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Borris Petrokov
Character information
  1. Alias
    Ten, lesnitsky (laslow), "B", Thick thighs, Ruslanovich.
  2. Mental
    coherent, Cunning
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1987-08-22 (32 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Russian, English
  9. Relationship
    Calandra Vlcek
  10. Family
    Mother "Anna"(55, Alive), sister "Tatiana" (27, Alive) , family dog "Anya"(11 Dead) "Pavel Petrov" (Alive, Bound through blood transfusion)
  11. Religion
    Agnostic (orthodox Christian by association)


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
    Mesomorph, that spetznaz dad body fit, broad shouldered.
  4. Hair
    Trimmed brown hair, a squared off, kempt beard.
  5. Eyes
    Dark "Icy" blue
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    -Two scars one above and below the left eye.
    -A large laceration recently healed on his chin.
    -A large laceration spanning most of his left cheek, recently healed.
    -Right side of his bottom lip is scarred from being split.
    -scarred burns on his left hand and arm
    -Walks with a "gunslingers gait".
    -Bite wound on right arm, mangled with knife and later burned with a hot piece of metal. (scarred over)
    -Bottom lip scarred in the center.
    -scarred right eyebrow
    - A Wolf bite, Scarred over.
    - Single gun shot graze from a high caliber rifle, The round would have created a long open laceration spanning the front of the shoulder.
    - Extensive bruising spanning his left shoulder to his collar bone, resulted by the gun shot wound.
    - Hairline Fractured on the shoulder bone.


    A tattoo on his left shoulder blade, what appears to be the depiction of a T-72 style tanks upper half, its turret slightly tilted to one side.
    A tanker sticking out of the turret saluting, centered behind the tankers head is a large red star with the Russian federation flag in the middle.
    below the realistic tattoo are the numbers and words "141st, 19th Motor rifles"
    Then below the words, a date with a dash leading to nothing "2009 - "
  8. Equipment
    -A.L.I.C.E pack with various equipment strapped to the outside.

    RP equipment (fictitious items)
    -A camping shower
    -A hammock ranger rolled, with a poncho liner inside
    -A single copy of Kinos "Gruppa krovi" on Cassette
    -A shave and hygiene kit (razor, tooth brush, tooth paste, mirror)
    -Several small hotel sample bottles of soap
    -An adult magazine.
    -A black soviet music box. - Given to Cal
    -A cassette tape player.
    -A smith and wesson first response folding knife (blade has been hand sharpened)
    -Russian produced whetstone set (3 stones, #300, #1000, #3000 grit)
    -A 450gram (sealed) bag of hot chocolate with marshmallows. - Given to cal
    -A wood / hard fuel fed hexagonal camping stove with compact cook and mess set.
    -Military Identity documents of the Russian federation (his own, Slightly worn).
    -A family photograph.
    -Single pocket case to contain his passport and other documents.
    -bag of sour assorted hard candies with taffy filling.
    -A green "cracker jack" toy ring, on the ring finger of his right hand
    -Taryns journal.
    -Machined metal cylinder capped on either end, a cursive Russian T engraved on it.
    One cap end has a leather strap, it hangs around borris's neck.
    It contains Taryns ashes.
    -A patch with the name "Mason Thompson" sewn into it, along with it a patch rank of lieutenant.
  9. Occupation
    Tank crew commander (pre-outbreak) - Captain
  10. Affiliation
    Armed forces of the Russian federation, Pavel Borris duo, Bratva, Riptide Collective, Depot Rangers.
  11. Role
    Tank commander- captain (AFRF), Active leader of the riptide collective & depot rangers.


Borris Ruslanovich Petrokov.

Entry into Chernarus:


Before the outbreak Borris was a simple tank crew commander of tank ten, part of the 141st tank brigade - 19th motor rifles stationed in Vladikavkaz
When the outbreak occurred Borris's unit was sent to the Russian - Chernarus border to defend it as part of Russia's quarantine procedure.

Borris and a part of his unit were stationed in a pass some place along the black mountains close to south zagoria, a hasty checkpoint was established, the checkpoint he was apart of was comprised of his tank (a T-72), a BRDM with HQ functionality, and several Static weapons of higher calibers.

During conflict with the infected when bombings of the region were high, Borris's unit was struck by a friendly fire incident when a CAS run was called in to take care of a medium sized "horde" of infected.

The ordinance, one of a larger load jammed and didn't drop accordingly, the bomb flew off course and collided with the ground in the middle of the check point, It caused significant damage to the defenses at the check point, rendered the BRDM inoperable, killing the crew, as well as killing several infantry defending the outpost.

Borris and his tank crew got lucky, and sustained minimal damage, all the tank took was the shock wave and several small bits of shrapnel, one piece managed to break or slip through the skirt of the tank somehow, and puncture a small hole in the fuel tank, causing a slow leak, the radio antenna on the tank was also ruined in the blast, so communications were cut to a shorter range than normal.

The loud explosion from the misfired ordnance caused unwanted attention to the checkpoint, and the sun was just about set, the night would turn into a long grueling firefight with the infected, The remaining infantry would hail for reinforcements to their situation, but non would come.

By morning the smoke would settle, during the fight with the infected several of the remaining men broke down, driving moral during the fight down hill.
Large amounts of the checkpoints munitions were spent, either on infected, or simply small trees and bushes that swayed in just the right way to give a fright.
The unsure gun fire spent on inanimate objects would drag in more spread out infected to the area, causing the men to spend more munitions, already dwindling as is.

By day two since the friendly fire incident some of the men morally broken, would pack up their things and flee into the nearby woods, this caused conflict between several of the men holding down the checkpoint, and would drive moral even lower.

By day three the check point would dissipate and become an empty carcass, moral was the down fall for the reservists stationed there, Borris along with his other two tank crew would abandon the tank and checkpoint like the rest of the infantry stationed there.

Borris would move into chernarus with his crew members out of an unknown intention, perhaps Borris and his crew thought that the world had ended, a gut feeling of sorts, perhaps a childish instinct of adventure filled the crew, what ever their driving motive was it's would be considered beyond radical to most, to abandon orders and move into the storm.

During the trip inward to chernarus Borris and his crew would find several of the men who abandoned post days earlier, inevitably having succumbed to the infected.

Along the way into the region of south zegoria, both of Borris's crew members would share a similar fate as the other men found, Borris and his crew would run into a small horde, his crew mates are surrounded and swallowed up.
Borris would fire off as many rounds as he had left on him for his service rifle into the horde, but unfortunately his crew mates were far gone before he could dent the horde, realizing he was close to sharing the same fate as his crew mates, Borris would sprint in the opposite direction of the horde into some near by woods, where he would get lost for several days.
Borris became morally scarred by the loss of his comrades, and would never forget them as long as he lived.

Borris was found on a road by a small group of survivors, surprisingly enough.
He was dehydrated and hungry, the survivors took care of him, re-hydrated him, and fed him.
Once Borris was able to move around, the survivors would point him in the direction of a U.N. camp in Chernagorsk.

Borris now roams, living his life as a typical survivor in chernarus, wondering if he'll ever get the chance to make it home.

The checkpoint in the pass would later be reclaimed by Russian reinforcement that were sent due to lack of radio chatter, the reinforcements would recover several men who fled from the checkpoint finding them along the road leading into Russia.
Those that went missing across the border were labeled M.I.A. but are presumed dead by many.
Borris's family would receive a letter of his disappearance, all families of those placed as M.I.A from the checkpoint were put under military investigation for their mysterious disappearances.
weeks later the investigations would be closed, all besides Borris's, due to being encountered by VDV.

Optional goals / side objectives:

-Find alot of cigarettes or beat his addiction. - Replaced with hard candies.

-Help others in their efforts along the way. (dependent on encounter)

-Manage to turn the situation into a get rich scheme (Mercenary, a stalker?)

-Stay Non or reduced hostile.

-Establish A foot hold for "His people." In south zegoria?
- Develop a camp of his own.
- Recruit into "his people.".
- Assist survivors using this front if established.

Continue to assist "The riptide collective.", as well as other survivors.

Long term / end game goals:

-Survive ( to his own accord )

-Keep Calandra Vlcek safe and happy:
- Search for records, music, old mp3s, ect.
- Find her things women like, Jewelry, nick knacks, clothes, ect.
- Find her a safe place she can truly call home.
-Get Supplies for Kalina Taryn Petrokov:
-Baby food

-Keep "His people" Alive, Including that Idiot Pavel
-Exit Churnarus safely, return home and face the consequences that follow.
-Stay in Chernarus and start a new life or seek asylum in a different county.
-Succumb to the wild, natural or unnatural causes (Radiation, other illness, the "infection"), human violence.

-Brotherhood / Brothers in arms. (Companion ship till death and beyond.)
-Well spoken/worded people.
-Honorable people.
-Intelligent willing leaders.
-People with a good driving cause.
-People with a sense of humor.
-Pretty Slavic women.
-Booze and a good time.
-Puppies/ dogs.
-Smoking like a chimney
-Soft Russian rock / post soviet rock.
-Favorite flower - Star of Bethlehem


-Disrespectful, self indulged bigmouths.
-People who take lives /things from people without good cause.
Depersonalized, The out of body narration of Borris Petrokov -




A Quote:

"May everything come true. May they believe. And may they laugh at their passions. For what they call passion is not really the energy of the soul, but merely friction between the soul and the outside world. But, above all, may they believe in themselves and become as helpless as children. For softness is great and strength is worthless. When a man is born, he is soft and pliable. When he dies, he is strong and hard. When a tree grows, it is soft and pliable. But when it's dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are death's companions. Flexibility and softness are the embodiment of life. That which has become hard shall not triumph." -Tarkovskys "Stalker"

My family:

Ruslan Gennadievich Petrokov:


The father of Borris & Tatiana Petrokov.

How it seems.

The story goes that their father was a great man, that of a war hero injured in combat.
He served in the 40th army during the soviet Afghanistan war in one of the motor rifle divisions stationed there.

Mother always spoke and told us the stories he had once told her about his time in Afghanistan, the skirmishes between his division and the Mujahideen.
Tatiana was to young to remember him or his face in person, let alone the stories mama would tell us.
I eventually would have passed the stories on to Tatiana when she was older, and has showed her the photo from his war time.
He was my inspiration, the man I would call my hero, the one who would subliminally drive me into my career.

Despite his passing at our young age, I believe I was 5 and a half around the time he died, I remember his face quite clearly, even without a photograph.
His passing was a result of liver failure, I recall when he first passed that mother simply said he was sick, that had to go away for a long while but one day we would see him again.
I don't recall the funeral for some reason, yet somehow I feel, remember, the sorrow that it would have brought from the time.

Mother would have raised us the rest of our life, eventually telling us the truth, though from my recollection of life, I eventually found it out before she even told us.
Looking back, I once asked papa himself how he got hurt, he had been drinking that day. Something ever so common, which of course lead to his demise.
Mother believes he did it out of guilt and for his comrades, a way to dampen the ever lasting phantom pains of the war.

Anyways, he got pretty mad at me, kicked me off his knee, and told me to leave the room in a thunderous yell, told me he would hit me with his belt if I ever asked that...
Mother says he was shot in the foot by a sniper, I don't understand why he would be so defensive over it, it was out of his control.
I still don't understand to this day, maybe it was just the alcohol, perhaps it just triggered a mood swing? 

Mother once told me how they first met, she was working at a local grocery mart as a side job to her clothing factory one, our mother helped make clothes and other things during the war times.
She said that one midday, a tall handsome man with a limp, walks in to purchase some milk, sunflower seeds, as well as a loaf of bread.
He approaches the counter with a smile, the rest of the store was seemingly empty, beyond that of this man, she was nearing shift change.
Striking up a conversation with our mama he would drag on for a while, cracking jokes, and meaningful talk.

Mama mentioned she would soon be changing shift and getting off work, so papa took the opportunity to ease his way in, and suggest that she meet him at a local park after her shift.
He would say his goodbyes wondering if she would actually show, and so he waited at the park.
Eventually the shift ended, mama took up his offer, she would meet him at the park, where they would sit in the grass, drink the milk, eat the bread, and throw the seeds to the birds.  

They would have dates like these from time to time, revealing bits of their past to each other, the things they did during war times and as kids.

One thing lead to another, and now here we are, Tatiana and I.

The truth.

Truth be told, Ruslan wasnt exactly a hero, to an extent he did his service, won a few minor skirmishes.... with local angry farmers.... their sheep and the few Mujahideen mixed in.
Ruslan was never wounded by a sniper during his time. 
Instead the company he was part of got new orders to move closer to more heavy combat, which scared the piss out of most.
But very much so Ruslan, so much for being named after a lion....

Ruslan would shoot himself in his own leg with a handgun, from point blank range, the round passing very much through his leg, fortunately for him.
He would be medically discharged, being shipped back to mother Russia where he would be called a hero for his service.
His alcoholism happened a little before, yet much after meeting his wife, he drank out of guilt, not post traumatic stress, but of all the people he abandoned, so he could live his little happy life.
Very many of his friends and comrades would die shortly after his departure back to Russia.

The truth would die with Ruslan, his picture of "Heroics" he painted would subliminally drive Borris to join the military as an officer, out of love to be like his "Heroic" father.        


Tatiana Ruslanovna Petrokov:


My dearest sister.......


Wife and child:

Calandra Vlcek:



"I love those eyes of yours, my friend, Their sparkling, flashing, fiery wonder; When suddenly those lids ascend, Then lightning rips the sky asunder; You swiftly glance, and there's an end; There's greater charm, though, to admire; When lowered are those eyes divine; In moments kissed by passion's fire; When through the downcast lashes shine: the smoldering embers of desire..." - Andrei Tarkovsky, from the movie "Stalker"

Kalina Taryn Petrokov:



My dearest first born. She gets her middle name from you; I bet you already knew that though......

Friends Far Gone:

Jack Matthias & Vera Sokolov: 



Jack Matthias and Vera Sokolov

The first people I ever made contact with in this country.






The Depot:







Nice Char dude!

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He is such a sweetheart! <3

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