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Jenna Saunders
Character information
  1. Alias
    Jen, Jenny, Wonder Woman
  2. Mental
    Stubborn, sarcastic, compassionate, paranoid
  3. Morale
    Happy but moments of anger
  4. Date of birth
    1990-06-01 (29 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Hamilton Ontario Canada
  6. Nationality
  7. Relationship
    Liam Hart - Fiance - https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3486/
  8. Family
    Daniel Saunders - husband (dead) Unborn baby (dead), Liam Hart (currently alive)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
    slim - athletic
  4. Hair
    dark brown hair tied back either in ponytail or down
  5. Eyes
    blue/green eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    bullet wound scar (stomach) - scar
    vicious looking wolf bite at the calf (right leg) - healed - scar
    long jagged stitching on left arm - from long piece of glass - was infected now healed - scar
    gun shot in left shoulder - still fresh but healing
  8. Equipment
    Standard Issue Police gun
    police radio - ran out of juice
    shotgun (keeps in backpack) - lost
    Police Baton - stuck in an infected
    military weapon (another weapon to better defend herself)_
  9. Occupation
    Pre Outbreak - Police Officer (Canine Unit)
  10. Affiliation
    Embassy (previously), King's men (previously), The Haven (previously), The Renaissance (previously)
  11. Role
    Supply Runner, security






My name is Jenna but you can call me Jen or Jenny. I might as well start from the beginning I was born in Canada Hamilton Ontario lived there till I was 15, I had a normal childhood and loving parents an ordinary life we moved to Marquette Michigan and I went into the same line of work as my dad after I finished high school.

I joined the Marquette City Police and became a patrol officer for 2 years until I met Daniel Saunders fell for him immediately and married a year later. Took me three years to get into the K-9 unit after my sheriff referred me. Took me 14 weeks of intensive training but I would not change it for the world, Rose the Rottweiler is my partner, it's hard work but it saves lives. As well as my normal duties as a Police officer I had to weekly train Rose for narcotics, explosives and tracking. She is a hard worker and the lucky girl gets to retire in 9 years of active duty.


 I was involved in a drug bust that went wrong I was order to not get involved and stay by the vehicles one of the perpetrators came outside firing his gun and I was shot in the stomach. What I did not know was I was in the early stages of pregnancy and lost the child. I was told by my partner and the rest of my squad it wasn’t my fault deep down I know that but I always wanted kids myself and could not get it out of my head, I needed to get away to get my head straight I did not care where.



My husband came with me to Chernarus as I had applied for the US IPA’s Active Officer Exchange program I had the opportunity to go overseas myself and learn policing methods, the Chernarussian culture, gain new experience and knowledge it was an opportunity I could not pass up to go to a  foreign country and learn their ways it was supposed to be a short internship a month or two but this virus happened and the country went into chaos and I was stuck here, I was off duty when it first started me and my husband packed what we had then we heard growling and barking and then yelping Rose had attacked something outside we ran outside what we saw will be imprinted into my mind till the day I die, Rose my partner I had trained since a pup had encountered one of those things we killed the infected and I had to put Rose out of her misery I took the time to bury my partner.



Rose my canine partner


We headed to the American Embassy we were supposed to be evacuated out of here we were ambushed on the way to the evacuation zone in the midst of hell I barely escaped alive but my husband was fatally wounded, he had just enough energy to get to a small town in the middle of nowhere. I tried to save him but I was not a doctor and their was so much blood he died a few hours later. I took his wedding ring and but it on my silver necklace he had got for my birthday. I soon found a shovel to bury him just outside where we hid.The only man I have ever loved is dead and I am split off from the rest who were being evacuated out of here don’t know where they went amidst the chaos everyone ran in separate directions.

My training as a police officer has come handy but I can't help thinking about my husband or Rose or my baby and the mess this world has come to. When I look around and see all this horror from my worst nightmare will I have the strength to live through this or will I die like my husband or worse ripped apart by these dead things walking the earth. When I think about it, what do I have to live for I have lost everything but I know they would want me to carry on. I though about it I have thought about just ending it and joining my family but I know they would want me to carry on. I know that they would want me to live.


"No One is more Dangerous then the Person who has nothing left to lose"


Jenna joins the Kingsmen



Jenna thought she would never go on but she did slowly until she met a nice group of people who took her in. They all had a past but they were good people even though some of them came from an unsavory group that others hated. But she didn't care these were her friends. Her new family split up after the death of her friend. She was asked to stay to try and build elsewhere but she blamed some people for her friends death even though she new he had took his own life it was by the actions of others. So she found herself on the road again found a truck in an abandoned base down at the coast and drove until she ran out of gas. I had become a lone wolf again finding a nice easily defensible home on the coast. A few weeks past and I was being to run out of supplies so had to go into the big city Cherno were I met Liam again maybe it was a happy coincidence that we meet again. I had meet him a few times at my camp with my group and we liked each other instantly. I wanted to be left alone but Liam was like a puppy following me around until I gave in. We eventually made it to his friends who seemed like a good lot I had previously met them. A few weeks went by or it could have been months I don't keep track of the time or date now, Liam asked me to be his girlfriend. I care for him maybe love him but I can't help feeling like I am betraying my husband. I know he would want me to go on and Liam makes me happy. The happiest I have been in a long time but I can't help feeling like I should back off tell him to go. Every person I love or cared for dies. My Husband, my dog, my baby, my friends have all died and I don't want the same happening to him. I don't no what I would do if another one I love dies.




Reaction to Liam asking Jenna out


My friends, Liam and I got attacked by bandits I believe the accent were Russian. I got shot in the shoulder trying to defend us so did Liam. We recovered and took refuge in Heartfall for a few weeks. I don't know the experience has left me a bit paranoid and cold towards people guess its a good thing. I never did trust people however my trust issues have a lot to be desired now a days. If not for Liam I don't know what I would do when I am angry he calms me down, when I want justice or retribution he changes my mind. He reminds me of my husband. He knows I still love my late husband and at times I am saddened by what I lost. He is stronger then he gives himself credit for he always says that he would take a bullet for me. I wish he wouldn't say that my husband used to say that and ended up doing just that which took his life. Liam is my rock even if he doesn't know it I don't know what I would do without him or if anything were to happen to him. I am scared if anything were to happen would I kill the people or at least try if they killed him without question I would do it without a second thought. Would I be able to continue on without him yes  I would I did it before I could do it again but I would be a different person I am already a  different person with first losing my baby then my canine partner Rose then my husband Daniel, I have lost numerous friends each time I close off a part of myself. Liam brought me back or at least the part that loved someone. I love him and he loves me so we made it official Liam asked me to be his wife at our spot on the cliff overlooking the sea and I said yes. I just hope history doesn't repeat itself because no one is more dangerous then a person that has nothing left to lose.



Jenna and Liam Hart



Silver necklace with husbands and her own wedding ring
engagement ring on left finger

Usually wears a grey shirt or a black shirt
Black Jeans

Pink Hat


Her job - canine handler in the police force
Ocean and beaches

Food - chicken or steak

Fruit (any)



Romance, Drama and mystery novels


Drug addicts and dealers (those that don't follow the law)
People who are arrogant
Be responsible for telling a victims loved one bad news
Cats (allergic)
Spiders and creepy crawly bugs like beetles

Doesn't like power being abused


Thieves - who pretend they are the law to steal from people






Observant and watchful

feisty - will speak up for herself

Kind - will help out as much as possible

Will stand up for children and vulnerable people

Holds Grudges





download_png_e1cc9379f15c851c4a89795637c92d47.png.1dfc76a803bcd2ff868fdc38201e9f64.png 8fda96a452b701f444d3b2c92ea24bc9_png_e611825261265b279903eb8baf3d38c4.png.a21cb7095d1cc17f0303dcdafca8181d.pngC_vTq_MWsAAq0Dc_jpg_52941feb40b91efe2b01a9d824943529.thumb.jpg.e3072cf25257aba95599827c8a7ad107.jpgimage_png_9b4e1233870dfcfe46129057d174be97.png.c65280203f5e012292caa9de6542b04b.png




   p-band-of-brothers-damian-lewis_jpg_1119854174125f3f03896fe279232012.jpg.3165505ef9dffba024c41fd0f5b1ade5.jpg vincentpiazza_jpg_d91b2b8f8a42d0ef55a44c219f72faa2.thumb.jpg.54548d66c227d39a2611824a1d56e68a.jpgChrisboi2_jpg_cabe19b0bdba6c3e8f61125631d0debd.thumb.jpg.98d2c9c2b0545177ecc0c82e2c8cf85a.jpg1259819382_Noah2_jpg_41456b8af0adc58390fc411309356903.jpg.e724d82b51a4155eb1d75aec2e91d3df.jpg




Friends left to right - Liam Hart - Fiancé

                                   - Fae Williams (David's Wife)

                                   - Joey Thompson

                                   - Delores Haze - Lo

                                   - Dr. Faith Capella

                                   - Eddie Sorella

                                   - Reed Hamilton

                                   - Elizabeth Smith

                                   - Thomas Kruger

                                   - Kai O'Casey

                                   - Salvatore Scarpaci

                                   - Kazimir Yazov

                                   - Noah Huntington




         oleg_jpg_83bff1473579aaeb7ccd748f2172ad79.jpg.0a7bafcfdc49ec2e7401681949edaae5.jpg dive1_jpg_6af6f2fef939ed4b01dd50491b2d712e.jpg.fb3ebff7c655597ab4e8aea8a47da4ba.jpg CshCP2HWYAEOIHN_jpg_6fd27d7c0d5ce580bd7d3d46d8791b8e.thumb.jpg.2850b6eba87e085b6944b90578d798a2.jpg  david19_jpg_4a06c41a07314df88a8f50573372cd7a.jpg.60235cb1af9b450e55cb7aa9489273c2.jpg  saltyrock_jpg_54cdc448c9ae04bd2b35baf299dfc8f3.jpg.e6e48d858bf76f4125a05485415d34ae.jpg


From left to right - Oleg - Took his own life through the act of others

                              -  Jak Onion -  Jumped from the hospital roof

                              - Alexa Valentine - was told by Liam Alexa was killed

                              - David Anderson - Fae explained her husband was dead

                              - Eli Tate - Rumoured that he is dead, Liam explained he saw it happen










Loving what you have done to the page!

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aww thanks decided to change it up abit

On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 9:19 PM, DrMax said:

Loving what you have done to the page!


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