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Alexei Rodov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1983-03-01 (36 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
    Ethnic Chernarussian
  6. Languages
    English and Chernarussian
  7. Family


  1. Height
    198 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
    Naturally muscular
  4. Hair
    Black hair
  5. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Occupation
  8. Affiliation
    Cerna Liska
  9. Role


Alexei Rodov,


Born in Chernarus, brought to the world in the hospital of Elektrozavodsk. A child living in a simple hunter family, no wealth but happiness to spare. Life was simple, no school, childhood friends and the outside life. Building camps, starting fires and being home before dark. As a child Alexei loved and was loved, parents and neighbours and friends a like had a liking of the young boy. His father was always out hunting until the late hours, money was to be put on the table and he did so by hunting and selling his prices to the local butcher. His mother was a stay-at-home mother and took care of the household and Alexei whilst her husband was out for work.


Once Alexei grew to the age of 16, his father started taking more care of him. Cutting down trees, chopping the logs up into firewood and storing them next to the house. Hunting, skinning and handling a bolt action rifle were daily chores and Alexei loved to grow closer to his father. He hadn’t been in his life primarily for the first 13 years. A rough man was the lightest way of describing Valentin, no affection to the mother was shown when Alexei was around. He knew his father loved his mother but he did not show it, such was the way. He had grown closer to nature than his own wife and so did many a hunters. Their household was a classic one in the area and none thought any weirder of it.


However to every dream comes an end.

20 years of age. Alexei’s hunt on his own was going fine. A blood stained boar adorned his back, ropes tied around the hind legs as it dangled lifeless. The smoke from his barrel hadn’t decently settled as he had started his march home, a few kilometres of walking through the snowy fields of Chernarus. Nature was eary, birds didn’t sing their songs of glory in the morning, the wind had laid down and it felt as if the world was numb. Alexei felt something was wrong and picked up his pace only to find that his suspiscion to be true. The sight of his house brought the young adult to his knees and tears to swell up from his eyes.


Windows were smashed, curtains torn from their bars and what seemed to be parts of a chair hanging out of the windowstill. Once Alexei got to his knees and swept away the tears that distorted his view, he sprinted to his house only to find complete despair. The door was removed from its hinges and was seemingly kicked inward from the snowy bootprint on it. Several bootprints trailed inside to the living room where snowy footprints mixed with the pool of blood that adorned the right side of the livingroom. The sight inside was one to never forget. His mother, who raised him to be a good man, laying down on the floor. The back of her head one big exit wound. The wintercold had already made the blood clot a little which made the blood stickier than warm blood. Alexei walked in slowly and examined his dead mother.


One exitwound, mouth wide open. Gun stuffed in her mouth. Execution.


The snow enfatuated footprints trailed further into the home. There was more, there had to be more. Sadly Alexei was right and as he stepped into his parent’s bedroom he found ‘more’. His father naked upon the bed, one bullet wound to the head and a leg of the chair stabbed into his stomach. Just like his mother. Yet this scene was different. Bruises covered the body of his father, he had received a beating and was then murdered. Luckily one item caught his eye.


A police badge from Novy Sobor.


To Be Continued.




Well hello I see another liska appear

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Just now, Stagsview said:

Well hello I see another liska appear

Indeed he is here.

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