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Cyrus Sinclair
Character information
  1. Alias
    Louis de Lafayette
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-12-20 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, French, Latin
  9. Religion
    Roman Catholic


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    71 kg
  3. Build
    Lean and Athletic
  4. Hair
    Dirty Blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Occupation
    Oil Baron, Archaeologist






The year of the lord, 845.

A horde of Norse invaders have laid siege to the city of Paris. The Frankish defenders mount a valiant, but ultimately futile defense. A young Frankish soldier, fatigued and inexperienced, finds himself among the defenders fighting throughout the streets of Paris. He was a peasant boy born to a family of farmers, and had yearned for a life of adventure beyond the plow and hoe. The decision to enlist in the local militia was beginning to seem like a greater mistake with each passing moment. In the thick of the battle, his ears filled with the roars and howls of barbaric men, the young soldier found himself beset by a Norse berserker. His poor swordsmanship was no match for the animal that relentlessly charged him, and his fate seemed grim. Retreating over cobbled streets slick with warm blood, both men lost their footing, and by some divine measure, the Norseman helplessly threw himself atop the Frank's blade. He was victorious, only by having slipped backward onto his hindquarters. The berserker's lifeless husk hung half draped over the young soldier's frame, and it was during this brief respite, that he took notice of the ring

Stuck on the Norseman's right ring finer, glimmering gold in the dim light of day. A flawlessly cut emerald was set into its center, seducing the young soldier's gaze. It sat seemingly untouched by the chaos of battle, the most unnaturally perfect thing he had ever laid eyes upon. Without a moment's hesitation, the soldier stole away the ring, and manifested a newfound energy, slipping away from the battle and retreating back to safety.

Andvaranaut, an artifact plucked straight from myth, would now grant this soldier and his descendants untold fortunes.

And sorrows.


December 20th, 1991.

Cyrus Louis-Baptiste Sinclair was born within the confines of the Sinclair estate, which had once been the family's cotton plantation, located outside of New Orleans. Cyrus was born into a dynasty dating back to the earliest days of medieval France, which had been evolving for the better part of a millennia. But where they had once called themselves nobility and lorded over baronies and counties, the Sinclairs now operated one of the largest oil companies in Louisiana. Cyrus had a stable, comfortable childhood, and was well attended by his parents and siblings. The boy was gifted in school and always seemed to be the center of large, albeit short-lived, friend groups. As Cyrus grew into an adolescent and began his high school career, his father approached him one day and offered to give the young man some insight into his family's past. It soon became clear to Cyrus that the Sinclair saga was far more complicated than he had ever imagined. These deep, shadowy secrets drew Cyrus to an obsession with uncovering more about his ancestors and their studies.

It was this obsession that convinced Cyrus to pursue the field of archaeology at Stanford, while also working towards a minor degree in business. As expected, Cyrus's dedication ensured that he excelled in his studies. However, in Cyrus's later years at the university, his father's health began to rapidly deteriorate. Shortly after his son's graduation, Charles Sinclair III lost his battle with lung cancer. From birth, Cyrus had been the unknowing participant in a life long process to groom him as an heir to his father's empire. And with his passing, the position of leadership within the Sinclair family now fell to Cyrus alone. His father's last parting gift, a ring that had been passed down through the generations, sealed Cyrus's fate.

And with the old Ring of Saint-Claire now snug around his finger, the young archaeologist was eager to begin his work.

Cyrus took over the management of his family's oil industry, and the profits from their empire proved more than enough to fund his early expeditions. Incursions into the deserts of Syria and the jungles of India proved relatively fruitless at first, but Cyrus was determined to locate the objects of his obsession. It was during this time that an opportunity found its way to Cyrus's desk, having traveled halfway around the world. Thanks to a few insiders that had been offered substantial paychecks, the Sinclairs were informed about the discovery of new oil reserves found beneath the waters of the Black Sea. This discovery had been made off the coast of a small post-soviet nation, which Cyrus recognized as Chernarus. Strangely enough, this small relatively poor country had made an appearance multiple times in his studies, for reasons he was not prepared to disclose even to those closest to him

It was almost too perfect of an opportunity to believe. Not only could Cyrus secure a lucrative deal drilling oil in the Black Sea, but he would have free reign to delve deep into Chernarus's depths to locate whatever he was truly searching for. A trip was organized, and Cyrus was to travel to Novigrad with his closest advisers in tow.

It was time to fulfill his family's promise for greatness, and no obstacle would prove too great in Cyrus's search for his destiny...





✫ Debonair, Charming ✫

✫ Respectful, Calm ✫

✫ Diligent, Obsessive ✫

✫ Extremely Manipulative ✫

✫ Radically Independent ✫

✫ Focused, Resolute ✫

✫ Cunning, Opportunistic ✫

✫ Spiritual, Open-Minded ✫

✫ Ambitious, Controlling ✫










✫ Survive, by any means necessary ✫

✫ Attract a circle of loyal, like-minded individuals ✫

✫ Prosper in spite of the circumstances, and take the reigns of power ✫

✫ Explore South Zagoria and uncover items of cultural and religious significance ✫

✫ Utilize The Brokers for his own purposes, and feign loyalty ✫




✫ Heritage, Lineage ✫

✫ History and Archaeology ✫

✫ Religion ✫

✫ The Occult ✫

✫ Literature ✫

✫ Exploration and Discovery ✫

✫ Scotch, Whiskey, Bourbon, and Cigars ✫

✫ Positions of Power ✫










(Thanks to @Aisling for the graphics, she's the fucking best)

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beautiful character page ❤️

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