensure that Hans, her pet, was fed and watered on time. Throughout her first year at university, she became increasingly bored with her studies and spent most of her time, as usual, partying and finding ways to avoid studying, lectures and anything to do with the university. It was through this that she met Anastazie, the socialite daughter of wealthy Chernarussians who frittered most of her time away with parties, plasticised socializing and traveling between the social scenes of various countries. Ana had been in Berlin on a 2-week trip to explore the social scene, mainly to keep her away from her parents who had important things to be doing, and had met Sofie at a well-frequented nightclub whilst she was out with a gang of her friends. They quickly struck up a decent conversation, finding each other surprisingly relatable despite their wildly different upbringings, and found themselves drunken friends by the end of the evening. Ana was Sofie’s escape from boredom over the following two weeks, she was funny, full of life and had been to interesting places that a working-class girl like Sofie could only dream of going. When the two weeks of Ana’s trip came to an end, she made a surprise offer to Sofie to travel back to her homeland with her as a visitor for a few weeks, maybe even over a month depending on how she liked the country. At first, the thought of visiting the country didn’t appeal to her, from the research she’d done online it seemed like it was in a bad way, many impoverished towns, underdeveloped economy, recovering from a civil war, the usual third world bullshit. Ana eventually convinced her after telling her about her home in Novodmitrovsk, as well as offering to pay all of the expenses for Sofie, she lived in a set of apartments in the city, refurbished by her parents over time. They arrived in Chernarus at Miroslavl, they decided to spend a few days in the city before beginning the journey back to Novodmitrovsk. Sofie suspected that Ana didn’t want to go home but kept her suspicions to herself, enjoying the surprising mix of Western and Eastern European culture she found present in Chernarus. For her, it was a whole new world outside of her sizeable bubble in Berlin.



After getting into trouble which leads to Ana and Sofie forcefully parting ways each somewhere else, it took them about a week or so to find themselves. One day as Sofie was heading up the road from the town she didn't know the name at the time (Novy Sobor) towards just another town she heard about that is in the direction she was walking. She saw a person jogging through the fields heading the same direction as her. So Sofie decided to jog on and catch up to the guy to ask if he had seen Ana by any chance as she did ask everyone she had met. The man had seen her heading towards him so he stopped and waited until she got close then started talking. The two at first had conversation about what's happening and if they are both alright, after that the man mentioned he's heading up to Gorka to find girl called Anastázie which by fact was the same one Sofie was looking for, so she asked to tag along and they both headed further up the road towards the town where they ran into Ana and one more person. After reuniting and a short talk, it came to the light that those two men were people of Ana's father who came by to look out for her and bring her back home if it was possible.
After that, all of them in a small group they were in by now headed back down through Novy Sobor where they stopped by for water, cleared some infected and headed down to a summer camp south of the town in the woods. They spent their night there, the next morning Sofie woke up early while everyone else was sleeping and went outside to the well for a drink when she thought she could eat something as well, unfortunately she did not have any food on her and as she did not want to wake up others to ask for food from them she took her chance while others were sleeping to sneak back up to the town to look for some. After looking for food with no success she headed back to the camp where she got surprised by the emptiness of the place. Her friend and the other two guys were gone with all their stuff.


At first, she was freaking out not knowing what to do or where to look for them, she was sitting inside the house for a while trying to contact Ana with her phone but the phone signal was completely dead for her and soon enough even the battery of the phone. After the failed attempts to call Ana and her freaking out of what she'll do Sofie managed to calm herself down "Okay...same like before yesterday...gotta stay calm" she told to herself as she stood up, picked up her bag and headed up towards the town north again. She has been traveling alone without running into any people other than infected which she tried to sneak past most of the time. Until she went through 3 towns (Novy & Stary Sobor and Kabanino) until she ended at one by the name of Vybor on the more western side.
While she was walking through the streets of the town a man with his friend approached her (Novak and Dom). At first slightly cautious, all of them. Then they got into good chat decided it would be better to stick together as none of them had anyone to be around with at that moment. They drove with a car Dom had and headed outside of the town but had to speed up as the car started getting shot at as soon as Dom started the engine. As he freaked out he quickly drove outside of Vybor out of the range of the shots but unfortunately crashed the car really soon, no one got injured and everything was okay.
The three continued down south making a stop in Pustoshka to look for food and some clothing, afterwards headed down to a big city called Chernogorsk, which apparently the United Nations troops or whatnot were supposed to have a camp set up. 

After they arrived in the city they went looking for the camp which lucky for them as it was already getting dark, did not take a long time. It was "just over the corner" in the side where they entered the city from. They went into the camp and talked to various UN members along with some civilians who were hanging around there. Slightly later they got into a conversation with one of the UN doctors who was there. The answers to questions they had were not very pleasing. That guy pretty much told them to get out of the country as fast as they can because the "thing" is really fucking bad. Sofie at first couldn't believe it and had concerns and still thought they are not telling them something...they're hiding something etc... Later she spent the night in one of the buildings just outside the UN camp while Novak headed somewhere else.


The next morning Sofie contacted Novak by radio he gave her with his frequency and they spent their time together for a couple of days. Once while they were traveling through Novy Sobor towards the west side they ran into two people. One of Ana's father's men and Ana herself. While Novak stood on side listening Sofie, Ana and the other guy were all having slightly heated conversation in which Sofie was being accused of running away and not attempting to make any sort of contact with Ana and her people. In which she defended herself because she tried to contact and find them but she had no way of doing so. Anyway, after the heated conversation was over and Sofie was feeling not wanted in the presence anymore and also slightly offended by how "stubborn" in her opinion Ana was during that whole situation and seemed like she wouldn't listen to her at all. In the end, she decided to just fuck it all and turn around and leave with Novak since she wasn't wanted there anymore.



Lore will be updated by bullet points ("•") as IC events happen and might be later expanded to short paragraphs.


• Staying around her friends and UN camp, later she injured her ankle that forced her to stay at one place for a week with visits from Tommy
• Relationship with Thomas, hanging around friends
• Leaving to Miroslavl along with Thomas for about two/three weeks
•Coming back, new UN camp (Berezino)
•Shakhovka camp and staying with remains of UN and other civilians (Group Last Light)
•At later date leaving for Miroslavl to attempt to travel home
•Return to Chernarus after deciding she want's to stay with "her" people (Thomas, Nedved)
•Helping in forming The Haven group and the place itself (at Pavlovo)
•Vanishing from The Haven and "her" people ( she got captured and used for slavery by a group of leftovers from CHDKZ, after months time she managed to escape when the group got attacked by pack of wolves)




 • Anastázie Bílek & her family [No more contact after an argument]


Only the most important!

• Thomas Kruger /  • Willem "Nedie" Nedved





Drinking (and drugs occasionally)
Action movies and comedies 
Metal, Metalcore and Rock music
Fried Chicken
Black, Red, Purple colors
Photography and Abstract Art
Chameleons (had one as a pet back in Germany)



Stupid and Annoying people
Most of sports
Needles and Knives 
Rap music
Broccoli and Spinach



•Animal skulls & flowers tattoo on her left thigh 
•Rose tattoo on her left hand 

(See tattoo photos section)





•Apiphobia - Fear of bees
•Soteriophobia - Fear of dependence on others
•Tonitrophobia - Fear of thunder



• Black cap
• Red facemask (wearing occasionally)
• Sunglasses
• Heartagram necklace
• Red shirt / Blue t-shirt
• Black jeans
• Black sneakers
• Pistol with suppressor
• Hatchet
• Cigarettes
• Black Zippo lighter
• Radio & some batteries
• Tourist map of Chernarus



VlvEflf.png XGLatuC.png




3 hours ago, Phoenix said:

wow this is really fucking impressive. Well done Joo! 

Thank you :) 

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Guten Tag Frau Richter.

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42 minutes ago, Shane said:

Cringe tbh

Not as much as you <3

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Edgy, but Motionless in White so its all good

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rawr xD

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Rwar xD hehe

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11 hours ago, Ron said:

You did steal the last name of my german Char. Shaaaaaaame!

Not intentionally xD i didn't even know about it

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Awesome Character page! as expected!

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As usually for you Majoo Top graphics and the whole char page is looking great ! :ph34r: btw. that IC relations part is a nice idea :D

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