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Dieter Schulze
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Horseman of War, or "Mr. War"
  2. Mental
    Strong willed, Derranged
  3. Morale
    Bolstered by his self righteous path
  4. Date of birth
    1968-07-28 (51 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Dresden, Germany
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    German, English
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Khandra Myska, Joel Paine III, Uwe Graf, Allison Bell, and Elly Ashlin
  11. Religion
    Roman Catholic


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    78 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Early onset aging marks

    Droll boring personality

    A face covered in haphazard straight scars
  8. Equipment
    Typically well dressed, but is constantly changing nowadays with his growing recognition and enemies.

    He also typically has a fondness for wearing masks on occasion to disconnect from his physical identity but he hasn't worn one in a while.

    He has a red wool coat gifted to him by Khandra that has blood stains and 2 bullet holes in it from a firefight in Elektro.

    He owns a pistol gifted to him by Khandra that he doesn't always bring around with him.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    The Final Judgement
  11. Role
    Horseman of War







Having been born as an only child in Germany, Dieter grew up pretty normal. He was neither in a wealthy nor poor family. Middle class standard was the easiest descriptor of life for Dieter. School, some light friend activities, plenty of gaming and being a simple kid. Nothing interesting ever really happened to him. Eventually he became interested in taking things apart and getting more acquainted with their inner workings. He would learn how to build computers, tear apart lamps, appliances, anything he could find and also put them right back together. He started out as a young teen tending to be able to fix all manners of things that broke around his house saving his parents plenty of money. Eventually he went to school to further his knowledge of engineering and building things. It landed him a job eventually as a designer of gaming computer components. After years of working with board designs and chipsets, he eventually branched out to a great many other things like programming and just about anything technical that you could imagine. He had his limits, but this was his strong suit. Things he didn't know, he could learn quickly.

Soon he felt a bigger calling and joined the military on a reserves position amongst the Wehrverwaltung. He began to do drone programming and be a part of their weaponization. Life progressed normally for him. Nothing particularly big or small. He felt a desire to travel eventually and his position transitioned over to helping with engineering assistance and some logistical aide to UN forces. The most interesting thing to ever happen to Dieter was when a large task force was organized for an aide mission that wasn't really given much detail. Peacekeepers were rallied up and sent out and Dieter was meant to be a communications and logistical asset and also assist in the setting up of UN FOBs. He was mainly tasked with making sure the communication structure (wiring, power, correct equipment and their maintenance) was in place at the designated FOBs. Come to find out that this mission was the very one that was injected into the heart of Chernarus amidst some sort of viral outbreak causing the infected we see now. He witnessed horrors he never imagined and despite being required to be combat ready via the requirements of military service, he had no desire to get into the thick of any conflict.




When things began to crumble and get overrun, he was one of the first to drop everything and fend for himself. He got a few people killed in the process, but he didn't possess a particular spirit to be the hero. His job always placed him in a non-social setting where he only talked to people when necessary, so when the time came to step up and help, he opted to instead recede to safety taking care of himself foremost. Time went by and he found himself alone in this countryside, avoiding conflicts left and right until seemingly with all the eventual lawlessness, all he found was conflict.

Many negative encounters with people eventually lead him to start hating everyone. Every day became another robbery, torture, and degradation rinse and repeat cycle. Eventually his hate for everyone caused a great social disconnect as he acquired more scars and lost more belongings. His hate grew and grew and his isolation intensified until the emotions inside him were a rampant torrential flow that never had any clear direction. Insanity in a light form began to set in. He was in withdrawals from zero social contact, he felt alone and full of hate. He fought his own feelings of wanting companionship for instead hating everyone.

One day he simply snapped but it wasn't in a simple loopy kind of way. He didn't have schizophrenia or some overblown hollywood insanity. He instead gave himself a purpose. He began to talk to himself instead of others. He created a world of purpose in his own head and gave himself something to live for instead of waiting for something to live for. He hunkered down in a church and read many scripts and books paying close attention to the genocides and violent aspects to religion. He began to see himself as a possible vector of God in a way. He took more inspiration from these than faith. He was never truly a religious man per-se, it was all a selfish fix to his own issues. He jerry rigged religion into his needs to allow himself to live again. He began to educate himself more of the habits of violent religious icons and actions and soon set out to reenact them for his own amusement and purposes. He would stalk lone survivors until he could  make sure they were alone and then would hold them up as he had been in the past and torture them. He eventually became essentially disconnected with his old self and began to forget all forms of law, order, and society. He came to forget his own name and instead embodied the nickname Anti-Christ or simply Evil or War, identifying as a horseman of the apocalypse. His repetition with calling himself by this alias eventually caused him to even convince himself of its validity, giving more seriousness to his failing mental state.  

He fell so far into this void that he honestly eventually reconfigured his mentality to accept that he was indeed a horseman sent by god to simply spread evil or war upon mankind. His delusions of grandeur and godliness only further made him stray from the path in which he was anything more than a cold ruthless robot essentially. He did, however, never kill anyone as he saw that to be the right of the Horseman of Death. He saw his ultimate goal to be vengeance and torture or creation of conflict. Anything he could convince in his twisted mind was just purely evil as his nickname suggested. His goals became purely causing conflict (war) or just simply doing the most fucked up things he could conjure up in his broken head. Through his time becoming more and more demented and fucked up, he eventually would happen upon 2 broken enough survivors, on separate occasions, that he would instill some serious Stockholm syndrome into. They would eventually join him and listen to his fucked up visions and goals and become 2 more horsemen of his posse. One embodying Conquest and one embodying Pestilence. Together the three have been roaming Chernarus "unable to leave" due to their "mission" that was supposedly issued by a higher power. They have grown comfortable with their surroundings and knowledge of the area. They have no intentions of leaving by now. 






Dieter has come to know a great many people and has made quite a name for himself unintentionally throughout his time in the desolation of Chernarus. He by no means attempts to make sure people fear him or know his name, but his unique aspirations and goals make him a talking point to those who get to know him. Insanity is the common descriptor that people apply to him but his self perception is untainted by those who don't understand his plight. He doesn't spread gospel but is more than happy to explain his self-perceived purpose to those who may seem genuinely interested. Many seem perplexed by him and love asking questions but at the end of they day they label him a "priest" or simply insane.

War's goals have a broad spectrum and a small scope as well. The broad spectrum is that he is a tool for the Lord to use in branding sinners and sending them on the path toward their absolution or an end in which they have successfully atoned for the sins they have committed. The belief is that anyone still roaming the Earth at this point is guilty of sin and has yet to be sent toward absolution. It is the Horsemen's duty to "brand" a sinner with the sin they have committed and monitor them for their healthy recovery and atonement. As stated in the Book of Revelation 6:1-8, The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the Four Horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment. Their process of branding being the judgement.




Judgement is carried out with the 7 deadly sins. Once you have determined the general sin(s) committed, you can determine the branding and the punishment.


A sin committed by lust is commonly misconceived as something simple like homosexuality or sexual activity before marriage, however these are not the sin of lust. Committing the sin of lust is when someone commits actions of malice towards someone else intentionally purely out of sexual desires or the influence of their emotions tied to loving someone. The branding associated with Lust is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as an "L"


The sin of gluttony is the overindulgence and overconsumption of anything to the point of waste. The indulgence of drugs robs others of their use. The constant hoarding of supplies that robs others of their use, whilst it does stray close to greed, the specifics of gluttony are tied to your direct over use of things that you didn't need that may have benefited others. The branding associated with Gluttony is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as a "GL"


Greed is close to gluttony in its sins but it has slight differences. Greed is desire and pursuit of material possessions. The process of sinning to Greed is letting your desire for material possessions cause others around you to be neglected or harmed. Much of the robberies and hostile encounters that happen in Chernarus nowadays are based in Greed. The branding associated with Greed is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as a "GR"


Sloth includes ceasing to utilize the seven gifts of grace given by the Holy Spirit (Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Piety, Fortitude, and Fear of the Lord); such disregard may lead to the slowing of one's spiritual progress towards eternal life, to the neglect of manifold duties of charity towards the neighbor, and to animosity towards those who love God. Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. By this definition, evil exists when "good" people fail to act. Unlike the other capital sins, which are sins of committing immorality, sloth is a sin of omitting responsibilities. It may arise from any of the other capital vices; for example, a son may omit his duty to his father through anger. While the state and habit of sloth is a mortal sin, the habit of the soul tending towards the last mortal state of sloth is not mortal in and of itself except under certain circumstances. The branding associated with Sloth is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as an "S"


Can be defined as uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and even hatred. Wrath often reveals itself in the wish to seek vengeance. In its purest form, wrath presents with injury, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Feelings of wrath can manifest in different ways, including impatience, hateful misanthropy, revenge, and self-destructive behavior, such as drug abuse or suicide. People feel angry when they sense that they or someone they care about has been offended, when they are certain about the nature and cause of the angering event, when they are certain someone else is responsible, and when they feel they can still influence the situation or cope with it. The branding associated with Wrath is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as a "W"


Like greed and lust, is characterized by an insatiable desire. It can be described as a sad or resentful covetousness towards the traits or possessions of someone else. It arises from vainglory, and severs a man from his neighbor. Malicious envy is similar to jealousy in that they both feel discontent towards someone's traits, status, abilities, or rewards. A difference is that the envious also desire the entity and covet it. Envy can be directly related to the Ten Commandments, specifically, "Neither shall you covet anything that belongs to your neighbor". The branding associated with Envy is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as an "E"


Is considered, on almost every list, the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins: the perversion of the faculties that make humans more like God—dignity and holiness. It is also thought to be the source of the other capital sins. Also known as hubris, or futility, it is identified as dangerously corrupt selfishness, the putting of one's own desires, urges, wants, and whims before the welfare of other people. In even more destructive cases, it is irrationally believing that one is essentially and necessarily better, superior, or more important than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, and excessive admiration of the personal image or self (especially forgetting one's own lack of divinity, and refusing to acknowledge one's own limits, faults, or wrongs as a human being). The branding associated with Pride is typically carved or burned into the person's hand as a "P"

Contrary to the misconceptions of men, War and his associates are not gods themselves. They possess no special abilities or extra senses. They are men, like you and me. They are essences or embodiments of what they represent that have been placed inside of a "vessel" (the human they are possessing to use for their goals) and are susceptible to all things any normal man would be. Pain, sickness, hunger, thirst, sleep... they are all affected by or needed to keep their vessels alive and useful. 


The process of "claiming" a vessel

Should one of the horsemen die, they would "reclaim" the body of another man and use them for their needs. What does this mean? Is this fail RP and NVFL considering they potentially don't fear death? The answer is no, and here is the idea behind it. Being the Horsemen of the Apocalypse is only possible due to finding broken enough people to spread their gospel to and convincing them that they can serve a higher purpose. It began with Dieter Schulze, but as his influence spreads to certain individuals, they in turn continue to push his agenda on to others. Should one or two of the Horsemen die, so long as there is a third, the lone survivor would recede into hiding until they can happen upon lone individuals to torture and break their spirit and make them take up the positions that have been left empty. This is a difficult journey... finding someone broken enough to believe this craziness. That's a contributing factor as to why they have yet to find someone to take the position of the Horseman of Death. Their targets will always be the mentally unstable. If it takes too long to find someone with a failing mental state, then they instead choose to keep you hostage for weeks... months... torturing you endlessly and mercilessly until you fade away from the person you once were. When you are finally broken... they still don't stop there. The process of torture and captivity will continue far past your breaking point, until you develop Stockholm syndrome. Once you have reached this point, that is where the teaching begins. They teach you their ways, reconfigure your mind, and soon you become one of them. They may be insane but they have experience in this process with each other and many victims. Should you fail this process, and take too long to become what they want you to be... you are killed so that you may never let others learn their process and how fucked up they are. 

The process of taking a new vessel is simply no different than cutting the head of the snake off of an insurgent group, only for another to rise up and take their place. In order to rid this world of these men who believe they are horsemen means you would have to kill everyone who is involved enough in this reality in one strike, and it is very unlikely you would get them all in one room reliably. 

The restrictions and beliefs around obtaining a new vessel are that, while we may not "fear death" we do see it as an "inconvenience". Do the horsemen fear death? Of course they do. They are men after all, they simply don't let you know that they do, and use different wording to play with your mind. The common belief is that should I die as a Horseman, I will take up a new vessel but all the things I will have learned along the way that aren't absolutely pertinent to my mission issued from the lord should be forgotten. All relationships, cultural ties, and memories would be wiped and the new Horseman would have to re-learn all these things, because obviously they are a completely different person at that point. This is a cult, and you must drink the punch to become one of us. Should we ever perm one of these Horsemen and come back as another character claiming he is also that very same Horseman... this is the process of obtaining a new vessel. He won't remember you or anything you've done to him because he is not technically the same man, but he will preach the same gospel he has been taught by the others who inducted him into their cult. 

While we may preach the spiritual and other-worldly... we are just insane men who made a cult at the end of the day. We are not psychic gods and will not break the bounds of reality through Horseman RP.





Lacks emotions (seen as a waste of time and a distraction)

 Lacks facial expressions (expresses a serious nature about how his lack of emotion is not forced but instead natural and normal for him)

 Dresses well typically in suits (expresses a professional image that shows understanding above what you may see)

 Does not care about possessions (they are luxuries that are irrelevant)

Travels light (lends to the above mannerism but also it slows him down)

 Doesn't understand references, culture, or humor (his thought process is bare bones and straightforward, not passive and joking) 

Doesn't suffer from emotionally driven communication blockades (No problems with boredom, anger, or sadness)

Enjoys torture and hostilities (these events help his essence to feel more powerful and present)

Does not seek revenge (vengeance is a luxury, he enacts judgement on those who need it so sometimes vengeance is achieved regardless.)

Does not take sides (Facts are facts and if he possesses the knowledge you desire, he'll give it to you.)

Seeks to understand people (not driven by kindness, but rather an attempt to understand the target and accurately brand their sin)

Doesn't particularly enjoy downtime (he could be enacting judgement instead of sitting around a fire)

Doesn't understand taste or desires (No love, no tasty food, just the necessities.)





Khandra Myska @Lyca

This girl is having the most profound of an affect on Dieter. More so than anyone else. It all began when he was searching the strip through Novy to Vybor for people to enact judgement on and he would happen across Khandra nearly daily. He would always run in to her and eventually Khandra would start prying out of curiosity as most people do when she caught wind of who War believed himself to be. He would tell her all about his goals and his purpose and interestingly enough, there were many parallels drawn from Khandra's habits and personality to his own. They both believed they could hear communication through the trees and they connected on that first it seemed. War could hear messages through the wind and the wind's interaction with things such as trees, buildings, and many other things. Khandra said the trees spoke directly to her and War was perplexed by her saying that the messages came to her clearly instead of passively like they did to him. They eventually began to talk for hours and get to know each other and War began to feel like he understood why this girl was so much like him. Through various hard to ignore coincidences in their visions and the voices they heard, he came to the conclusion that she was the Lamb of God. She to him is essentially the reason that he is here doing what he does, and her ability to be a catalyst in defining the messages from the Lord more clearly makes her a valuable asset to War. She is the one who broke the seals and unleashed him onto mankind to enact his judgement. Because of this connection he made to her, he is becoming quite attached to her. Since this revelation, War, Pestilence, and Conquest have aligned behind Khandra and typically hang around with her and have gotten a bit off task. She is re-humanizing Dieter and he doesn't even quite realize it. She may be the first true friend he has had perhaps ever, and he is not completely himself when he is around her. Recently he has told her much more about his own origins and explained a deep family love for her. He was been worried about her choices and her pull to a darkness he doesn't understand. Khandra is amidst intense internal struggle and Dieter wants to save her. Now begins the struggle to keep her from falling to the poison that she has tasted with Alaric.





Joel Paine III @MetalHeadPatriot

The Horseman of Conquest is a unique associate of War's. Earlier it is mentioned that War seeks to understand his victims in order to accurately place judgement on them. Conquest is perhaps the most effective of all Horseman in this process. Joel Paine the 3rd is the Horseman of Conquest and his commandeering of the vessel of Joel didn't go flawlessly. Joel wasn't chosen because he had sinned, he was actually chosen because he was such a good man that he was too ripe a candidate to let go. As a result, Conquest is essentially a hybrid man and Horseman. This gives him a more normal sense of humanity than War and allows him to understand more than War does about why people are the way they are and what they are guilty of. War respects Conquest and values his opinion very highly. Conquest however receives much more pertinent missions than War so he spends more time apart from him. Joel actually wasn't the original Horseman of Conquest, his father Joel Paine the 2nd was. His father was also elected for the same reasoning that Joel the 3rd was. His father was pure and originally was taken hostage by Dieter and convinced to serve a higher purpose. After the death of Conquest in an altercation in Novy, War began to search out a new vessel for Conquest to inhabit. Dieter looked toward Joel the 3rd after his congregation he was leading suffered its last loss and he was all alone and vulnerable in this world, left with his emotions. Dieter saw how broken he was and instead convinced Joel the 3rd to join him as the incarnation of Conquest, using his father as a driving point to coerce him. He invigorated the man and gave him new purpose as he did for himself. Recently Joel has been struggling with depression and a relapse of all emotions that tormented him from his past. War is seeing the decline from him but is not well equipped socially to help him recover. His right-hand man Conquest now is emotionally unstable and Dieter will need to figure out a way to attempt to save him from himself, again.





Uwe Graf @FireVolf

Pestilence is much like War. A man who had sinned so heavily he was deemed non-salvageable. As a result, Pestilence doesn't understand men in the same way War doesn't. The two bicker at times, attempting to one-up each other but they have the same goals. The goals of God. Pestilence is the second hostage that Dieter took and he managed to prey on his broken mind and convince him he served a higher purpose. Uwe Graf, who he was before Dieter convinced him otherwise, was broken enough to latch on to the falsehoods and follow suit with Conquest and War. Pestilence is perhaps the most detached of all 3 current horsemen. He is quick to attempt to understand things but often goes in the complete opposite direction with his intentions. He often fails at proper communication and often times is unable to keep up with the constant beating around the bush that many people do. Pestilence is ever empowered by the presence of the infected roaming Chernarus and has a raspy tone that he speaks normally with. He also fucking hates chickens for some reason. It is War's opinion that the annoying noise they make is a trigger for Uwe. Recently Pestilence has been straying away from his disconnect and rehumanizing a little bit War has noticed. It's not a bad thing though, Pestilence is quickly becoming more thorough and helpful.




Elly @GreenySmiley

This young teen became associated with War via Khandra as most people do. She was introduced as Khandra's little sister and War has been enjoying her company for quite a while now. War doesn't converse with her a ton, but the two are around one another frequently with Khandra being their association. He knows she is capable of a lot and is very resourceful and independent but overall he has very little idea what to expect from her. She always seems to give off a persona that is protective to others for her own insulation. During one hostile encounter War would come to discover she had a real name other than Elly. It was Penny. War doesn't understand why she manufactures another persona but it intrigues him and in return he told her his real name too. Elly doesn't reveal everything she knows. War sees her as a wild card, but she is on his side so that's okay.

Peter @Jackfish

A man who was very interestingly enough, sort of broken in a similar way to himself. He hears voices, communicates with spirits, and has some similarities. It could potentially be said that the curiosity is present from the both of them towards one another. Peter first met War in front of the Church in Stary Sobor. Peter was alone and he met all 3 Horsemen together and got a bit too close so they forced him to keep his distance considering he was sick at the time. Peter didn't take kindly to the passive aggressiveness but he was out manned and went on his way. A day or two later, he re-met with War outside Kabanino but this time, it was War who was alone. Peter claimed the spirits dictated that he take an offering from War and so his allies surrounded War and Peter chopped one of his left hand fingers off. The encounter left a sour taste in War's mouth but it wasn't until he learned that Peter had a vendetta for Khandra that he decided he didn't like him. Even after Peter cut his finger off, he had no opinion on him. The two later met once again outside NWAF whilst Peter was alone and dehydrated but the two still seem relatively neutral to one another. Recently War has reacquainted Peter and now the spirits in Peter's head seem to tell him that they are no longer at odds. Peter seems to find a calm mind in the presence of their group.

Kinsley @Mademoiselle

A short encounter with a seemingly grown woman who acted like a child resulted in War capturing her and branding her of her sin of Sloth. The branding had heavy influence from Conquest to do punishment fitting the crime and her sin was deemed of easy atonement so the branding was completed with simple purification and holy water. War has seen this girl again since when they traveled together to NWAF in a group and were later taken hostage by Armenian gangsters together. Then, however, she appeared to be acting as someone else. War is very weary of her at this point and thinks she is attempting to play stupid or something. He believes she is associated with the Armenians at this point after observing her from afar post-hostilities acting like nothing ever happened.

Cecilia @Cocomii

A friend of Khandra's who has helped War learn some culture and sexual jokes. She helped him to understand doctor games and eating people. War also came to her aide after she was taken hostage and Khandra wanted to render medical aide to her and her friends. He and the other horsemen kept the perimeter clear while Khandra performed aide with Rex inside the bar at Novy Summer Camp. War would again meet her near New Paris and with her help he would take Morgun hostage with the idea of helping to fix him and bring him back to her from his mental instability. After a relative success the two would part ways once again and later on War would be informed that ultra nationalists had killed Cecilia for her relationship to a former Communist. 

Morgun @Hunter

Mostly sees him as turtle soup now. He was the other component in learning about doctor games and also comes into contact with War semi-frequently because of their association to Khandra. He also was injured and helped at Novy Summer camp by Khandra and Rex as War secured the perimeter. War has recently come across Morgun once again, after he had been tortured to the point of embracing a new personality. War makes the suggestion that if Morgun can be tortured to the point of breaking once, the possibility lays that there could be a chance to reverse it by doing the same. With pressure from Morgun's friends, War takes him into the woods with company and he begins a process of re-degrading Morgun to the point of breaking once more. Eventually breaking through the surface and getting him to let go of his mentally broken persona "rabbit", Morgun re-emerges and begins the path of potentially re-normalizing.

Rex @Zilly

An associate who helped Khandra and her friends recover from being attacked and held up. War holds him in good standards after he assisted them in the aide effort at Novy Summer Camp.

Brody @Onyx

Brody is on War's shit-list. He branded him once already and Brody continue's to keep hanging around Khandra and even stole from her sister at one point which War is not very happy about. War doesn't really actively search for him but if he finds him again, he will be doing something un-enjoyable for Brody. Brody may be the first instance of vengeance for War, but not for himself, but Khandra instead. The relationship of Brody and War began in Lopatino. The 3 Horsemen were inside the Lopatino church listening to the messages the lord was giving them when Brody came across them and discovered they had locked the doors to the church. Brody's curiosity seemed to get the better of him and he asked to be let in. The Horsemen obliged and soon the conversation was taken outside. After learning of drug habits that Brody had, the horsemen began to identify his sins of Gluttony and Pride. Much like every other man they speak to, he denied he had sinned and was much too prideful of his image. His gluttonous ways of drug consumption made him spill a bit too much information to the men and helped them identify his sins. During this time Kinsley @Mademoiselle would happen upon the men and Brody and watch the events unfold. Eventually Brody spots Kinsley and mentions her to the Horsemen and they go to investigate. Once they have found her inside a Green house, they corner her and soon they corralled him into the 2 story green house with her, locking the door. They perform their branding on Brody and then turn their attention to Kinsley to do the same and Brody attempts to reason with them against doing it to her. They kick him out of the house and send him on his way and deal with her regardless of his pleas.

William @William89

A man whom war branded with 2 sins with the aide of Conquest and Pestilence. He has since met him several other times and enjoys making him uncomfortable. William hasn't seemed to learn anything from his habits of wrath. William first met the Horsemen late at night in Stary Sobor and mistook them as normal men. They were all wearing masks at the time and this put things in an uncomfortable setting right off the bat for William. William began to ask questions and figure out who they were and what they were doing. The Horsemen began to tell William that they were on a mission and that he must part ways with them so that they could continue. William didn't take this suggestion and continued to prod them and disagree with everything they told him about what they were here to do. Well, all men are sinners and this meant that William was no exception. They decided that because of his persistence that they would shelve their current mission and deal with William instead. They strong armed him to follow them as he was out manned and they lead him over the hill of Stary back in the wooded valley. They took a walk until they were nearly to NWAF and then they forced William into submission and branded him for his 2 sins of Wrath and Pride. They then left him bound and made their escape to continue their task at hand.

Alice @Ender

War first met Allison in Lopatino simply as a friend of Khandra's. They then redirected efforts to move to Topolniki and assist Pestilence with a potentially bad situation involving once again meeting William @William89 and another unidentified man who was pointing his rifle at Pestilence down the road. The situation brought the gang to Topolniki only for William to vacate the area and prefer staying away from Pestilence. From there War began to learn more about Allison and came into the knowledge that she is a love interest of Khandra's. War scoffs at the idea that they believe he would care if they are in a same sex relationship, and merely sees Allison as another valued member of his group of associates. If she is on good terms with The Lamb, then she is on good terms with War. The 3 horsemen attempted to create their own cultural references to become friendly with Alice and dubbed her the Cheshire Cat simply because she happened to be smiling at one point. After all this time War has come to really respect Alice and love her as family. She doesn't buy into his visions of the Lord but even still she is extremely reliable and still chimes in on brandings and proceedings as a valued member of the group. War recently came into the knowledge that she believed she was an outcast from the Final Judgement, but he made sure to reassure her that she is indefinitely a part of all of this and that she matters to him.

Alexj Szecheny @TIMELAPSE

War is in the city of Elektro, and is approached by men with the Commune in town who are looking for supplies for building their fortifications. The men are attracted by War and Khandra shooting infected down town. War and The Lamb were actually here specifically to find the Commune as they'd heard about it from others and the shooting was to bait some of them over and show them where they were housed. The intentions were not malicious, they just failed at finding them on their own, and the plan worked. Once back at the Commune HQ which was housed in the school building in Elektro, War meets the leaders of the settlement... Saviley @Sylva, Alexj, and Dima @Mike-StylesAfter War and Khandra are invited in with open arms, they discuss their intentions to find another working car. War informs them that he spotted one near Mogilevka earlier and so a group of men including war and Alexj set out to retrieve it. During the ride, War is questioned about who is is and what he does by Alexj and his men and he obliges telling them all about his missions. After this, back at the compound the two began to converse even more and War witnessed Alexj self-pronounce himself as wed to Khandra after she offered him chocolate cake. Alexj seemed to believe this would make War jealous, but War doesn't feel love and couldn't have cared less about the display. After the defense of the compound from enemy forces consisting of New Moon and Armenians, War was injured and Alexj stumbled across he and Khandra inside a room of the building attempting to patch the wounds. He entered right as War mentioned his famed "doctor games" reference and was initially likely hit with the wrong idea before realizing what was actually going on and rendering aide due to his past in the CDF as a medic. War is very grateful to the hospitality Alexj gave to him and Khandra and this showed when War put his life on the line a few times for The Commune. 

Max @Elmo

Now at several run-ins with Maxwell, War is actually growing quite fond of him. He is not only incredibly useful as a paramedic, but also seems to be a man who wants to do good at heart. That means it is highly likely in War's mind that Max is void of sin, which he believes people around Khandra to be. Max and War seem to thoroughly enjoy jabbing at one another verbally on the regular and War had quite a long philosophical discussion with Max as well about the great beyond and War's line of thinking. Overall Max like many others doesn't buy into War's delusions but nonetheless he seems okay with being in his company still. War deep down enjoys some of Max's wit and tom foolery.

Alfred @Ju Ju

Alfred is a man who shares similar views to many of the members of the Final Judgement. He came into the open arms of the Horsemen after his father supposedly sent him with a vision for him to find the pale horse rider. Alfred has witnessed brandings and been a part of the judgement of mankind with an open mind and a desire to do the Lord's work. It didn't take long for War to accept him and bring him in as a well trusted disciple. He is one of the family now and shall do great things in the time to come.




The Loss of the Original Horseman of Conquest

When in the town of Novy Sobor Pestilence, War, and the original Horseman of Conquest were approached by a group of Armenian gangsters. The original Conquest was the current man's father. Joel Paine the 2nd father of Joel Paine the 3rd was originally the incarnation of Conquest. After being approached by the gangsters, they initiated on the 3 men and gave them very little time to comply before riddling Joel the 2nd with bullets. After killing this man, the essence of Conquest was lost for a period of time before it would house itself in his son, making for a non-flawless transition. The transition brought back the essence of Conquest to the trio but left Joel Paine the 3rd with many of his previous memories and personality.

Searching For the Fourth Horseman

War, Pestilence, and Conquest began their journeys down by the coast. The concentration of people was lower and this made it easier to find people alone and to strong arm them or take them hostage. During this period of time, the three men were quite enveloped into their new reality and were seeking to discover who they believed to be the fourth Horseman... Death. They knew Death was here, for if he was not, no one would die. One of their indefinite goals has been to link up with the fourth Horseman of Death and complete their circle, making them stronger. During this time would have been when the events of taking William @William89, Brody @Onyx, and Kinsley @Mademoiselle hostage would have occurred. Their search eventually drove them up North in the more densely populated areas for a better chance of finding the fourth Horseman, and that's the areas they remain in for now.

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Having met Khandra @Lyca a handful of times already, the instance in which these two began a friendship was actually in the town of Vybor. Nothing much was happening this day but War wondered in town after abandoning a working car he had drove there and happened across her in town. The two got to talking as they always did but Khandra made some connections to the afterlife and some events she wasn't actually present for to War, further confirming his belief that she was something special. They stood in town and talked for hours and their friendship bloomed on this day and had progressed into what it is now. It was after this encounter in Vybor that War informed Khandra that he felt she was The Lamb of God. He told her he didn't agree that others thought she was crazy for talking to herself and so began a long road of 2 potentially unstable people finding solace in one another.

Losing a Finger

War encounters Peter outside of Kabanino with his allies from the district. Peter @Jackfish strong arms him into compliance and demands he sacrifice his finger to the spirits so that the two may be on good terms. War hesitantly complies and the group confiscate his finger and move on into Stary Sobor.

The Elektro Commune

The one and only group War has been a part of so far is the Commune. A group of Communist leaning men who established in Elektro and welcomed him into their ranks after he assisted them in finding a car and fought for them in 2 campaigns. He helped storm a hostile trading post in Chernogorsk with them and Pestilence @FireVolf and also helped defend their base of operations in Elektro against the forces of New Moon and Armenian Gangsters. In the second fight, war was wounded and had a slow road of recovery, eventually waking up inside the compound to the sound of looters and discovering the base was abandoned.

Nearly Losing a Vessel

Between Kabanino and Vybor, War meets with Brody @Onyx again after having not seen him for quite some time. War is displeased with how he has treated Khandra @Lyca and Brody exchanges some sharp words with him. War draws his gun and aims it at Brody's head, expecting compliance, but Brody pulls his own weapon. In the heat of the moment War jerks his gun and misses a few shots but manages to land some into Brody but to his dismay, Brody's weapon was on full auto and War's was not. War is riddled with bullets and gravely injured. Brody's actions were likely in self defense and he doesn't make sure War is dead after incapacitating him. The situation unfolds so fast that Khandra is left in shock and renders quick aide to War as Brody is also left injured but standing. She drags War away from the scene to end hostilities and patches him up.


Walking through Lopatino to meet Khandra @Lyca, War approaches on the opposite side of the road from her and some strangers. The strangers spot him and Conquest @MetalHeadPatriot, and rush over to speak with them. War, not one for conversation with strangers, expresses his lack of desire to talk to the men and they take it as quite the personal attack. Finally, the conversation ends and War and gang head north toward Novaya but stop outside of Vavilovo to talk and wait for Allison @Ender. The strangers from before had apparently had their egos hurt so badly by War that they proceeded to stalk him and his group to enact their petty revenge and flaunt their manhood. Those strangers were Ondrej @Elmo and Lukas @Para. One of them had let slip their name back in Lopatino when they were all talking, but War was not one to bother with vengeance or grudges and had forgotten their names. Feelings hurt and pride dampened, the two strangers initiated on War and his group and took them hostage from pure surprise, not really numbers or skill. Compliance resulted in Ondrej forcing Khandra to carve up War's face as retribution for how he had spoke to him and belittled him earlier in Lopatino. Reluctant, Khandra did the deed bid to her by the hostile men for fear of them shooting her sister Elly @GreenySmiley if she chose non-compliance. War now has to deal with a face littered in hap-hazard cuts.

A Family in Disarray

War has come to understand the people he travels with as family by this point. He trusts all of them with his life and he has recently come into a mass of issues that he needs to attempt to contain. Left and right his family members are succumbing to the stress of every day life and struggles and falling down the rabbit hole. War is the only person at the moment who seems to be able to look at the situation calmly and want to do anything about it. Khandra has recently become enamored with a man named Alaric who was formerly the Horseman of Death until War ousted him for disobeying his demands that he stay away from her. Since then, Alaric played mind games on Khandra and got her to become addicted to him and the darkness he pulls from her. Khandra being already mentally susceptible to influence as War knows firsthand since he did it himself to her... latched on to Alaric telling her that she is meant to be something else entirely. Alaric told her that she is a dark form that is repressed and fake and that she needs to let loose her demons. Alaric has been working to make her unstable and more insane. He has made her taste blood, human meat, come to enjoy pain, and also made her believe that everyone else (meaning her family) just doesn't understand her. War caught wind of what was happening and sought to put an end to it which resulted in Khandra pleading to let her attempt to fix Alaric. She had faith that she could help him become better but War knew what kind of man he was and was having none of it. War rallied his horsemen and vowed to kill Alaric for attempting to taint his Lamb. One night Alaric was watching as everyone was at the Cabin. War confronted Khandra and a lot of family drama ensued. War set out to find Alaric and kill him and left but then Khandra and Alice got into it as well and Khandra ended up stressing so bad that she had a mental episode. During this time Alice attempted to restrain her via a hug but that made Khandra lose it in her wrong state of mind. Conquest comes to the aide of Alice to contain her thrashing and violently attempting to escape and run. Alaric, watching then proceeds to shoot conquest in the back of the plate carrier to give Khandra a chance to run. Successful, they let Khandra go and she flees into the woods. Alice returns fire at Alaric but he flees to pursue Khandra. Alice checks on Conquest and then also runs after them knowing what happens if Alaric gets to her. The whole night erupts into chaos and things haven't really been the same from then. Alice, feeling that she is losing the love of her life to an insane man is slowly struggling with instability and depression. Conquest after that night has apparently began drinking and acting out of character and War is not sure he can rely on him anymore. Khandra has been sad and unstable recently and it's incredibly hard to tell whether she is going to be able to be saved or not. The only stable people seem to be Pestilence and maybe Elly but War has such a hard time understanding her deeply. Alfred came into the family at an interesting time, that's for sure. Now War needs to figure out how to keep everything in one piece. It's all slowly going to shit.




Great Character! Enjoy our talks. ? 

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3 hours ago, Lyca said:

Great Character! Enjoy our talks. ? 

I really do too actually. You've given War some eye opening connections to consider. 

I'm not sure if you actually forgot or if you made the connection on purpose but I was blown away by the connection our characters made when Khandra described the burning corpses unable to see which lined up perfectly with Dieter's description of hell from the night before. That was some intriguing as hell RP. I always look forward to running into you now!

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Funnily enough I did not do it on purpose. That's just how it was with the corpses ?

But yeah me too! Always very interesting! ❤️


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Incredibly well done dude. This has to be one of the most detailed and well done pages I've seen in a long long while. Keep it up. Cant wait to meet ya in game hopefully soon.

Also i LOVE the music choice. it really captures the essence of who this character is.

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@Ender Seriously, thank you a thousand fold. Kind words make my efforts feel worthwhile. I am kinda surprised I haven't met you already with our connections to certain people in game! There will come a time though. 

Again, thank you so much. Lots of thought goes into Mr. War. 

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You rats! I did not see that I was here! XD!

Do you realise that the P and the W that you branded in my hand for pride and wrath do also stand for Pestilence and War?

I have don't have any sin! You are the sins!

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@William89 We love you William! We ran into you again tonight in Topolniki! We always like making William uncomfortable!

Also, that is a good point, they can also stand for that!

We do sin ourselves on occasion ?

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I actually put 10 bullets into your skull after I killed you ngl lmao.

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1 hour ago, Onyx said:

I actually put 10 bullets into your skull after I killed you ngl lmao.

A crime of passion! Fair enough. Still like you anyway ?

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Interesting character!!! Was cool running into you today

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2 hours ago, Jadeboat said:

Interesting character!!! Was cool running into you today

It's always a challenge to explain War's mentality to strangers but their reactions are always the best. Had fun meeting you too!

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Oh wow.. Now that's what I call a character page!!

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On 6/2/2019 at 10:50 PM, Saunders said:

Oh wow.. Now that's what I call a character page!!

Hey, thanks! Glad to hear you like him

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