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Aleksander Matejcek
Character information
  1. Alias
    četař Matejcek
  2. Mental
    Strong and Stable
  3. Morale
    Neutral, day to day
  4. Date of birth
    1955-09-02 (64 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, some Russian, English
  9. Relationship
    Adéla Matejcek
  10. Family
    No Children
  11. Religion
    Non Religious


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Thin Fit
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Age marks and no notable unnatural marks
  8. Equipment
    Ex police equipment and assorted survival gear
  9. Occupation
    Police Sergeant of Kamyshovo satellite police station
  10. Affiliation
    Free Territory
  11. Role



Early Days

 Aleksander was born in the city of Elektro and came up rather privileged in a family with a line of work in policing going back years. His father was an officer, as was his before him and so on. Of course, Aleks carried on the tradition and during his prim and proper years growing up never wanting for much, his ambitions were always set to join the academy.

     Chernarus had no huge police presence really anywhere in their country. Some of the bigger departments included the Elektro, Berezino, Cherno, Novo, and Zeleno departments but even those weren't impressively huge, usually comprised of only 65 or so personnel and most of them did book keeping, finances, and secretary jobs. Those departments usually had satellite stations outside of their city limits such as Elektro, which had the Kamyshovo satellite station under its jurisdiction. Upon eventually being promoted to the rank of Sargent in the Elektro police department, Aleks was transferred to the Kamy satellite station to preside over its daily operation and report to the Elektro HQ regularly. His connections via family was the only reason he even got hired into the police, and basically the only way anyone was brought on as an officer. You had to know somebody on the inside and they could get you in. The demand simply wasn't high enough to accept random civilians. The gig at Kamy was extremely laid back and low maintenance. It was there that Aleks met his soon to be wife and they got married in Elektro and he moved in with her in town at Kamy. 


Civil War, 2009

It was shortly after his entry to the police department that Aleks began to start hearing more about the Chedaki movement and their ideals. As a young man he was quite sheltered from the ideas of communists from his parents whom neither said negative things about it but also didn't support it. There were officers within the police station that were communist sympathizers and they typically kept it on the down-low but as time went on, mannerisms emerged and feelings became stronger. When the war was in full swing, the Elektro police department was suffering its own divide. There were communist sympathizers that were corrupting the station down town and there was inner bickering and fighting with conflicted ideals. It started with a few men and they convinced more and more officers to support Chedaki ideals. Most officers were strongly nationalistic to their country of Chernarus but the conflict caused many people to attempt to push their goals and support their cause. Aleks started about the most neutral as he could be but some officers at the top of the food chain were heavily communist and in his own self interest, he began to seek to understand the Chedaki movement more and please them to get his eventual promotion. As he humored their ideals and their movement gained traction, he actually began to become sympathetic and agree with the cause. Their motivations for equal rights and classless egalitarian society began to sound more and more enticing to him. They were extremely convincing and their grip within the ranks allowed some intense corruption to occur that Aleks quite frankly enjoyed. Bribery, strong arming, making deals, he began to get involved and soon became a follower. He however, attempted to keep his veil of neutrality to others, again for his own goals. Toward the end of the Chedaki presence in Chernarus, many were hunted and killed or exiled. During this time, Aleks had secured his promotion and headed to Kamyshovo from sympathizing with his Chedaki supporting high ups. His false veil of neutrality was extremely important in allowing him to stay under the radar and seem loyal to his country in the low maintenance town he got his gig in. It was during all this inner fighting and instability that he learned about the head of the Chedaki movements and the Kozlov Regime. He began to learn more in his spare time and see what they were all about but he made sure to stay as seemingly neutral on the outside as possible. Typically what he found was that they represented the oppressed and wanted some form of equal rights as he understood it. 


The Outbreak

With the outbreak getting to full swing, any auxiliary help that was available was sent north to aide with refugees and mass hysteria. Aleks was left with few men to monitor the shores of Elektro jurisdiction before waves of refugees eventually began setting up camp along the shores and in the city awaiting help from sea or anywhere really. Some officers made it back from up north, some didn't. With CDF forces coming down to regulate much of the transportation and needs of civilians, the police were again called upon to gear up and aide up north with an attempt to help control the situation. Aleks and nearly all available officers from the Elektro departments were mobilized up North and began to attempt aide and organization. Efforts eventually failed and many died. Out of cowardice did most survive by abandoning their duty to save themselves.

After organization crumbled and Aleks realized he would soon be on his own if he stayed to attempt to complete his mission, he called his men back and told them to return to their families as he planned to return to his. His parents long gone by now, all he had was his wife. He soon made his way back to Kamyshovo only to find it deserted and evacuated. He checked his home to find it nearly untouched seeming to show that his wife was rushed out with no time for anything. He ventured to Elektro to attempt to help the aide efforts still but mostly to find his wife as he figured they were likely ushered there. There he discovered more mass hysteria and CDF forces beginning to abandon efforts. There was light rioting and it was clear the situation was falling apart. He didn't ever venture in and never confirmed if his wife had passed or not. He holds deep down some naive hope that she's still out there but he doubts it heavily. He headed back to Kamyshovo to basically loot his satellite station for supplies and lock himself in. He braced for the wave of infected and civilians to come and swarm the town.

Eventually only the infected came. They swarmed, most headed past towards Elektro and he hunkered down and lived off the supplies he gathered from around town. He stayed until he couldn't anymore and that's when he ventured out, attempting to find people and survive day to day. He doesn't dawn his Police uniform anymore but he does seek others from past police service. Much of his gear is taken from police lockers at Kamyshovo like his firearms and vest. He typically keeps to himself but interaction keeps him sane. He is a Neutral Good, who will help those if he can but thinks about himself first. 


The End of the World As We Knew It

With the collapse of societal norms and conformity being a rooted value of men, Aleks deep seated feelings began to emerge and become more a part of who he was. Government and order were dead and gone, and people did whatever they wanted. He began to embrace his communist feelings more outwardly and allow them to affect how he interacted with people. His morality was based on take what you need, for man is equal. His motivations were not necessarily strictly communist sympathizing but they aligned with his feelings so well that he often identified with their movement. He wouldn't be political commissar tier of preaching but he would definitely join a communist based group of like minded individuals were he prompted with the opportunity. Through his adventures of survival and interaction, he once again traveled back to the city of Elektro to see what state it was in. There he met some men part of a community who identified as "The Commune". He came to know Caylor, Alexj, and Dima. They appeared to be a group that thought almost exactly as he did. They were communist leaning but they weren't very extreme about their communist ideals. He eventually aligned with them and aided them with several campaigns including the destruction of a hostile trading post stationed in Chernogorsk. It was working with them that he eventually learned of an ally they had that was a much more intense version of these ideals, the Free Territory. He participated in more efforts with this group as well including joint operations with Free Territory notably in the defense of The Commune's head quarters when they were under attack from New Moon and the Armenian gangsters. After these efforts he came to know more about the Free Territory and become closer with their men and ideologies. It wasn't long into the lifespan of The Commune that they liquidated and many joined up with Free Territory as they were extremely like minded groups. Aleks had found a haven of like-minded individuals and he is currently attempting to communicate with Free Territory in the hopes that he can help further their goals and his own. 


Service to Free Territory

Contact with Free Territory went successfully. Aleksander's views meshed well with the other members and it wasn't long before he was a trusted member of their ranks. He has been a part of a great many Free Territory campaigns including the following :

An allied assault on Novaya Petrovka against The Saviors with District, Green Dragons, and the Pamyati

The defense of Kabanino from Savior forces attacking Green Dragons

 The assistance of locating a woman named Amber @ScarletRose and her nationalist Liska associate "Bob" aka Roman @Roman after she threatened to reveal personal damaging information about Jiri Vlasak @Ducky 

 The capturing of CDF forces attempting to maintain infrastructure within Chernarus and their eventual surrendering of their custody to the BPR

 The capture of a fledgling Liska nationalist member Dominik @Finn whom was also turned over to the BPR

building of the Free Territory operating grounds in Lopatino

Joint efforts with allied coalition in visiting the U.N. checkpoint and stripping them of firearms and instating a new commanding officer

Aiding allied coalition forces in capturing and executing known enemy Lev Markov @Dusty of New Moon for crimes against Free Territory, District, and Green Dragons

a joint operation with Free Territory and Pamyati in which the two groups traveled to Zelenogorsk and attempted to contact Kozlovs and Cavaliers but resulted in a gunfight and several enemy deaths.

The capture of Demon members with one execution and demands to make public announcement denouncing their leader and the group over radio as joint effort with allied coalition Green Dragons and Pamyati

Aleksander's commitment to the Free Territory is unwavering by now and he will always be committed to the cause.


The Loss of Comrade Kirov

After a day of building infrastructure in Lopatino, men claiming to be with BPR showed up in town. Kirov @Stannis, always being one akin to diplomacy, followed them as they requested to speak with him. Most of Free Territory's militia was gone or asleep, so 2 men including Aleksander and Tomas @Veryniceperson followed their leader Kirov as they exited town south out of Lopatino. Kirov had kept his radio on a constant open broadcast and alerted his two men something didn't feel right. He finally alerted them indirectly that he had been taken hostage and the mission began here. The men took Kirov hostage and Tomas made frantic calls over the radio for any allies in the area to come aide in his rescue. Many answered the call and about 8 men all converged on the captors location. There was a bit where we lost sight of them, but eventually Tomas located them past Myshkino. They had set up in the Zvir Mountain. Their fire could be seen atop the peak, and so in the windy cold, the coalition snuck up the mountain surrounding the enemies and their friend Kirov. Aleksander was given a loud speaker by Pavel @Thrash and told to issue the demands to these men. He flicked the power on and held the speaker up to his mouth.

"Hello! You have something that belongs to us!"

Aleksander bellowed over the microphone. He told the men to give Kirov a radio so that negotiations could commence and so they could understand what was happening and what the men wanted. Before negotiations could start though... one of the enemy soldiers stumbled across a friendly Green Dragon ally and shots were exchanged. Believing they were about to be overwhelmed and killed, the enemies panicked and shot Kirov right in the skull and made their escape. Aleksander, hearing the shots, climbed the hill and reached the peak, only to find his friend... Kirov... dead. Every man on that peak, especially those of Free Territory, was filled with blood lust and rage. They did their best to pursue the assailants but they disappeared into the woods. One enemy was killed and several allies were wounded as well. In the confusion one instance of friendly fire occurred as well. Despite their best efforts... the enemies disappeared into the woods, and eventually the chase was abandoned. The men of Free Territory returned to the peak... and grabbed their fallen comrade's body. It is unsure what happened to it from there, but he was not left on that mountain. 

Aleksander constantly wonders... would he have said something different on that megaphone that day... would his friend Kirov still be alive?

His inner turmoil at this internal questioning has caused him to become angry... blood thirsty... he wants revenge. He is filled with hate. He now looks toward Jiri @Ducky for guidance in these dark times.





Alek is love
Alek is life
Alek is bae

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1 hour ago, Mademoiselle said:

Alek is love
Alek is life
Alek is bae

?Sending loving free equal communism vibes your way

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Best brief tour guide ever.

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4 hours ago, Xehara said:

Best brief tour guide ever.

We'll have to give it another go some time soon! If you run into the commies in game, give me a shout out to get yourself out of some trouble, haha!

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Miss this old comrade! 😭

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7 hours ago, TheMrGasMask said:

Miss this old comrade! 😭

He's still out there... somewhere. Recently though, this is the time of ultra nationalists. Communists are hunted and stay low if they know what is good for them.

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