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Vadim Lesun
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1989-05-04 (33 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
    Russian - English
  5. Relationship
  6. Family
    Taciana Lesun (Mother) Ivan Lesun (Father)


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Eyes
    Dark Green
  5. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  6. Occupation


Born in Belarus, Vadim Lesun lived in poor conditions with parents who couldn't afford him a birthday present. Tired of his dull life Vadim decided to move away from his parents during his twenties after many restless nights spent working for his new apartment. He began to turn his life around as he went from job to job looking for something that would give him some enjoyment in life, Vadim wasn't very decisive and spent over 6 years working any job he could find but nothing ever came close to making him happy. Living alone in his apartment and working long nights for years took a toll on him, he began to wonder if he would ever find anything that he could truly enjoy doing.

One night as Vadim was on a walk throughout the streets of Brasłaŭ he bumped into a man as he was entering a local park, he seemed as lost as Vadim was during those times and a conversation began between them and lasted throughout the night as they sat on a bench listening to each other's life story, Vadim had no idea that this man would become almost a brother to him in the next few years. They began meeting almost every other day as they would talk endlessly. This man was called Stanislav, a hunter who then began taking Vadim on hunting trips with him about twice a month. The period between their trips began to shorten as Vadim fell in love with this new hobby. Vadim didn't have any hunting or tracking skills in the beginning but Stanislav was an excellent hunter who started at a young age. He'd teach Vadim everything about survival in a forest. For the first time in his life, Vadim truly enjoyed doing something and after a while, he could call Stanislav his brother as they became so close. They've spent a long time hunting together and after a while, the enjoyment from hunting started to fade for both of them, they've already beaten all their old records several times over so there was nothing more they could do, no bigger animal to hunt. They began to go insane in their cabin as months went by and they did the same thing over and over until one night. Stanislav had a strange dream and something pushed him to follow it, he woke Vadim in the middle of the night telling him about this strange old tale that his mother used to tell him and that Stanislav now made his only goal, he felt like this was his purpose now. Stanislav offered Vadim to go on a trip that same night to hunt some strange folk tale deer and Vadim couldn't say no as he had nothing to lose, but their destination ended up being much further than Vadim has ever gone before. And so they started planning their trip.

Vadim and Stanislav didn't have much money to throw around for this massive trip they planned so they had to use everything they had and what Vadim had were some damn good people skills since he's been through many jobs and workplaces he didn't mind talking and he was damn good at it. Vadim stroke a very nice deal for an old soviet era Lada that was on its deathbed but they didn't expect much more from what they had so it was good enough. They planned to get that dump over to the coast of Lithuania and figure out a way onto a boat from there. They weren't worried about crossing the borders since the border patrol guards were quite corrupt on both sides. Their luck ended as the car broke down about 50km from the coast, Vadim knew how to drive a car but had no idea how to fix one and of course nobody was going to pick up two random dudes on the side of the road with rifles in their bags. They spent a full day walking until they've reached Klaipėda, the port city on the western coast of Lithuania. The walk exhausted them and they decided to stick around for a bit and get a local motel and then spend a little more money on a couple of drinks at the pub. They finally had something to talk about again, something that they both were excited for and something they can look forward to. The destination didn't matter as much anymore it was the journey there and the new lands and people they'd meet. Turned out that luck was on Vadim's side that day as a fisherman overheard his conversations with Stanislav. He joined them for a drink and his story was as tragic as something you'd have heard from the bards of the olden times. He came here from Sweden but not on purpose. He lost his men to a storm less than a week ago and needed some men to help him take the vessel home, she was a very old fishing boat built to be crewed by a minimum of five men. There were only three of them but they thought they could make it. They crossed the baltic to Sweden safely and during the crossing the captain told them about how he'd have to go to every single one of those families and tell them what happened. Vadim and Stanislav knew how hard this was going to be for him so they offered to stick around before they'd continue their journey. Once they were done the captain was to drop them off somewhere near the border of Norway. They went through Sweden with the captain meeting the families, they thought they'd be there as emotional support for him but this was truly one of the few times in their lives that they've been very quiet for multiple days. The reactions were heartbreaking, once they were done the captain dropped them off as promised. It was at the tip of northern Sweden and from there they walked. From there they walked looking for something they didn't even know, a purpose? A feeling? Then there it was, Stanislav's dream became a reality as he saw a meadow that they were passing through. The same meadow from his strange dreams and it was right there in front of their eyes. That's where they set up camp but of course, they couldn't go without civilization so they found the closest road and started heading towards the nearest town. Someplace called Nyheim it was. That was the place they'd get supplies from for the next year as they spent their time looking for a majestic creature from Stanislav's dream.

They didn't have long until the start of the pandemic hit them. They didn't think much of it at first, Vadim thought that perhaps in a couple of months it'll pass but he was very wrong. Things got worse and worse daily, they heard all the news going around and it seemed smart to stay in their cabin in the woods that they found abandoned when they first arrived there. Norway did have way better infection rates than any other country after all, even if they were going through what they called "quarantine camps", it seemed the best place to be. All of this felt like a dream as Vadim thinks about it now, the "unknown mist", the bombing of Oslo... 

But you know what they say.

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  • Emerald


Had a great time roleplaying with you the other day at the helicopter crash, I am still new to the roleplay world but I hope to get to your level someday

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