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Vania Bozik
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-12-29 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    62 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    .Black Fox (Cerna Liska) Tattoo on his neck
    .Lip scar from being jumped into the Cerna Liska

    After being taken captive and taken to Kirovograd by Xander -

    .Scared of small and tight places (was kept in a small cage)
    .Scared of the dark
    .Non trusting
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Cerna Liska


Vania Bozik was born December 29th 1992 as a bastard child.

His father left before he was born and left his young mother Ugnee to go through pregnancy and child birth on her own.

Vania's home life was broken, with no father figure and his mother not being able to cope with him. She passed him over to his grandparents to take care of him.

Through his years of growing up and becoming a teen he always wondered where his mother was and why she was never around and why his grandparents brought him up.
He heard rumours she got caught up in drugs and was selling herself to make money to get her fix.
He also heard rumours she was being made to sell herself for a group of Russian sex traffickers.

Vania became more and more troublesome during his teens and his grandparents were at a loss of what to do. He had started to skip school and started to steal and smoking.
During school one day Vania had enough. He grabbed his backpack and ran out the gates with the teachers yelling after him.
He was running down the back roads and without looking ran round the corner and bumped into a tall skeleton like man.
Vania fell flat on his back and looked up from the floor as the man stood over him.
In a raspy voice the man mutated "damn child, watch it", kicking Vania in the leg.
A few days later Vania had ran out of school again and was trying to steal beers from any shop to get drunk. He had managed to finally grab a pack of 4 and was walking down the back roads. Again Vania turn the corner and came face to face with Jikta again.

"We are going to have to stop meeting like this aren't we child" Jikta said to him grabbing the beers from Vania
"HEY" Vania yelled at the skeleton like man.
"Child you do not wish to cross me the wrong way, be thankful I am only taking these beers"
"Give me my beers back"
"They are not yours, they were never yours, you took them from the shop keep and I took them from you"
"No they are mine"
"They are mine now tho child"
"I am not a child I am 16"
"Child be gone" Jikta yelled at Vania and pushed him out onto the main road

At this point Vania had stopped going to school all together and had just given up, he spent his time now walking the street's and causing trouble for himself.
One day Vania was sat on the wall in town when he saw Jikta stood on the corner with a group of men talking.
He knew this man was important some how. So he set out to impress and to try and become friends with the man.
Vania went into the shop and grabbed a bottle of whisky and ran out straight towards Jikta and the group.
Vania didn't realise the shop keeper was chasing after him. Vania ran up to Jikta and with a grin on his face and the whisky held high he said "look what I got this time"
The shop keeper put his hand on Vania shoulder and grabbed him yelling "give me back whats mine, your coming with me" trying to drag Vania away.
But Vania was having none of it shouting at the man but he wouldn't let go so Vania swang and hit the shop keeper.
"Look this kid can swing" Jikta laughed
"Now take your whisky back and fuck off, the kid stays with us"
Vania didn't know why but the shop keeper didn't mutter a word and did what he was told, Vania was in shock, he didn't know what had just happened.

Jikta had taken a shine to the kid and allowed him to hang around with him. He would get Vania to steal beer and cigarettes for him and would talk to him about his ideas and ideologies about keeping the race pure and that whites should only mix with whites. And any other way was wrong and how the people of there great country should keep it pure and great.
Vania started believing in this more and more and became prouder and prouder to be white. He shaved his head and got an anarchy tattoo that Jikta laughed at him for getting.

Suddenly Vanias grandmother past away without warning. Vania was beyond himself. He didn't know what to do. The woman that had raised him was gone. The day of funeral after 18 years of not seeing him, there she was his mother. She was a state she turned up to her own mothers funeral high. Vania was ashamed to have the same last name as her. He had heard she was sleeping with anyone for money to sort her fix out. She was un-pure. His own mother had been sleeping with anyone just to get money to get drugs.
He looked down at her like she was dirt. His own mother was mixing with other races.

After the funeral Vania took to the streets in a rage drinking whisky. He was so angry he didn't know what to do. He was kicking car windows throwing bottles at the neighbourhood dogs. He was blind drunk. And then he saw her. His mother standing there on the street talking to some man.
He thought to himself "on the day of her funeral she'd go out on to the street and start sleeping with men on this day".
He was enraged. He screamed at her yelling anything and everything he could think of at her. She ran off but the man didn't. He walked towards Vania. By this point Vania was blind with anger and had pulled out his flick knife. The man yelled at Vania in Russian but it was to late. Vania grabbed the mans back and started stabbing him in the chest repeatedly. He had blacked out and didn't know what he had done untill the man laid on the floor and he was covered in the Russians blood. He stood there staring at his own hands, dripping with blood. He dropped the knife and stood there and looked up, he could see the curtains flop down. Someone had seen him.

Vania ran down the back road and was confronted by the first problem his mother, she was slumped over with her own vomit down her front. He looked at her and shock her with his bloody hand's.
"MUM" he yelled at her while shaking her.
The needle fell out of her arm. It was to late. While he was stabbing the Russian, she had been getting high but this time she had taken to much or it had been mixed with something.
Vania was lost he didn't know what to do. But he knew someone that he thought would help him, Jikta.
Vania ran to Jiktas apartment in Dubky and explained what had happened and what he had done.

Jikta didn't want the boy around, he knew he had to get him out of the city. He grabbed a duffel bag. Filled it with clothes, some money and a hand gun.
"I'll call you a ride and get you the fuck out of here, you don't come back, I'll come get you, understand" he yelled at Vania

"You don't ever come back untill I say so Vania" Jikta yelled again at Vania 
"Yes, just fucking help me please Jikta" Vania cried.

The car pulled up outside the apartments and Vania jumped in, He was driven away from the city and out to the next province. He was living out in the woods in a "safe house" hunting and living off the land. He had been there for a year and thought enough time had passed to go back. He didn't want to stay in the woods anymore but Jikta's words rang in his ears and rang true top him.
He thought enough time had passed so he started the long walk back to his home town.
Vania crossed the border back and was close, he was 4 weeks walk out when he was walking down the road and a police car stopped him. They were baffled why this young man was out in the middle of no where walking in the middle of the road.
He tried to lie his way out of the situation but they arrested him for hitch hiking. Once they got back to the closest city they had him in a cell but through the cage he could see a picture of him on the wall. He knew it was a matter of time before they put two and two together and they did.
He stood trail in his home town and sentenced to 20 years on the prison island.

The gates opened on the island and Vania walked into the prison yard for the first time. He had his head down looking at his laces when he heard a voice from above him say "I told you not to come back didn't I boy, I told you I'd come for you when we were ready boy". It was Jikta
Vania lifted his head up "I'm sorry Jikta, I failed you, but my grandfather, I wanted to make sure he was...."
"I told you to stay away, I told you not to come back until I came for you" replied Jikta
Vania hung his head in shame "I'm sorry Jikta, I failed you"

Vania slowly managed to regain some sort of respect from Jikta by doing things around the prison, walking drugs from one cell to the next, making shanks.
He would do anything to gain any form of respect for Jikta and the group that he surrounded himself with, Jikta was like the father figure he never had,
His mother was gone, his grandmother was gone, he never met his father and didn't know about his grandfather. These people in the prison and Jikta were his family and were who he looked up to. He was only young, he didn't have anyone, these people where his family. They made him feel wanted and needed. In some strange way he was home in the prison with them all.

-The next chapter-

Vania would lay there still and confused, His eyes open, he looked up to the heavens wondering how it had gotten to this.
He could feel the snow and ash in the air falling onto this face as he lay at the top of an abandoned church tower.
His ears rang from the explosion, he must of added to much fertiliser and not listened to what Roman had told him properly.

Vania had followed a group of men that he thought were Russian natives due to them having Russian patches on there jackets.
He had been following them for the last week tracking them through the snow and it had brought him to an abandoned , derelict town. That they had managed to fortify and make home.

He had noticed a church tower on the outskirts of the town and taken refuge in there.
For days he sat in there in the cold, wet,damp church watching them through his scope. Remembering there every move, every little route they would take, where they would store there cars at night and how many people they would have in and around the camp at any given time.
Vania found the best place to watch them from was the top of the old church spire. It was the spot where he would spend most of his time. 
He would lay there all day and all night under the rumple and planks of wood staring through his scope.
The camp to Vania had been here for some time. They had large tents set up and the buildings that were not rumple people had taken to and turned them into there homes. 
It drove him mad with rage seeing these people, men, woman and children carrying on and acting as if the world hadn't come to and end. To Vania the world had come to an end twice, once when the infection started and now when his brothers had been taken away from him. 
He would watch them walking in the streets, the children playing, the men guarding and the woman cooking and laughing with each other.
They had no clue that he was in the church.

Vania would think to himself he had gathered enough intel on the camp it was time to put his plan into action. 
He would start setting up in the church, covering the windows and putting the church pews over the door. He had made it simple for him one way in, one way out and that was the window at the back of the church, that lead to the river. 
He had managed to gather some supply's under the cover of darkness from the town, it was everything he needed to make the IED that Roman had taught him.  
His plan of attack was simple, under the cover of darkness he would plant the IED in one of the cars they hid near by and once it had been taken into the camp, as they did every morning to do there run, he would detonate it, after that he would use his rifle to pick off anyone that was out in the open.
He would sit in the bottom of the church preparing his gun and bullets, scratching the names of his fallen brothers into each bullet. Jikta, Xaver, Arno, Emile, Milos.
He remembered what his brothers had done for him and was filled with a lasting sense of pride to have known and fought alongside them all.
He wondered if any of them got out of the fire fight and if he would make it out of this one alive.

Under the cover of darkness he took a drink of vodka and ate what could of been his last meal and set out for his mission.
Crawling through run down houses and over planks of wood and the bodys of the infected he had made it to where they stored the car.
Once he had stuck the IED in the car wheel arch he ran back to the safety of the church.

Dawn had broken and Vania was awoken by the sun light warming the left side of his face as he lay under the rumple at the top of the tower.
He would roll over and notice the car had been parked up next to a house. The first part of his plan had worked.
Vania would take one last swig from his vodka bottle and push it over the edge of the spire and push his rifle up to the edge of the tower.
He would wrap the sling around his arm so he couldn't drop the rifle off the tower and pull back the bolt and rack it ready to fire. He was ready.

"Liška je mnohem mazanější než medvěd" (the fox is more cunning than the bear) Vania would whisper to himself pushing the remote.

The blast was large and mixing with the petrol of the car made it even bigger than Vania had expected.
He could hear the screams of man, woman and children from the camp, he zero'ed his scope in, looking towards the fire, he could see the bodies laying there.
He wasn't sure how many he had killed but all he knew is it wasn't enough for what they had done to his family and brother's. He didn't care if they were women or children to him the Russian's were nothing more then animals and had forced his hand to take such drastic measures.
He dragged his rifle back towards him and would pull out the bullets from his breast pocket and place them next to him and pull the trigger, one man dropped to the ground, he pulled the bolt back and loaded a bullet (Xaver) and pulled the trigger another man dropped to the ground.
It was chaos in the camp, the people inside didn't know what had happened. He repeated this with everyone of his bullets named after his brother's (Milos,Emile,Arno). Firing at anything that moved.

By this point the people inside the camp had found Vania's position and started firing back. He couldn't see anyone and every time he tried to peak the walls around him were peppered with bullets.
He had to move positions, crawling under the rumple and planks of wood to get a better positions. The bullets kept flying at him. He would push his rifle through a small gap and place some broken bricks in front of him.

Suddenly he heard a crack and felt a burning pain in his leg, he had been hit. Vania would scream out in pain, He quickly took off his belt and wrapped it around his leg as tight as he could to stop the bleeding. He would lay there with his hand on the gunshot wound  trying to calm himself down. He remembered the words Jikta had said to him back at Dubky when he had been close to death. He looked over and saw the bullet with Jiktas name scratched into it standing up in the mists of all the gun fire and rumple falling down around it. The bullet stood proud like its name sake, refusing to fall for no one. It was a sign to Vania, even tho the man was gone his spirit would always fight alongside him and never let him fall. Vania would pull the bolt back and grab the bullet and rack it. He saw the gilt from a scope and held his breath and pulled the trigger.
He was running low on ammo and he knew he had to get out of there, there was only one way in and one way out and he had to get out before they knew this. He pushed his rifle down the spiral stairs and pulled out his pistol and fired over the top of the rumple and chucked himself down the stirs. 
At the bottom of the stairs was his hunting backpack ready for him to grab. He chucked it onto his back and started limping towards the window. Climbing through the window he stumbled and slid down to the muddy water bank. The gunfire could still be heard, they still thought he was in the church. Quickly he tried to wade through the river. He knew this river was running towards Chernarus. If he just followed it he would be across the border and some what safe. 
A few days had passed and he thought surely he was back in Chernarus. He was soaking wet, cold and his leg was injured but he carried on walking. As he was wading through the river he suddenly tripped on a rock in the water. Falling over he banged his head and passed out. 

Vania awoke some time later, He had managed to float down stream and was wedged in between some rocks and some reeds. He pulled himself up on to the bank and looked down at his leg. The bleeding had stopped but he knew he had to get it seen to quickly. His surroundings looked familiar. The river had taken him almost all the way back. He was by the dam near Zeleano. 

He had to dig deep and muster up the power to get himself back to Dubky, he knew it would be one place if any of the Liska were still alive would be. So he started his trek back down to his home. Along the way looting to get clean and warm clothes and what ever medical supply's he could get his hands on. 

Finally after a day of walking he had made it back to the apartment block where it had all started. He walked over to Jiktas apartment block and shouted "KUBA.....JIRI......BEN......COOK....Anyone are you here" there was no answer. Again he shouted "BRANKA......KAREL.....anyone one"

Vania was getting desperate and lonely. All he wanted was one of his brothers to respond. He dropped his bag on the steps and walked through the door dropping his rifle in the stair well and drew out his pistol. He walked up the stairs to Jiktas apartment and notices the door was open. Quickly he chambered a round and rushed in. The apartment was upside down all of Jikta's belongings were everywhere. He noticed his old jacket and a photo of the old Liska. Vania would climb to the roof of the apartments and sit there waiting to see if any of his brothers would turn up.




Nice story lad. Enjoyed it!

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groovy patz


sexy lad tbh

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Features: Missing leg and arm

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