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Abdulbek Dewbekov
Character information
  1. Mental
    Stay alive
  2. Morale
    What're they selling?
  3. Date of birth
    1981-11-12 (38 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Starogladovskaya, Russia
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Russian, Cheranrussian, Broken English
  8. Relationship
    Single and ready to mingle
  9. Family
    Parents died of natural causes.
  10. Religion
    Sunni Muslim


  1. Height
    181 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Some scars on his face.
  8. Affiliation
    The House
  9. Role
    Survivor mate


Abdulbek Dewbekov was born along the Chechen border, along Dagestan. Abdulbek was born November 12, 1981. Abdul was born and raised outside of Starogladovskaya. He came from a poor Islamic family. Most of the food that came home was either hunted or grown. Abdulbek Was a devout Sunni Muslim. He did his 5 daily prayers and went to the Musjid as much as he could. His childhood was like that of any other child born in his area around the same time. They played soccer, wrestled, and went on hunting trips. At a young age Abdulbek’s father taught him how to shoot a rifle, and taught him how to hunt as well. Abdulbek was one of the best shots out of all his friends, he had even surpassed his father. As Abdulbek grew older he began providing for his family, whether it was hunting or going into the city and getting quick work to bring home items that would be useful. One day while hunting in the wilderness by Abdul’s home he saw a small campsite in the distance. Out of confusion he approached the campsite with a slow pace. Abdul had never seen anyone camping out here in these woods. These woods were known for having large bears and wolves. As Abdul grew closer he noticed there was a fire that had recently gone out and boxes of 7.62x39 and x54 around the tents. This was odd as Abdul was confused on why people would have such many boxes of ammunition. 
Abdul decided it was best to leave and wait before doing anything. Time had passed and the sun had gone down. Abdul left home to go on and check that campsite again. Abdul grabbed his hunting rifle and his knife and headed towards the wilderness. He came upon the campsite again but spotted it from a farther range though because of the fire they had lit. He saw a couple hardy looking men around the fire eating what seemed to look like their dinner. Abdul was nervous, he did not know whether or not to approach the campsite or run. As he sat there and contemplated he felt a cold metal up against the back of his neck, Abdulbek froze. Abdulbek dropped his rifle and put his hands up. He hesitantly rose to his feet, barely moving his upper body. The man spoke in a deep thundery voice as he muttered “move”. Abdulbek and the man slowly moved towards the camp. Abdul’s heart pounding out of his chest, he was convinced this was it and it was his time to meet Allah. Upon arrival the man told him to get on his knees while another man patted him down. They took Abdul’s knife and threw it in the dirt. One could see Abdul’s breathe because of the cold, he was breathing heavy. The man behind him walked around to Abdul’s frontside, the fire illuminating his face. The man was bearded, large, and had a suppressed automatic Kalashnikov in his hands. One could tell the man had been through hell and back. Abdulbek mustered the courage to apologize and say that he was simply hunting. The men laughed, as the bearded man said “This late, the sun is down, you lie boy”. Abdul nearly shit his pants, and said “Okay, Okay I’m sorry! I was hunting earlier in the day to bring home dinner for my family and I stumbled upon your campsite.” The man asked “Why did you come back?” Abdul muttered, “I was curious, no one camps out here in these woods, everyone around knows they’re too dangerous.” The men laughed and told Abdul to get up and take a seat on the log. 
Abdul was clearly harmless to them and they explained to him that they were not “Campers” but  r e b e l s. Abdul learned that they too were muslim men and he grew a bit more comfortable. After learning more about the men and their movement, Abdul offered to help them in anyway possible. They asked Abdulbek questions as well, such as where he was from, what he did for a living and why he was so interested in what they did. After the men learned about they bearded man, who seemed like their leader, went to his tent. He had learned that Abdul was a great shot and came back with from his tent with a suppressed Dragunov sniper rifle. He chambered a single bullet into and pointed in the direction of a howling wolf in the distance and told him to shoot. Abdul terrified as he had never fired such a large rifle before said no. The man insisted, and Abdul grabbed the rifle. He flicked the safety off and aimed. He turned towards the man and claimed it was too dark for him to see anything, but the man reminded him that Abdul told him he was a great shot. Abdul exhaled and aimed down the sights, he starred through the scope and waited for some type of movement. He noticed a shadow move from the left and fired. A crying wolf heard in the quite distance and and thud of a fall. The man looked down at Abdulbek and smiled, from then on Abdulbek would join up in these mens rank and carry out many operations with them heading across the border to Dagestan to aid with other Muslim separatists in Dagestan. Fast forward a couple years down the line it was war time. The year was 1996, Chechen rebels were at war with the Russia, in attempts to get a separate state. Abdulbek and his unit had suffered a couple casualties in border skirmish against Russian VDV units. The VDV unit had far superior equipment and training. Although they were outnumbered and outgunned, the men fought valiantly and were able to get the VDV unit to fall back. Even though they were not as trained as the VDV, the one advantage the men had was their knowledge of the terrain and how to use that to their advantage in engaging in Guerrilla warfare. 
The remaining men fell back as well to their camp to meet it with other comrades. The men had lost good men in the skirmish, and it was evident that this dangerous and tedious war was coming to an end, and Abdulbek was on the losing side. Abdul knew as time went on he would either get captured and executed, or killed in action. Abuldbek got word that the war was going to end in the next coming weeks, and it was time for him to figure something out. Abdul was offered by some foreign Mujahideen soldiers to come back to Takistan with them and live there, although it sounded tempting Abdul wanted to start new. Abdul decided to travel to Chernarus, a country that had recently became sovereign after the fall of the USSR. It was young and still had a growing government and an expanding economy. Abdul decided to move there and start a new life, worship Allah in peace and live a normal life. Arrangements were made, and Abdulbek Dewbekov was smuggled into Chernarus and started his new life. 


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