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Nikolai Hagelund
Character information
  1. Alias
    Mr. Hauglund
  2. Mental
    Untrusting, but stable
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-04-16 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Oslo, Norway
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    [Native Tongue] Norwegian | [Foreign Tongue] Swedish - Danish - English | [Poor Understanding] German - Chernarussian
  9. Relationship
    Ida Ekeberg [Situation Unkown]


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
    Slightly muscular
  4. Hair
    Dirty blonde
  5. Eyes
    Pale Blue
  6. Occupation
    Student [previous]
  7. Affiliation
    The Cavaliers
  8. Role







Ever since I can remember, I’ve had an interest for the outdoors. I can’t recall how many trips I’ve been on where I’ve spent days sometimes a couple of weeks out in the wilderness with my family or friends. I guess I’ve my parents to blame for this as they both have the outdoors kind.
As I got older, I would be allowed to join them on hunting trips and I would eventually learn how to use a shotgun and a rifle when I was old enough to use them, where I would get my own hunting license when I became eighteen.

I was even more trilled when I was finishing up high school and found out that I had filled all the requirements to serve in the mandatory military service.
I was to be stationed up by the 200 km long border to Russia as a border guard. The first 2 months were spent on learning the basics of being in the army and for the reminding 10 months I would be stationed at one of the most North laying military bases in Norway, freezing our socks off almost every day as the border is in the arctic circle.
I didn’t mind it too much though as I liked to spend my time outside, there is quite a few hills and heavily forested areas around these parts, but you also have the occasional open plains which becomes quite the view during winter time as the snow makes the whole place look untouched and barren.
The whole year of my service would fly past faster than I would have imagined. I had imagined that this would drag on and be extremely tedious at points even if I was really motivated to do my service and it was like this to a degree in the beginning, but when you got to know the people and the routines, the whole experience became extremely fun and you lost track of time quite quickly. When it all ended it felt like any time had passed.

I finished my service in April and moved back down to Oslo to live with my parents again for a brief period before I was able to find an apartment I would use while I was studying.
During my time studying I meet Ida, the person I would get together with not too long after meeting her for the first time.








The beginning, how did all of this begin again? It has been over a year and a half, that is for sure. I don’t have a phone nor a watch on me anymore to tell the date so I’m a bit unsure exactly what date it is. The friends I came with are gone, my family I’m unsure of what has happened to, my love I'm still searching for.
The trip started in Greece without any issues, the sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and we were all ready to embark on our little adventure that was supposed to last a bit over 3 months. Our passports and visas were all in order for the travel and sights that we wanted to experience.


We began our journey in Athens, taking a plane from Norway and quickly booking into our hotel for the 3 days we were going to spend there. We would spend these 3 days resting up a bit from the travel, doing a bit of sightseeing and preparing for our actual journey going East. I’ve always wanted to see the old structures in Greece, the historical landmarks, history has always interested me and the fact that I was able to go on this journey fill me with a tremendous amount of joy at the time. The fact that I was able to do all of this with my friends and the person I loved made it all the better.


After our 3 days of rest and preparation we began our journey towards Turkey. We follow the coast of Greece, going north then eastwards towards Istanbul. In just under a month we had walked our way to Istanbul in Turkey and what a start of journey it was. The sights and people we meet, the food we got to eat, it was everything I had expected and more.
Our friendship got tested for sure, that is something we had already discussed before we started our trip. We knew that there would be arguments and hardships and we did get upset with each other, but we managed to pull through it. We were all happy to finally arrive in Istanbul for a couple of days rest, we all needed it.

We followed the coastline in the north parts of Turkey as we were continuing our travels. The view we had over the Black Sea was amazing. We would again spend a bit more than a month to travel to our next stop for a break. When we finally arrived in the town of Samsun, we’re all completely beaten up and ready for a good break in a nice hotel. We would spend a week in this harbor town to recuperate and to relax, none of us spent much time to go out in the city. I was mostly happy that I was able to spend some quality time with my girlfriend, you didn’t get the chance to have much alone time when you’re constantly traveling with 4 other people.

By the 2nd and 3rd day it was quite apparent on how much we needed that break, it wasn’t so much for the physical part, it was more so the psychological side. We all just needed a break from the constant mindset of getting to where we were going, making sure that we were sticking to the time schedule we had set for us and the general stress of traveling. We were all happy to finally get a proper breather in our travels.


The next leg in our trip was the shortest one so far and we would yet again take another break in just past the border in Georgia in the town of Batumi. It took us about half a month to finish this part of the trip.
We received some slight troubles as we were crossing the border into Georgia. The border guards were a bit suspicious of why 5 Norwegians was crossing the border on foot, but when we showed them our paperwork and our plans for our journey they let us through. We even received some tips from one of the guards as we were stopping by his home time
After about two weeks of travel we arrived at the town. The town was right next to an airport, so it seems the place was constantly busy and the noise was there all the time from cars driving to and forth and the planes overhead.
None the less, we spend 3 days here just mainly resting, we all at this point were quite exhausted from the travels in general.

The next part of the trip was a slightly tricky one, since the North-Western area of Georgia is under disputed control by Russia backed militants and when we planned the trip for the start, we all agreed to avoid this area.
Our next resting stop would be in Sochi, but getting over there would be a challenge as we had couldn’t take a direct route to it, since we had to go around the disputed area.
I’m don’t remember exactly how long this part of the trip took, but it was around 2 months or so. On the part of the trip we brought with us a guide as we would have to cross some forested areas that didn’t have good roads nor markings. We thought it would better to bring someone local with us rather than possibly getting lost in a foreign country.

This leg didn’t really bring much trouble with it, it was only the hardship of traveling for so long without much stop. The border crossing into Russia was a bit like how the crossing went when we got into Georgia, but overall it went without troubles. We split our ways with our guide, he went back home, and we continued towards Sochi.


I honestly don’t remember much from the Georgian border to Sochi, I believe it was quite uneventful. What I do remember is how happy we all were when we finally arrived at Sochi as we all were completely beaten down from the travel.
I think we spent around two weeks here before moving on again, I remember how happy we all were since we were so close to our end goal.


[Everything below is WIP]

The leg from Sochi into Chernarus was the trickiest part I think, with a gloomy sky and the feeling that it could rain anything, getting through the mountain ranges in the North-Western region was quite the challenge. 

Lore begins, troubles start, plane crashes into the international hotel.
3 friends dies and one is slightly injured.
Girlfriend and I was talking a walk at the time to talk about some things and have some time alone.









    [TATTOO] Tattoo that would be placed somewhere on his body.
    [HEALED] Wound has healed fully and has not left and permanent marks.
    [HEALING] Wound has been received recently and have not yet fully healed yet.
    [SCARRED] Wound has healed and left behind a mark, but it not affecting him negatively.
    [SCARRED] Wound has healed and left behind a mark and is affecting him negatively to this day. This could be effecting him physically and/or mentally.
  • HEAD
  • BACK
  • ARMS
    [SCARRED] - Knife wound [Lower left arm] - ???
  • LEGS
    [SCARRED] - Bullet wound [Lower right leg] - ???




• Karabiner 98k
• Stechkin automatic pistol
• MP7
• Knife

• Baseball cap
• Equipment belt
• Wool coat
• Gloves
• Jeans
• Hiking boots

• Hiking backpack/Courier bag
• Handheld Radio
• Compass
• Matches
• Flashlight
• Map of South Zagoria
• Small journal
• Silver necklace
• First aid pouch [Bandages, tourniquet, scissors, tape, latex gloves]

• Advanced first aid training
• Firearms training [Bolt-action rifles, Assault rifles, Grenade launcher, Sub machine-gun, LMG, GPMG]
• Survival training [Summer & Winter]
• Hunting
• Drivers license [Cars, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Motorcycles]

• Firearms training [Bolt-action rifles, Assault rifles, sub-machine gun, pistols]
• Knowledge of the land in South Zagoria
• Basic understanding of the Chernarussian language

HK416N [AR-platform]
MP7 [Sub machine-gun]
Grenade launcher [Attachable on the AR-platform]
FN Minimi [Light machine gun]
MG3 [General purpose machine gun]
Winchester Model 70 [Bolt-action rifle]
Mosin Nagant 91/30 [Bolt-action rifle]
Karabiner 98k [Bolt-action rifle]
AK-type rifles [Assault rifle]
MP5 [Sub-machine gun]
Makarov [Pistol]
CR75 [Pistol]




Pasi (Old man) - .......... South of Novy Sobor
Chernarussian man (Russian) - ....... Moglievka
Justin - Lost memory guy, Msta







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