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Tekko Il Sung
Character information
  1. Alias
    Rat Man ; "The Mongolian" ; "Kim Ching Ping" ; "Japanese Man" ; "Chinese Dude"
  2. Mental
    Zero cares in the world
  3. Date of birth
    2045-08-12 (26 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Pyongyang, North Korea
  5. Nationality
    Saeloun Hangug - Pyongyang (Korea)
  6. Ethnicity
    North Korean
  7. Languages
    The Common Language (English)
  8. Relationship
    Single, Not interested
  9. Family
    Unknown, Orphan at birth
  10. Religion
    No Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown, almost shoulder-length
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Burn mark along his neck, scar above his liver area
  8. Occupation
    Nomad, Drifter


A mad world with a mad man

Tekko never met his original parents as he grew up, adopted by another family, the Il-Sung, a family from the capital of Pyongyang. Tekko was risen and shaped to be a strict, well disciplined example of the proud People's State, going against his better judgement to live a more calm, laid back life.

At the age of 19, Tekko heard of "Opportunity" outside of the People's Republic of Korea, but rumors in the dark alleys of Pyongyang whispered of a "Faraway Northern Land", but he felt like his government did not have any plans to expand, stuck to his job as a Hotel Management Staff, catering to many other "New Tourists" coming into his city. During one of his casual night shifts, he noticed one of the Government leaving his post, in one of the many hidden rooms of the hotel, taking the opportunity to listen into the conversation of two men. The only words he could make out of it was Norway.

He got what he needed and connected the dots, "Faraway Northern Land" is in fact Norway, but now a new problem risen. Getting out.

The Run

His 22th birthday came along, and his plans start to get in motion, his late night shifts paid off slowly, earning more money to get himself a stable stash and more info came from the hotel. Being a hotel management staff had it's perks, having access to rooms not many did, easy paths in and out, this allowed him to form a connection with Pyongyang's underground society, which defied the Regime's way of life. With rumors of the Supreme Leader succumbing to illness, the state of North Korea started to dwindle, but a new conspiracy came to light during one of the nights Tekko spent, that South Korean refugees came into Pyongyang, and the next day they were gone, only to be seen among the many soldiers patrolling the land, this seriously made Tekko suspicious of the many doings of the North. 

One of his contacts lend him in on a tip to get out, Vladivostok. An operation to get out of North Korea is suicide, but considering the threats of the Virus, it was somewhat easier to get out.

The operation had a three phase plan : Distraction and Chaos, The Run and finally the Sail.

Autumn came along, that is where Tekko was ready and set to meet the group of defectors. Chongjin was their destination, and Tekko managed to find himself on a bus, using the Hotel Management as excuse to travel out of the capital. As soon as the bus arrived at the checkpoint leading out of Pyongyang, an explosion nearby alarmed the soldiers stationed, allowing the Bus to flee the city. But the drive wasn't safe yet, as they were eventually found. 

A fight ensued between the Bus and the chasing truck. But the defectors had other plans, tossing grenades at them, after the truck blew up, it was only a matter of time before they would be found again.

Vladivostok and the Railway to Freedom

After two nights of what seemed to be the most terrifying trip, the group arrived in Chongjin, letting the bus roll into the city with one driver disguised as a driver to pick up workers from their shift.

Around the port area, inside a well hidden tunnel was a boat, where the group boarded and sailed in the dead of night towards the other side. But to their shock to find an infiltrated soldier shooting the sleeping defectors, as Tekko was next to be shot, he avoided death by an inch, stabbing the soldier with a pen. He was left with a flesh wound along his neck. He arrived to Vladivostok, meeting another connection, but from a group of 15, only 4 remained. But it was easier to have the men smuggled into the train. 

A decommissioned train was set to roll onto the Trans-Siberian Express Line, only carried one compartment and the locomotive. Tekko was told if there were all 15 of them, they would've ended up in a battle among themselves, saying that not all would fit on the train. Lucky as he was, he still had the idea to leave and leave North Korea behind.

Perhaps his life was better now away from the cursed city.

Journey to Nyheim

Arriving to Moscow, he was quickly set on a truck and shipped north, next and final destination was Svetogorsk, where he would be a temporary chef for the settlement, it was until his 25th birthday he found a group of travelers, led by a Russian offering a job to Tekko, the group set forth to a land in Norway, exactly where Tekko wanted to go. With promise of a chef, traveler and a good scavenger, he managed to get the approval of the Russian and set on to find this place...

Meeting with more on the way, he learned that his path led him to Nyheim, a land in the far reaches of Norway, where he may feel like a new start, spending years on the run only to find a suitable place. But only then would he see if it is worth it.


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He is alive, our stinky Mongolian cabbage eater!

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