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Anot Slav
Character information
  1. Mental
    More Scrap Required
  2. Date of birth
    2050-01-01 (21 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Random Raider Camp
  4. Nationality
    Wasteland - No significant location
  5. Ethnicity
    Unknown, looks white
  6. Languages
  7. Family
  8. Religion
    Prophet Joseph


  1. Build
    Skinny Muscular
  2. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  3. Occupation
  4. Affiliation
    Prophet Joseph
  5. Role
    Follower of Prophet Joseph






His mother was a slave and a prostitute when the group first formed over 20 years ago, her role was to work and to please to first raiders, not before long she fell pregnant. The father could have been any of the dozens of raiders who abused her. It was decided that when he was born he was to be killed as this was no place for a child however one of the more influential raiders had a change of heart and thought that having a child could help them in their cause. He was taken away from her immediately after being born and given back days later, one of the raiders pretty much dropped him at her body as she lay crying " His name is Dog Breath, call him something else and we will kill you both ", she wasn't allowed to name her own child and for the few years she would continue to live, she only referred to him as Dog Breath. In the early years all he seen was flames and steel, and the raiders who would visit his mother, he did not know anything about playing or friendship, the only love he felt was from his mother however with so much evil and hateful men about, her love was not enough so save him from what he becomes.



How many years passed, he didn't know. He knows no concept of time, light and dark, cold and warm, scrap and steel are the only things he knows of. He worked all day and into the night, abused and beaten by his masters who would return from raiding and then would eat the scraps after everyone else had ate. This was his life. Wake up, scrap and create weapons, get abused, eat then sleep. In those times, he grew to resent his own mother, whenever she was terrible as a prostitute, he would get punished. "Dog Breath, your whore of a mother is a dumb cunt". Resentment grew and grew, until he also referred to her as the dumb whore. This made the raiders happy, and one day he was offered the chance to become a worker instead of a slave, however there isn't much difference between the two, just some perks. The offer was to kill his mother who had lived past her usefulness, even though she was mid age, her body was broken from the years of slavery and abuse. Dog Breath roasted her alive, "You dumb whore fucking burn" he screamed as she screamed as the flames burned away her flesh, the raiders looked on with enjoyment. Her body was given to the other slaves to feast on, Dog Breath ate her also, and then he was promoted to a worker, he was given better clothes and a proper bed.



Several years later, Dog Breath has earned some respect from the raiders and had made a name for himself. He became very skilled at maintaining their home and transport, he would whip and disciplin the slaves. He would also entertain the raiders at night by fighting the slaves that weren't working hard enough. After beating the useless slaves to near death, he would parade himself around the make shift fighting ring, acting like a wrestler in the old stories he over heard at night, the raiders would shout at him ordering him to kill the slaves using certain weapons, it was all one big show for Dog Breath. It was all about proving his worth, he didn't want to be a worker for however long he would live for. One day while he was working, he finds out that the old man has been killed, and that they had a new Alpha, Bogdan the Brute. The time was now for Dog Breath, he realised that his whole life up to now was a joke, he was the son of a dumb whore and some raider he probably died years ago, it is his time now. Raider blood runs through his veins, he drops to his knees in front of The Brute known as Bogdan "Alpha, let me prove to you that I am more than just a worker-" Bogdan cuts him off "You want to be a raider kid, show me you can handle yourself" Dog Breath looks up, Bogdan points to one of his men. They begin to fight, Dog Breath gets a few good hits in however he gets beat bloody. He lays there in the dirt, blood covering his face dripping into the dirt as Bogdans man crouches down and sits over him "End him" Bogdan orders. A large knife plunges into his throat, but it ain't Dog Breaths throat. It catches everyone by surprise, Dog Breath learned that only the strong or the sly survive here, and he was strong. The man falls off him and Dog Breath rises up, he takes his knife out the mans neck and begins to hack away at him taking off his head. He stands looking at Bogdan, and drops the mans head at his feet. The other raiders begin to chant "Dog Breath, Dog Breath, Dog Breath...". Bogdan looks on smiling, " Your names Dog Breath? Shitty name but people will respect it I'm sure. Workers, clean this shit up, Dog Breath got some raiding to do".



Bogdan didn't last long compared to the last Alpha, and the following years Alphas came and went. However this is where Dog Breath came into his own. Going on raids and taking slaves, two of Dog Breath's favorite things to do. Going out and collecting high tier scrap for the group, fighting and killing useless slaves. It's fair to say that Dog Breath shined through this troubling period where leaders came and went. Then Langley the Fat came around, there was some stability as he lasted for some seasons and Dog Breath was glad to have a leader to follow once again, yet someone else was getting popular within the raiders, a man named Joseph. There was a way about him that captured Dog Breath's attention. The stories he would tell reminded him of the stories he over heard when he was young and innocent to what he was seeing around him, it gave him some comfort to hear them again. He would be preaching about the dangers of the old world and how we have to stop them from returning, Dog Breath looked on and noticed that everytime he spoke more people were listening to him, however Dog Breath was a loyal soul and didn't want to betray his Alpha. One night there was some shouting, but it wasn't aggressive. It was more of a celebration that woke Dog Breath up. Joseph known as The Prophet had killed Langley the Fat, his followers were celebrating as the others looked on, Dog Breath didn't know what to think. The other on lookers bowed to their new Alpha, as Dog Breath hid in the shadows. Later that night when it was quiet again, Dog Breath was awake by his fire waiting for the Sun to come up when he heard a voice behind him, "Hello". As he turned around he noticed it was The Prophet, Dog Breath didn't know what to say. The Prophet sat down beside him, and all Dog Breath could think of was the stories he heard him tell. "Whats your name", "I am Dog Breath" he replies. " Well Dog Breath you want to hear a story?". Dog Breath nods as The Prophet grabs his hand giving him a small pill. "Here this will help comfort you... "




The Prophet has been the Alpha for a short time however Dog Breath is obsessed with him, his sermons are captivating. Dog Breath will do anything he wants and has also got his back against anyone. The Prophet is the only Alpha Dog Breath ever wants and will lay down his life to protect him and to make sure he stays Alpha, his words are all so comforting. Dog Breath is all so eager to bring high tier scrap his way and to also bring him slaves and workers to impress him. It is not to long now until they reach this new place, Nyheim. Where rumors are that there are ideas and morals of the old world still existing there, and Dog Breath can't wait to tear it all down, for The Prophet has warned him about the Dangers of the old world.



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Nice character

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Boss this 

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Great Name.

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so cool

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