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Mertcan Hanci
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1997-07-27 (23 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages


  1. Height
    176 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
    dont have a lot of muscle but at the same time not so skinny
  4. Hair
    long wavy brown hairs
  5. Eyes
    light brown eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    my characters have real dead eyes and a face that is almost without emotion most of the time


Mertcan Hancı was born in Turkey's western part at late 90s. He had a happy childhood and grew up as reagular kid in Turkey, with a lot of taboos to both hold him back about his abilities and harm him kind of mentally. Since he was a little boy he was always obsessed about his freedom and never liked being told what to do. And when he saw an old Harley-Davidson when he was 5 years old, he fall in love with those bikes and having one became his only dream. His teenage years were a bit harsh on him since he had ideas and goals that most Turkish people not only disagree but also despises. This made him move away from most of the society. But he found dear friends that matters to him and shares his ideals and he was happy. He started drinking at a young age like 12 but it was just like time to time back than, when he came to his 16th year on this life he slowly become an addict but he was okay with that he was happy. He spend a couple of years here and there trying to find his place in this life but whenever he tried something, something always came up and he failed. Sometimes it was about the alcohol, sometimes it was just tough luck. At some point he had a huge fight with his family and was so tired of negativities and failures he decided to move away from his past life and begin a new one. After that he met with a guy and he offered him a job in another country as a search and rescue member, and he accepted it and moved away. Because of his job he learned the land really well and he realised he was actually good at navigating. His life was good but at some point he met a woman, things were going good but at some point things got complicated and he felt like he had to move again and went back to Turkey. He found a job at a pub and he just kept living on.

One night he came back to his apartment from the pub he was working at, turned on the TV and grabbed a beer. While he was just chilling with a couple of beers, he took his bottle of whiskey trying get drunk, mean while on his TV he saw some news about some sort of an infection some sort of disease but did not care much like always. Well he passed out at somepoint. Next day when he woke up with a huge hangover, he heard some loud noises from the hall, and take a look. What he saw was paniced people stashing tons of supplies to their house. He was confused but was not caring once again. He went to the pub he was working for the night shift, his colleague mentioned about the news, news about people losing their mind and becoming extremely aggresive. Then they made jokes and stuff. Things were quite that day but little he knew his life was about the change a lot. That night when he went to his aparment again, he drank way way more than usual and blacked out from alcohol poisoning. He was woken up by someone but his head was in pain like hell, he could not understand what was going on. People who woke him up grabbed him from his arms and started to move him somewhere, than he realised he was getting carried by military forces. When he came to his senses he realised that some sort of a war was going on but against who? Anyways he was transported to a military camp to the northern part of Turkey. He was there maybe for weeks maybe months he lost count and not being able to find any alcohol was effecting him. At some point both the things he saw, those horrors and lack of alcohol made him lose almost all the emotions left. One day he heard whispers about a boat that is going to sail away and at that point his hands were shaking because of the lack of alcohol. He decided to get on that boat, he tought no where can be worst than being held in that camp anymore. He sneak in to the boat and hide himself and where he was hiding, he found bottles of whiskey and he felt like he was in heaven and he drank until he passed out. God know what happened but he woke up at a shore, maybe he as lucky enough to survive a crash, or maybe he was found while passed out and kicked out to the sea, he had no idea but he was at a shore. Little that he know, this shore was the southern part of the country he worked as a search and rescue member years ago. Which was Chernarus and after a short walk he realised he was near a small town called Balota.


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