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David Gemmell
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Does not trust anyone that I have not known personally before the out brake and or have served with.
  3. Morale
    Pretty low, but still breathing.
  4. Date of birth
    1984-07-15 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    LA, California
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    99 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    shaved head
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    Scattered Tattoos, scars from battle and being tortured. Big scar on head from temple across face down to bottom of opposite cheek. I tend to keep my face covered because of that scar
  8. Equipment
    Basics at the moment. but hoping to find some good stuff soon.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    none at the moment
  11. Role


Former Navy Seal, After I got out of active duty service I went on to do contracting work. I was part of a Personal security team for the RED CROSS while they were in This country to help. When the out brake happened we attempted to flee in a helicopter but it was damaged during take off. It crashed and I was the only survivor. I was found by a friendly guy who nursed me back to health. Shortly after I was back on my feet and good to travel we were out hunting when we got ambushed by a group my friend was killed immediately and I was taken and tortured. I was left with a few broken fingers and a few scars on my chest stomach and back from what they did to me. Just as they let me go I was butt stroked by one of them and he took his knife and sliced my face from my right temple to the bridge of my nose and down across my cheek. Then they left me for dead. I woke up with some kind of Infected person coming after me. I was able to fend it off and get away and find shelter in a cave near by. Over the next few weeks I was battling the elements and treating my wounds as best as I could. I then started to venture further and further away from my camp finding better hunting grounds and some good gear and weapons. I am now just trying to survive and find anyone that's friendly and barter and trade with them and also avoid the bad animals and bad people out there.




Time played: 0 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


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