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Nik Khaos
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Date of birth
    1997-03-03 (22 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Newark, New Jersey
  4. Family
  5. Religion
    God Loving


  1. Build
  2. Hair
  3. Eyes
  4. Affiliation
  5. Role


New Lore 

Nik a young kid with pursuant determined qualities chased work and the escape from his life at home in California for Chernarus. Originally born in Newark, NJ but needing to move with his grandmother in California due to his parents battling addiction ,unfit to raise Nik at the time. The move was a drastic change but adapting seemed to be in his nature something he got from his hustling parents. Moving from California once again with little money and school help he was able to have a small selection of cheaper schools with decent design and architectural classes, something he enjoyed due to the artist in him. Nik also had a tendency to experiment with drugs that would expand his creativity and uniqueness of course with a cost, being addiction. Being an experimenter of such mind expanding things causes a person to question everything so philosophy and understanding the laws of the universe was important to Nik. Egypt and the pyramids were always a great question to him as threw these heavy LSD induced trips he would experience symbols, pyramids out his house window, and an all around different reality. Making sanity an interesting thing, Nik not really knowing if it was worth holding onto it. Isn't real power letting go?


The move to Chernarus May have been drastic but necessary, even having a place to stay. Nik befriended a exchange student who helped persuade in coming back to her homeland which happened to be one of the school choices.

While in Chernarus the infection hits and chaos almost immediately erupts, nobody expects such a things even with warnings. Nik was located at his part time auto shop job when he first had an interaction with the infection, after immediately rushing back to the house he had be staying in Severograd to find the house ransacked of know evidence of where his friend and her family went. Unsure of the land and what to do he ran into the woods south. Resting in the woods and small abandoned houses for the first few weeks food was scarce. Not running into anyone made Hope hard to find, until he met the wrong people

In the night ambushed and beaten Nik was dragged into the woods and up to a stone castle broken down from years of history. Broken down and robbed of everything barely holding to the only thing he had which was life. Laying on cold stone Nik crawled out of the castle and down the hill, rolling most the way until hitting a dirt road. A day passed and Nik woke to rustling of leaves until he saw a face pop out of the bushes next to him. Eager the man approached and said his name was joe and that he was cool, urging that Nik had nothing to worry about. Seeming to already know the situation before Nik had the chance to tell him he said we’ll get em don’t worry.




Old Lore


Born and Raised

Nik was born in Newark, New Jersey shortly after his family moves to San Francisco, California due to Newark's harsh environment as Nik's parents wanted a better life for him as they grew up there and knew how it could affect someone's life and mentality. Niks dad a mechanic and his mom working a waitress job money wasn't always around, they wanted him to go to school and better himself like any good parents would want. Being raised in California drew Nik to art and the drug culture since they seemed to go hand in hand usually, well at least the good art anyway. Nik quickly became a chemical abuser trying to open his mind to different things. Even with the constant trips he would put himself through he would also attend school while doing so. While trying to get a degree in some sort of art theory and expression he meets an exchange student from his school who happened to be visiting. This girl drew Nik in and they became close quick. When she had to return to her home country Nik decided to go with her temporarily to see the world as all he was doing in California was melting his brain. This would be his last major decision before the infection marking his fate to be stuck in chearnarus.


Nik is in Cheanarus for 2 months living somewhat comfortably as well as adjusting to his girls family before the infections hits


After Infection

Nik begins the rest of his journey in cheanarus at the age of 18. When the infection happened it was instant trauma and chaos for Nik. Looking for his love, gets captured and tortured a few months after the infection by desperate trying to get by savages in a stone castle way in the mountains. Stumbling from that castle barely alive he finds comfort and a friend in a guy named Joe. Surviving was the goal but the two started to thrive in the new world making it there own. New friends came into the picture and survival got easier but with a cost. The story is a long one but in the end Niks newly grown family thrives for some time then falls, leaving Nik at the time lost bouncing back and fourth in between groups not really able to find that connection he once had with his original family that he first found and thrived with. Now returning he hopes to find old faces as well as new ones to hopefully find something in this world worth surviving for.


Jackals V1- Soon



After the Jackals V1

Distraught and troubled Nik fled north when inner turmoil erupted in between the people he called family. He went North only to be captured again by the men who took him the first time a few weeks after the infection broke out. Nik was mentally tormented on why he created such monsters who were built on ruining what ever life people had left. Always inconsistent in his thoughts Nik went back and forth trying to justify his actions in trying to make people tougher, stronger for this new world.

Nik wondered if his so called family would look for him after he let out a radio broadcast letting them know he was captured. But no one came, the people he built up, the people who adopted his philosophy and ran with it..didn't come to help. Inner turmoil erupted from outsiders being brought into a tight knit family, outsiders who couldn't deal with the philosophy using it just to harm rather than to teach. These outsiders would visit the town and some of Nik’s family took them in while others new it would be the downfall. Fingers were pointed and hate began to rise between the ever so close family pushing one another in opposite directions. After Cory had left and started spending time down south Nik felt as if his closest family was being pushed away by these outsiders making NIk himself grow a hate for them as well. With that being said Nik didn't want to see more family disappear so instead because of it, he disappeared himself.

//Nik is a chronic acid abuser. Him being caught and tormented is all a bad trip, the first time he was caught was also a trip. He uses acid to try and find answers on why God would bring this hell on earth. He also looks to find out why he was left in this hell to survive and how he can rise out of it.

Jackals V2

After a few months lost in his head up north, Nik begins to head back down to see what has happened since he left. Wondering if his family even cared about his absence he tried making contact with some friends he had made over his time in Chernarus. The only one who contacted Nik back was a man named Roger Leboria. Nik had known Roger for a good amount of time and his actions have always proven for him to be very trustful. Roger informed him about a group of survivors getting together to survive and thrive. Since Nik had no contact with his old family he decided to join the band of brothers.

Nik felt a little out of place but quickly worked his way into the group doing what he must to keep these new faces safe, as well as himself. These men in reality were no different from Nik and he felt right at home after some time. People of chernarus would call this group a bunch of savages, for their harsh nature and the way they would do things. Savages established a home at a mountain all familiar to Nik. Raiding parties would come and go from the mountain sometimes returning with people who were made into workers, to ultimately build up the mountain settlement back to its glory. On one of the raiding parties Nik captured an old brother of his. This brother had known Nik for a long time but instead of talking to him Nik put him to work instead out of hatred for not coming to his aid or keeping contact after all that has happened. New members started trickling in and an old brother of Niks had joined as well. Cory Romero had joined and the reunion made Nik happy, as Cory was loyal and would always be family to him.

As a week or two passed a war broke out between a coalition called Northern Alliance and the Savages. Nik was present for a few battles but ultimately nothing was really achieved besides death. One of the battles resulted in a capture of a man named Alex. A sort of spokesperson for the North. Alex told Nik info he kind of figured out on his own. Alex said “your old family...they want to kill you. They talk bad on you and have changed there ways, there looking to find and kill you.”  Nik did not act on the info but is instead holding unto until the time is right. Savages after the fighting with the north felt accomplished and decided to push new endeavours. Some traveled out of chernarus while others stayed and decided to lay low. Nik to also lay low as well, traveling with Cory and a few other of the Savage remnants.

Until one day Cory reached out to Nik about something he thought about for a while, something that would finally let him use this info he had. A simple radio broadcast from Cory to Nik stating that there old family and its philosophies should make a return. With that he thought about it wondering if he really did want to go back to his old ways. Another voice rose on this frequency from a man named Joe Kerr. A few had this frequency from the past and Joe was listening waiting for an opportune time to reunite with Nik. Joe was the first man that Nik met in chernarus and also the only man to save Nik from his first captured encounter. That's what Joe believes anyway as no one really knows of Niks drug abuse. With that the three set up a meeting place and began planning on what they would do next.






Nice to see this dude back.

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One of my favourite characters to RP with.

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good shit

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