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Hunter Hope
Character information
  1. Mental
    Good, mostly stable, however does suffer from PTSD
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1991-09-19 (25 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Miami, Florida
  5. Nationality
    Norwegian, formally American
  6. Languages
    English and Norwegian


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg
  3. Build
    Average but toned
  4. Hair
    Dirty Blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    a few large cuts running down chest and back from a car crash, along with a scar from a bullet wound below right shoulder


Hunter had lived a normal life growing up in southern California, however at a young age, tragedy struck and changed his life. A family trip up to the mountains went horribly wrong as their car spun out and went off a cliff. Dazed and confused, he remembers everything leading up to the impact, then a little bit of what happened after. He remembers looking back at the accident as he was being lifted up into the rescue helicopter, and seeing the wreck before passing out. The mangled mess of what is barely recognizable as a car, the glass everywhere, the blood, and wondering where his mother and father were… then nothing. Hunter had passed out succumbing to the pain and blood loss. Hunter was transported to the hospital, but was in a coma for 2 weeks after the accident. When he awoke, he was briefed on what happened by a few people that worked for the state, and a couple of police officers. They told him that he was going to be fine, explained the injuries to him, but then, reluctantly told him that both of his parents had not survived the accident. A few days later, his older brother, who had moved to Norway once he was legally able to, appeared in the hospital, and let Hunter know that he was going to be taking care of him in Norway as soon as the hospital would clear him to leave. It had been a while since Hunter had even seen or heard him, but luckily the state of California was able to get a hold of him.

When Hunter had arrived, he was quite surprised at just how nice his brother’s house was. It was luxurious. How had he not known about how well his brother was doing?! A few months after arriving in Norway, Hunter met a girl his age named Hanna Dahl. Thankfully, she spoke English pretty well, as Hunter had not really spoken Norwegian at all. They became very good friends as they grew up together.

When Hunter was 22, he and his brother went to a local night club. He and his brother both sat down, and drank away, both having a good time, and laughing the night away. Soon though, his brother’s look became very serious. He told Hunter that a serious issue has arisen. They were going to lose the house they had been living in within a few years. That is however, unless his brother “got back into the game.” Hunter asked what he meant by this. His brother then explained how he had a past, one of an illegal matter. He had robbed banks with a crew in the past throughout Norway. However, the medical bills Hunter had shortly after the accident added up, along with the costs of another person in the household. It had set the budget back quite a bit. He was going to have to do another set of heists. It suddenly made sense to Hunter how his brother could have acquired such a fortune. However, his brother was short a member of the crew due to an “incident” and he made a proposition to Hunter to join the crew. Of course, this idea hit Hunter hard, but in the end decided to help out. He couldn’t let his brother do this alone again.

Over the next years that followed, Hunter was trained by his brother the art of thievery. Hunter became proficient in all sorts of firearms, explosives, medical treatments, tools, planning, survival training in case they had to hide out in the forest for a bit, etc. Soon enough, Hunter was just as good as his brother during practice, and a better shot then he is as well.

Then the time had finally come. Ready or not, Hunter, his brother, and what remained of his brother’s crew all set out throughout Norway, robbing bank after bank. The plan, 3 nights, 7 banks. After that, lay low and hide yourself away. Bank one, two, three, all of them gone perfectly according to plan, the money being wired into their accounts as they went along! Nobody tried playing hero, no alarms, no heat. Until the seventh and final bank that is. On the final heist, everything was going just fine, until Hunter heard the shot. As Hunter turned around, he saw his brother falling, a random low life hostage standing, with a petty little conceal carry handgun, and smoke still billowing out of the barrel. He turned to Hunter and pulled the trigger, just as Hunter did the same. A bullet struck Hunter on the shoulder, and a bullet struck the “hero” in his mouth, destroying his jaw, and sending chips of his shattered teeth and blood everywhere. Hunter, unaware of the wound at this time due to adrenaline, rushed over to his brother. It was too late, he was already dead, shot through the heart. Hunter called it, and got the crew together. This heist was over, we are getting out of there. All of them hoisted his brother’s body into their getaway vehicle, keeping their eyes on the hostages. They brought the car into the woods next to a lake. They had to rid the evidence. This included his brother. It wasn’t the funeral he had imagined he would give his older brother, but it was the only one they could give him. Hunter removed his mask and everybody said their goodbyes. They then set the car on fire, and once it was burnt enough, sent it rolling into the lake.

About 7 weeks had passed since the failed heist, and Hunter’s bullet wound he treated himself had healed enough to where he could hide it. However, the news were having a field day with the heists bringing attention to it everywhere. Due to this, the police were really trying to find them. It was at this time, he had heard from Hanna that her mother didn’t have much time left. Shortly after, she finally had passed away. Hunter knew Hanna’s family well. He knew how much it would affect Hanna and he saw it in her eyes whenever he would visit and check up on her. She didn’t go out much, barely ate, anything. Hunter couldn’t stand to see her like this. Such a kind and beautiful woman, having to deal with the pain of losing a parent. Hunter knew exactly how she felt. At the funeral, Hunter approached Hanna, comforting her, and then offered an idea for her. For he and her to travel throughout Europe, not returning to Norway for a year at the most. She accepted, Hunter happy to hear this. Hunter would be able to escape the heat of the police manhunt, and get to spend at least a year with one of his best friends travelling the world. It was also during this time that Hunter had started to develop feelings for Hanna, but couldn’t bring himself to reveal them to her. If he ever got caught by the police and he and Hanna had started a life together, it would not only ruin his, but hers as well. He couldn’t bear to do such a thing to her. So it was, they travelled around, Hunter however using the money acquired from the heists to spoil Hanna to her heart’s desire. It made Hunter happy to see her happy, escaping the depression she had sunk into before they had left.

Then, the time had come for the two of them to return to Norway. They had made it to their final destination before returning home…. Chernogorsk. Everything went to hell so quickly. Riots tore through the city, fires and gunshots continued throughout the night. Just as quickly as hell came to Earth, it departed one morning. Met with silence as a deafening rumble rolled through. A military convoy had started going through the city, evacuating as many people as they could. Hunter and Hanna, scavenged through their belongings, taking what they could, and rushed out the door. They ended up being one of the last people to board the truck.




Time played: 56.1 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


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