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David OBrien
Character information
  1. Alias
    Caraham, The Brain
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1991-04-12 (28 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    London, England
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
    White British
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Mother and Father - Both missing / Assumed dead
  10. Religion
    Agnostic - leaning christian


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    92 kg
  3. Build
    Average build. Notably broad shoulders.
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Scar: 3 inch straight cut scar running down right cheek.
  7. Equipment
    Medium Size military backpack given to him by Finish soldiers
  8. Occupation
    Software Developer
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


David has always seeked to progress himself. This is not to say at no cost. He is a moral man, a man that looks for improvement for himself, his friends, his family. He is willing to defend those who he cares about and is adamant about not allowing people to progress through society crookedly, breaking laws for their own gain. He thinks this yet there have been many times where he has perhaps gone far beyond the line in order to achieve his goals, and to avoid persecution for his actions, simply moves the line. This is how he can justify some otherwise immoral behaviour.

David is an entrepreneurial type. Once a software developer, David had travelled to Finland to meet a friend about a prospective new startup they could create. It was at this border country to Russia where he fell through a series of bad people and bad decisions that landed him in Chernaurus

David was in Chernaurus for his first day. He witnessed what would later be dubbed the 'Cherno massacre'. He witnissed CDF and unknown combatants fight each other in the streets of cherno. It was at this dire time he met both Steve and Vasily - a stranger and a free medic respectively. David and Steve would manage to leave Cherno but would never lay eyes upon Vasily again. To this day David still searches for him.

As David's successful leave of Cherno took place, he split with Steve as their goals did not agree however their paths would cross again. David travelled to Grishino as that was where he had first met Vasily. He was told to wait for the sheriff of the town to arrive to tell David where the Free Medics were based. Like clockwork, the Sheriff came, David got his information and travelled to the dam by Myshkino. Vasily was not yet seen. David waited in the general area, frequently stopping by the camp to see if anyone saw Vasily. No luck.

With little purpose, David travelled back to Grishino. Met a man by the name of Richard. David was asked if he would join the man in creating a small group of survivors and he accepted, a choice he would later regret. It would turn out that this friendly Richard would be a cannibal. He professed this to David before making an official invitation. With no-one else to turn to, David accepted.

'How bad could it be right?'.

They travelled for all of two days before David decided that the taste wasn't quite for him and left peacefully. He travelled south again towards the Free Medics but due to his lack of navigational skills from only being here for a couple of weeks, missed the dam. He instead landed in the barns to the west of Zelenegorsk. This is where he saw a small group of people setting up a camp. Hungry, thirsty and curious, he approached.

These people were good people, setting up a camp to increase trade, for people to settle if they were weary from travel. Perhaps a place David could call home. He joined this group - The Bank. With small tasks, taking his orders he slowly but surely rose through the rank's to be the main advisor to the head of the Bank. This was all well and good until an unknown nationalist group attacked the post. With a large amount of the civilians taken hostage and other bank members dead, The Bank fled to safer areas.

It was around this time that a new power was taking form in Chernaurus - The House. The Bank, still broken, would scavenge what they could and were close to rebuilding a new settlement which would soon be open for business. It be all for naught as we woke up and the walls we built to keep us safe were gone. Taken in the night that we slept.

Around this time the House would implement a trade embargo for the entirety of the Chernaurus region - except for their castle in Lopatino. This infuriated the Bank. And so with the help of other groups but most notably, The Saviours, we performed small scale guerilla warfare, stealing cars and weapons when we could. The largest and most important operations were the kidnapping of the partners of the House leadership. The targets were Katie and Sally.

Katie's kidnapping was easy. She and her bodyguard were led across a bridge where they were ambushed, strip of their weapons and ran. This whole process took only a couple of minutes. She was confused, asking why David would do this, she had previously been very friendly to him, helping him when he was robbed by the House just earlier. In any case David and Sal (The Banker) took katie down to Myshkino dam. It was here where she was introduced to Dr isaac Merko.

There was a few minutes of conversation before what would truly distrub David more than the cannibal group he had met earlier would ensue. Isaac would begin torturing Katie. He shot out her two knees and the lower part of her back. 'She was the enemy', 'She made this decision by being with the House'. These thoughts and similar ones raced through David's mind. Silence would fall when Isaac turned Katie over onto her back. He took out his old knife and Carved a Dollar sign into her stomach. This was all the day before her wedding.

That wasn't all though. David still had one more job to do. This time he had to get to Sally. Once we had left katie we ran further north - we figured if one soon to be wife of a House leader was there, what are the chances of another? This reasoning paid off. Isaac was looking through his binoculars when he said he had spotted Sally with a guard. Without them knowing - we pursued. This was the first time I had killed a man - her bodyguard. She ran. She ran as fast as she could through the woods. As also being part of the House, she must have heard that something was wrong and that Katie was missing. Perhaps she had deduced that the same fate was in store for her. In any case we pursued and finally caught her. In the same fashion as we did with Katie, we took her west into the woods. David was told this would be an execution. This was much more humane than torturing her. However, isaac had different plans. As he pulled his knife, he saw orange moving through the nearby bushes and he screamed to run. As David turned to look he was already unconcious. The House found us.

Currency hadn't caught on like O'Brien thought it might so he left and travelled to the far north eastern region of South Zagoria. This place is truly desolate. "You find someone? You get a book deal when this is over". O'Brien has said that one a few more times than he should have to people he met here. He still finds humour in the worst of times. He catches onto a transmission from a man who says he is the Broker. The signal is remarkably clear . We're talking about as good as 80's radio level clear. This was good news. Civilization, perhaps? Heading towards the closest radio tower that could have relayed the signal, O'Brien meets a man placing down his radio and boarding up an old shack next to the radio tower. This 'broker' was insignificant at the time but would later go on to catch up to O'Brien to form Denigrata a long time down the road. 

What was important was the last month he could call himself a Savior. O'Brien had been setting up shop with Saviors in Novaya, helping traders and dispensing justice within the city. A nice change of pace. This place could really be called home. Good things must come to an end. That very thought crossed O'Brien's mind as a bullet crossed the mind of man who stood before him - a complete stranger, he did nothing wrong. The raiders came again. Tortuga, as it stood was raised to the ground. Civilians were executed. The saviors were ousted. This was war had gone too far for too long.

Who were the people who did this? Truly, who are they? O'Brien can barely get the picture of the happy go lucky stranger losing their life just feet in front him out of his mind. O'Brien saught Moody to establish an intelligence division within the Saviors. It was this day that would mark the start of O'Brien's last month as a Savior. His home destroyed, his friends left unburied in the streets, O'Brien did what he did best and started to talk. Convincing himself more than others that what he was doing was a benefit not only to the living, but the friends he had lost. The enemies too. Maybe. Probably not. Certainly. Not.

Others had seen the carnage. Others saw that something had to be done. Intelligence was a deserved distraction from the wasteland they were subjected to every day. No wars and no corpses. Just people. Just people and what people say. This attracted many Saviors to help O'Brien. Their work might end this war, It did for them at least. Time passed and interactions with raiders became uncommon. A name was given to this group of people. Not original, but it fit. People liked it. Intel. It was at this time that the division was at its peak. It's work was significantly impacting the Saviors. The members of Intel could each see that with every slice of information they gathered, they might just be able to find a place the raiders cannot reach. Interactions with raiders fell to damn near zero. Really, it was a shame. Had it been zero, maybe things would have worked out better. Tortuga had been reborn in the city the people would call Novo. On it's first day, its opening. The raiders came once more. The Saviors, unprepared, were slaughtered. O'Brien caught a few bullets but miraculously survived. 

From an emotional perspective, O'Brien wasn't too upset. No civilians were killed. Not that he saw, not like before. But still, the Saviors went on a warpath to destroy the towns the raider's would call home. O'Brien could not blame them. That was the second time our home had been destroyed. We could not let this go unpunished. He could not let this go unpunished. With the few that remained the Saviors were still a fighting force. They sacked Kabanino. Twice. Many dead. Countless wounded, on both sides tears would run. "It could not go unp-" "-on, it could not go on.". Rerturning to the staging point that Intel had before the fight. O'Brien declared before his men, the very same who had seen the peace and quiet that intel had offered and the horrors of war, that this bloodshed could not continue. O'Brien would try his hardest to convince some men to come with him. Most refused. But the few that agreed would leave that shack in that forest hill behind them. Perhaps to use their skills for something other than the war games of the powerful. They would use them for themselves. They would not see another brother-in-arms fall. By any means necessary. 


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