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Adrian Dalca
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Stable, Slightly unstable
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1996-03-29 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Romania, Bucuresti
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Romanian, Russian.
  9. Family
    Brother: Manuel Dalca (Alive) Parents: (Dead)


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    -Recognizable voice
    -Tattoo on his right arm
    -Bullet wound on chest
  8. Equipment
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation




Chapter 1. Childhood.

Adrian Dalca was born in Bucuresti, Romania in 1988. He was born to a family with One brother, Father and mother, Adrian being the rebel in the family whilst the rest were always calm and relaxed at most times. Adrian was very calm when he was young, he used to read alot and was all in all a very decent child, he had a brother who was 2 years older than him, Manuel was his name, Manuel was the first born child in the family. They would usually go to vacation trips around the globe when it was summer vacation as they had just enough money to do so.. Few years later, Adrian and Manuel’s father stopped working and started getting involved in criminal activities with the Russian mob, the mob would lend him money as long as it would be paid back, this would cause alot of trouble with the family once the two brothers would grow older.

Chapter 2. Growing older.

As Adrian and Manuel were getting older and started going to school, Adrian started getting more hyper, whilst the older brother would still be the same as he always was, mature and responsible. Adrian would start getting into fights in school, he would talk trash to the other students as he would always talk about the money that his father had gotten and basically just say shit to the other students. As Adrian was talking about the money his family had little did Adrian and his brother know was that the money would need to be paid back to the mob. Sometime Adrian’s brother Manuel would have to step into the fight’s and protect his younger brother at times when Adrian would push it too far.

Chapter 3. The Russian Mob.

The years went by, Adrian and his brother was around their early twenties. Adrian being 21, Manuel being 23. Their father would start buying a lot of nice things for the family and basically wasting a lot of money which the brother’s had no idea came from. Their father would start getting a lot more phone calls and things were turning bad very fast, the two brothers were growing up with a father who was owing the Russian mob a lot of money and they would call everyday asking when they would get the money back, the father just continued pushing it, saying that they would get their money soon and triple the amount he had got lended.. One day, their father got a phone call, which was the last phone call he would recieve, the phone call was about that the father only had one day to give the money back otherwise it would be consequences. Their father had wasted all the money and had nothing left and was owing the Russian mob 126k  Euros which he didn’t have. The day went by and their father was the number one target in the Russian mob at the current time. They would send hitmen to murder the father which they succeeded doing, Adrian and his brother was left without their father, that’s when they got a phone call. Manuel picking it up, The man on the other side was one of the Mobsters from the Russian mob saying that the responsibility on delivering the money back was on the two brothers and they had 5 years in paying them back.

Chapter 4. Responsibilities.

One year later the family still had no idea how they were supposed to pay the Russian mob back from all the money the family’s father had got from them, The whole family still mourning about the loss of their father, Adrian and his brother’s mom knew about a safe their father had in the bedroom, which she would tell the two brother’s about which could help the whole family paying back The Russian Mob. The brother’s would go into the bedroom, Manuel trying to crack open the safe which he had no luck in cracking, Adrian would step up to the safe and try to crack it, he had no luck in the beginning, then his brother left the room. Minutes later Manuel would run back into the room saying to try the licence plate numbers on the car. The licence plate number was the code and unlocked the safe, inside there would be 10k Euros and a big paper where it would say all of their father’s contacts. One of the names on the paper would be ‘’C-J aka Charlie James’’ Next to it ‘’Money Launderer’’ and the C-J’s phone number, the boys would run to the phone, trying to call him but the man would not answer his phone. They would try day and night to get to the man but no luck, untill one night he would call back, Adrian’s brother picking up the phone and talking to the man, Adrian standing next to Manuel listening. From what Adrian could hear CJ was being very ignorant and didn’t give a shit about what they were saying, both of the brother’s having good charisma ended up with Manuel talking CJ into trying to help the two brother’s paying back the Russian mob..

Chapter 5. Making money.

The two brother’s were starting off easily trying make the money that the father owed the Russian mob, they would start selling drugs and make money slowly, after some time they realized they would never make the amount the father was owing the Russian mob in time, it would take a long time untill they would be at the amount they owed.. They would start trying to rob gas stations, this would also take a long time.. They would call CJ for one last time for some advice on how they could make a lot of money fast, CJ being a smart man decided to tell them to rob banks/ Jewelry stores to make big amounts of money fast, but for this they had to have protection and the equipment. Luckily CJ knew some in the Russian mob who were selling guns and protection, they ended up buying 3 Automatic guns and 2 pistols, they would put it on the tab for the Russian mob, the guns got delivered and they started planning on robbing a jewelry store. A week later they had everything planned, there was 3 members in the crew, including the two brothers, it was a very well known jewelry shop in the centrum of Bucuresti, they all knew the risk but they took it anyways. After arriving at the store they would try to be as fast as they could, Adrian would grab everything he could whilst his brother was crowd control and the other crew member was lookout on the roof next to the store. As soon as they were done getting the jewelry, they ran to the car and started the getaway, the two brothers headed into a back alley where they would park one car to switch to another one, the other crew member still hiding on the roof keeping his head low he got spotted by a police helicopter which was called in seconds after the robbery was done, the man got arrested and sent to jail. He gave the police all the details about the two brother’s and painted a big target on their back, giving the police their names and their hideout location.

Chapter 6. On the run.

After one of the crew member’s got captured by the police and arrested the two brother’s just continued robbing small shops around to make enough money to basically pay the Mob back. They decided to do one more robbery before they would say they were done trying to make the money back, they wanted to do a bigger store than last time, they started planning on a bank called: Bank Leumi, they planned the whole score out and they had 4 crew members when they were going to rob this bank, they planned it out for 2 weeks, getting all the equipment they needed, armored car, ballistic vests, automatics and such. Once the day came when they were going to rob the bank, they would enter the bank not knowing that the bank had an alarm which would go off if someone pushed the button, they entered, started pulling out their guns when one of the employers pushed the button as soon as they saw the guns, they would do the exact same as last time, one lookout, Adrian on getting the money, Brother on crowd control and the last crew member on holding the entrance if the police would arrive. Adrian took all the money he could which was around 364k Euros, the whole score would go downhill as soon as the police arrived and they had to be as fast as they could. One of the hostages they had tried running out the backdoor, but luckily Adrian’s brother were able to shoot him dead before he were able to leave, this would just make the situation whole lot worse, once the police arrived they would come with helicopters, 10 police cars full of heavily equipment police officers, they would start first off by trying to get Adrian and his crew to come out and give up, which they wouldn’t. The police started opening fire on the bank, one crew member would stay there buying the rest some time to get out of the bank, the rest of the crew would try getting out of the back door, while distracting the police Adrian and his brother were able to get out of the bank with the money, getting into the armored car then driving away to a safeplace where they would keep their heads low. They would contact CJ for one last time before they would pay the Russian mob back, they had more than enough money to pay them back, but they were one of the most wanted in Romania after the score, they talked on the phone about a secret meeting location where they could launder the money and deliver it safely to the Russian Mob, they decided to meet at Chernarus, so the brother’s started planning how they were going to get there without being noticed by the police as they were both having a massive bounty on their heads, they spent some time thinking about how they were going to get across the border without being noticed by anyone, as they were all over the news.. Adrian’s brother thought of something that would work, jumping on board one of the cargo trains that goes from  Romania to the border of Chernarus, they got on board one of the cargo trains and traveled over the border to Chernarus, they met up with Charlie James where they started laundering the money then delivering it to the Russian Mob, that’s when the outbreak started, the three men were stuck in Chernarus as the country was falling apart and decided to head out together to survive the apocalypse.




Looks nice!

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Great character, good to RP with

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looks bad pls remov noe

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