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Chris McCammack
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1982-11-20 (40 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Neutral Good


Chris McCammack was a career airline pilot from the United States who also enjoyed racing cars in his spare time. His job allowed him to travel the world and experience so many different ways of life. He would often bring his family along to share the diversity of our once beautiful planet. It was on one of these trips in Oct 2019 that everything changed.

Chris and his family flew to Murmansk Russia, then traveled via bus to Staraya. They planned a two week adventure to see the northern lights and experience northern Russian culture. When news of the outbreak started, Chris and his family largely dismissed the entire story as sensationalist news. They ignored recommendations from the tour company to end the trip early and head back home.

Chris was defiant and decided to not "buy-in" to the hype of wearing a mask and all the rest. Eventually, he was confronted by a local security officer. Chris did not know the language and an altercation ensued. Chris was beaten and detained. As the town began to drift into panic due to news and rumors of the virus, Chris was moved and isolated. He didn't understand why he was being singled out. No one would tell him what was going on, and he struggled to find a way to get information. He tried so hard to locate his family, but the foreigners we're kept isolated from everyone else and no ways to communicate outside their cell. Over the next two years, Chris was moved from shelter to shelter while the world was crumbling outside. He didn't know where he was, and he had no information about what happened to his wife and two kids after he was detained. He didn't even know who was holding him at this point.

During his captivity, Chris befriended a local named Alexander who worked at one of the shelter. Alexander knew a little English and eventually offered to help him locate his family and get home. There were rumors of an international humanitarian outpost that existed a few hours away. Alexander arranged to smuggle Chris to this outpost in the dark of night. The vehicle was ambushed on the way, and Chris (along with the rest of the group) was captured by an unknown group of men. They took all of his belongings, including his documents and photos. Another passenger resisted and that's when things got violent. The driver and passenger were killed. The rest of the group was beaten. Chris doesn't remember anything after getting knocked out in the altercation except one of man shouting the word Nyheim.

Chris wakes up on the side of the road not knowing where he is or what state the world has become. He's got nothing but some thin clothes and a small piece of food in his pocket.

Will be find his family? Will he get back home?


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