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Eva LaVey
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1995-09-19 (21 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    London, England
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    62 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Black, Short, Messy
  5. Eyes
    Grey, Blue


[An old camcorder lies in the dirt, it looks like its seen better days. A herd of cows passes above and as a weighted hoof comes down on the old piece of technology its cracked screen flickers to life one last time, a red battery low alert blinking in the corner of the screen silently] The muffled steady chugging of a bus can be heard along with the bustle of a small amount of people. Suddenly the camera pans up and a face is seen, its a tomboyish girl with short tousled black hair. She glances back to another girl behind her and flashes a smile despite her haggard appearance. She turns back to the camera and begins to speak. "Hello Cryptkids!" She says addressing an invisible audience "Finally we have made it! Chernarus! Are you excited as i am?" She grins widely into the lens. Her friend in the background occasionally shuffles into frame as she makes sure the duo's luggage is in order. "Were here to hunt the mysterious Chernarus monster, and maybe even gather evidence it exists! And i would like to thank you my lovely subscribers for making this trip possible with your support! Love you guys!" She pauses to wink into the camera. At this point her friend taps her on the shoulder and motions to the luggage. She speaks to quietly for the camera to pick up but the black haired girl nods and turns to the camera once more "Me and Jen are going to drop our stuff off at our AirBnB then find a place to eat. Let me tell you guys, we are exhausted from the trip! I'll tune back in soon though don't you worry!"

The recording cuts to black for a moment, before long light fills the screen again as the blurry image comes into focus you see beautiful lush rolling tree's and massive hill's overlooking a quaint town. You can hear the black haired girls voice speak over the scene "Alright, day three! Were rested, fed and ready to start! sorry for not checking in sooner loves but me and jen have been so jet-lagged from the journey we spent the first few days sleeping!" She laughs "But anyways, look at this place! It's absolutely stunning! And look at that forest! I'll be damned if there isn't a creepy ghoul or big-foots cousin hiding in those trees!" The camera's image blurs for a moment as its spun round to face the girl before coming back into focus "Alright Cryptkids! time to go over the game plan. I'll be using my camera-" she gestures to the lens "As we explore the night time woods. Jen will also have a camera, BUT we splurged a bit just to make everything worth it and picked up a few motion detection camera's! Were heading out soon before nightfall to set them up! Aaand we also have- this!" She struggles for a moment reaching for a can on a table behind her. She holds it up to the camera and label comes into focus. Its reads 'Bear mace' "Not many of the local's speak English here but the bartender we had dinner at the other night spoke a little, he said there are wolves out there! And so uh, well there isn't any 'wolf mace' but Bear mace should work right? After all bears are bigger than wolves." She nods to herself before glancing down at her phone. "Oh well its about time we head out, don't want to do setup without any sunlight after all. See you on the hunt Cryptkids!" The recording cuts off once again.

The screen comes to life this time painted in the pale eerie green of nightvision. The sounds of two sets of feet can be heard crunching through pine needles and dried leaves. The black haired girl whispers just loud enough for the camera to pick out "Alright, were on the hunt...fooor well, the supernatural! Me and Jen coulden't get anything out of the locals about what monsters they believe live in these woods exactly but! We do know they fear something out here. More than wolves and bears and free roaming bovi-" She stops talking and the camera turns to Jen for a moment, Jen's arm is extended pointing into the black darkness she speaks in a shaky whisper "Do-do you see that?" The camera whips in the direction Jen is pointing but whatever she see's is just out of the cameras few feet of vision. The black haired girl whispers "I don't see anything! What is it?" She sounds more excited unlike her terrified friend. "Ri-right there, it looks h-humanoid?" A low growl echoes through the woods and both the girls squeal. Some rustling and the clank of tin can be heard through the recording and you can see the black haired girls free arm stretched out beyond the camera lens bear mace in hand. "Stay back! I have bear mace and i'm not afraid to use it creep!" The growling ceases but jen whimpers even more she stutters "I-iits coming clo-" Jens voice is cut off as she suddenly screams, the camera swings to her and a ragged man in what looked like military uniform can be seen snarling and snapping on top of Jen. This time The black haired girl screams as the first figure lunges forward. The camera drops in the forest floor and two sets of footsteps can be heard running, one away and one on the chase. The picture is blurred and obscured but jens screams can be heard loud and clear as the rabid military guard tears through her flesh as if possessed. "dON'T LEAVE ME HERE- E-EVAAAA" Her sobs and scream go quiet before long leaving only the wet sound of tearing flesh and snapping bones and low grunting growls. [The camera turns off, battery spent]




Time played: 12.7 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


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