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Teodor Krasny
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1997-05-03 (25 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Miroslavl, Chernarus
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Chernarussian, Russian
  8. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Standard RF equipment
  8. Affiliation


Teodor Krasny

Teo was born in The Central Kopec of Chernarus of the notable city Miroslavl. His mother stayed at home while his father worked in the main trade throughout male Chernarussians; fishing. As a child him and his mother were abused by his father in drunken rages from the stress and workload that the man endured. As soon as Teodor turned 18 his father sent him to the CDF in shame as he felt he failed his son. Teo had no experience in any professional field so he entered the CDF as a regular infantry Private. 


During his time in the CDF Teo would make many friends and serve a mostly calm career dealing security and guard patrols throughout mostly the region of South Zagoria but he still serviced security in North Trikani, and his home region of Central Kopec. The war was not in their favor against the invading Russian Forces... most of the Chernarussian men who fought remained patriotic and valiant no matter how bad it got. Eventually, news broke that Novigrad had fallen while Teo was stationed in The Black Mountains at the Tisy Military Installation. This worried him greatly as he knew his parents and relatives lived in Miroslavl which would be the next most likely target. Much to his dismay he would be told by his command to wait and continue to wait for new orders. During this time he would receive no calls from his parents or relatives, only talk and rumors from his comrades about the happenings in Miroslavl for the next several days. Two weeks later he would hear from his superiors that Miroslavl had fallen and they were to head there by convoy to assist any injured civilians and to provide aid to the city as Novigrad was completely occupied by the Russian Forces. When Teo arrived he saw horrors in which he had never seen before... buildings that seemed to have been destroyed by artillery fire, dead and wounded civilians littering the streets, and even his own stripped comrades either dead on the ground or being rushed to medical tents haphazardly set up within the rubble. As he neared the apartment he called home for 18 years he began to feel dread and worry. The building remained intact but quiet. The halls were dirty and bloody. Bodies could be seen in the open doors of the rooms as he neared. He opened the door to his old room and began to slowly investigate as his comrades checked other rooms. He could see blood from behind the kitchen counter and a female hand sticking out. He already knew who she was. Not much time was spent looking at her corpse before he left while visibly shaking. He returned to his comrades and began to puke on the ground before crying in profound sadness in his fellow soldiers arms.



Eventually his commanders would give the men the news that the Russian Forces were going to occupy Miroslavl as well. When they arrived the men who spoke to them were much nicer than the men who murdered innocent Chernarussians in the streets. In fact they seemed to be dressed well, as if they were businessmen. These new Russian men would inform them that they could continue to serve with their military experience in the RF or they could return to normal lives as new Russian civilians. Most of Teo's comrades chose the latter as the idea of fighting for the same people who killed their families was not anything they wanted part of but Teo and a few of his other fellow men took up the offer. When it came to Teo, he felt he had no where else to go... his mother had been strangled it seemed and his father was no where to be found. So he accepted the offer and joined the RF as a Junior Sergeant based off of his record. In the following two years he would seem to slightly recover from the trauma that he witnessed in Miroslavl and would also qualify for a special program dealing with security in Russian relating CDC affairs.



Teo would be told by his now Russian superiors that he needed to assist one of his commanding officers Pyotr Makarov with a task in Norway. As he sailed on the ship to Norway he thought of his mother and his childhood years before he entered this new land.

When he arrived he would be given the position of Director in the Humanitarian corps of PLIKT. With lack of medical knowledge he would rely on his men to teach him and inform him on strategy.




242309871_download(1).png.4e8fa2b62c3b560306f36d14c0a0a48c.png                267391170_chernorussia.png.fefdb31cca75545caed94d9ca7702c90.png





Pyotr Makarov



"My Commander Pyotr... I have not known him long. The RF sent me with him as security to the CDC in America and now we are contracted in Nyheim and I stay under his command. I believe he is suited for the job; he is strong, capable, and shows that he truly wants to help the world and save it's people no matter what they are or what they believe in."


Jaroslav Burnek



"Jaroslav is a bit younger than me. He is from Russia and makes it known by leading the teasing on me since I am from Chernarus... He has a hot head and doesn't care for much other than his comrades. He is an asshole but I understand why Pyotr chose him for PLIKT as he is an amazing soldier."


Jack Bigtime



"I do not know much about Jack's personal life or history as he mostly speaks in grunts and noises. When he does use coherent sentences it is mostly for business only... Is this how all Americans are? I'm not sure how we came across him but I trust Pyotr."


Adam Smasher



"Adam is above me in the chain of command. Very new and weird to me to have an American leading me but he is not like the rest of his kin. He is curt, efficient, deadly, and duty driven. I do not speak to him often... Something about that man scares me... He is not natural..."


Krystof Bartos



"Krystof is one of the Lieutenants Pyotr has put me in charge of. I do not know much of him but he seems to be an aggressive person. He is Russian like most of us. I suspect his life was not easy early on."


Leon Walker



"Another one of my Lieutenants. Leon seems to be an angry man but I do not know why. It seems everyone he meets he seems to hate. Aren't we supposed to be helping people? Americans are confusing..."


Barbara Baxter



"Ha! Ms. Barbara... I see her wander my city from time to time and she has never caused trouble in it. By far my favorite citizen. I wish more were as compliant and non-troublesome as her. Weird man wanted her blood recently and I stopped it from happening. Man is of great interest to me."


Kazimir Fyodorov



"One of the Kapitans in the RF. Seems to want to help me with testing in the area among helping me with research related inquiries. I do not know much about the plans of the RF in the region and whether or not they will conduct a full takeover like Chernarus and Ukraine but... I do not care. If they can benefit my research and help produce this vaccine then that is all that matters."





(shout out to MOSTLY @Panda and a little bit @SynO for giving me inspiration to make a Chernarussian)




tell me the music doesnt sound like @ImPreacher lmfao

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finally joining the chernarussian family, welcome

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