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Vasya Kiryazov
Character information
  1. Morale
  2. Date of birth
    1988-03-18 (31 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Chernogorsk - Chernarus
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    russian; english
  7. Religion


  1. Height
    202 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    slim; muscular
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    striking blue eyes


In 1988 a small blonde haired russian boy was born in the city of Chernogorsk. Mister and Misses Kiryazovi agreed on the name 'Vasya' and thus little Vasya began his life in an average russian family. Little Vasya had no brothers or sisters, he was the only child of Oleg Kiryazov and Masha Kiryazova. The family lived in Chernogorsk but often visited Masha's parents in the small village of Nadezhdino. Vasya's favourite thing as a child was to go to his dedushka's and babushka's house in the weekends. He would learn many things from his dedushka and never went playing outside with the other kids on an empty stomach because his babushka looked after him very well. Vasya attended to both primary and high schools in Chernogorsk. When he was 19 years old he had to go serve his country and train in the unpaid army. Vasya was looking forward to meeting new people at the Balota military base and serving his country but his whole family and his beloved Nadezhda were very sad to see him go.


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