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Tommy Mitchell
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1983-05-24 (39 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Hebrew
  7. Relationship
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    1 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral


My name is Tommy Mitchell and I was born in the 24 of may 1983 and this is my story:
Before the start of the outbreak in Nyheim me and my family used to be a Jewish criminal family that lived in the city of Manchester in England.
we had a lot of successful businesses such as weapon trading, drugs smuggling, local clubs and more…
Things went well for the family and we used to run a lot of facilities and make a lot of profit across the land of England but we also used to have some facilities and properties out side of the land of England and one of them was the weapon stash in the islands of Nyheim.
Across the ending of 2003 I watched the news and there was a report that things are not going well at the islands of Nyheim the journalist mentioned that there is some kind of a classified experiment at the islands of Nyheim but he could not be sure what the experiment was about.
After I head the news report I was worried about the weapon stash at the islands and I decided to gather the family for a dinner in my house.
At the night of the dinner the a lot of members and friends of the family had arrived,
father and mother came and also my brothers, sisters, cousins and some good old friends.
I remember that the dinner was very nice we had good food and drinks and of course we had some great memories.
At the end of the night when everyone was going back to there house's I took my father and mother with my car back to their house.
It was a long ride but when we were about to arrive my mother was sleeping at the back of the car and it was me and my father that was steel awake.
I remember that I asked him about the we going to do about the weapon stash In the islands of Nyheim.
He said that this weapon stash is worth a lot of money and it contains a lot of high end weapons and that we need to take care of it before things will get bad.
After we arrived and my father and mother got back to their house I was driving my way back to the city and I decided that I need to gather my brothers to a meet.
It was very late and i stopped on my way and took a call to my eldest brother I told him that we need to have a meet with the friend and the brothers at his house, he asked me why we need to have a meeting in the middle of the night, I told him that it was urgent and he said that he would talk with the friend and the brothers.
When I arrived at my eldest brother house everyone was there they asked me why I woke them up in the middle of the night and I started to explain the situation.
I explained to them that father asked me to take care about the weapon stash in the islands of Nyheim because of the news report that said that things are not well there.
At the meeting I told my brothers and friends that I decided to head to the islands of Nyheim e and I asked them to join me to this journey for the sake of the organization and for our family , some of the brothers and friends did not agree with this decision and said that they will stay here and keep the businesses running.
At the end of the meeting some of my friends brothers and also my eldest brother decided to come with me and help me with this mission.
So we started to make our way to Nyheim on the 24 of December 2006.
We arrived to the islands of Nyheim at the 30th of December and we started our journey to save the weapon stash.
When rented a some pickup trucks and we was on the way to the stash we saw some horrific images of sickness, people was scared and sick and something was not right in this island.
In the 3 th of January we arrived to the weapon stash and It was glorious we had there a lot of weapons from all the kinds we had pistols, rifles , machine guns and such more…
When we started to load the trucks i turned on the radio and I hear some really bad news the journalist said that there is a lockdown on the island because a contamination that is spreading.
So me and the brothers started to think what are we going to do and decided that we are going to stay with the weapon stash.
We had a big hanger filled with the weapons from the stash , food , water and a place to sleep in.
When we stayed there I was listening to the radio and thing got worse the journalist said that the contamination is really dangerous and he never seen such a thing like this before he also said that the contamination is messing with the human's body nerves and driving him insane.
The days went past and me and my family didn't know what we are going to do with this situation and we decided to check the status of the island we took out pickup trucks and went to a drive.
At the middle of the drive a woman jumped to the road from somewhere and screamed for help we stopped the trucks and talked with here we asked here what is happening in the islands and she told us the thing I feared the most of, she said that the people have turned into monsters and that she got bitten by one of the monsters but she survived.
We took the women with us and came back to the weapon stash to give here a medical treatment.
We patched her wound with bandages and gave here some pain killers to ease the wound, after that we took here to a room and let her rest.
Later that day something really weird happened with the woman we saved she started to go insane and the temperature of here body started to rise, me and the brothers didn’t knew what to do so we decided to put her in a cage so she would not hurt anyone and we went for a little trip outside and one of the brothers stayed with her.
After a couple of hours While we was outside the gun stash I got a call from my brother that stayed with the woman and he said to me that the woman have turned to a monster, so we told him that we are on the way back.
When we arrived we saw the woman and it was the most frighting thing that I ever witnessed, her skin was really white and her eyes got dark when I got closer she started to moan and I felt that she was really hungry so I grabbed a knife and I started to get closer with a can of beans that I took from the stash, I thought to myself that maybe she is hungry or something.
When I got close to here she started to scream and when I opened the cage she jumped on my and tried to kill me luckily my brothers was with me and helped me to fight the monster until my eldest brother put a bullet to her head.
After this event we figured out that we are stuck on the island with a lot of monsters and that means that we are not going anywhere until this outbreak will pass and that is where the story begins…..


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