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Circie Iver
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-12-07 (26 years old)
  2. Relationship
    Raif Visus


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg


Circie always had a thirst for adventure and novelty for as long as she can remember. Her life was filled with a combination of danger and excitement. Born in the United States, from an early age she was a wanderer. Never staying in the same place for too long and never committing to anything too strongly. She was a collector of experiences and would use her knowledge to further her own selfish pursuits in every aspect of her life. Akin to a phantom wandering the world, she always had a sense that her life was ephemeral and destined to end early. She studied philosophy and religions of the world, wanting to understand the human condition at such a precise level, her inquiries would often startle even herself.
Although Circie was inquisitive and had a lust for life like no other she had known, she still had a problem with reconciling her own wants and desires with her need for stability. Perhaps she roamed too far, or for too long, along the way she lost her sense of self. Her travels broadened in scope and she took her lust for experience to a global scale. She visited the normal tourist traps at first, just to get a taste of what’s to come. Her curiosity then shifted as she would embed herself in the communities that she visited. In France, she would roam the catacombs of Paris and blend in with the historical enthusiasts. In Tibet should befriend the local Sherpas and feed on their experiences in the cold whimsical mountains. Her time in Rome consisted of hiding in the dark and ancient corridors of the Hadrian’s Reservoir, watching old Italian cinema and breathing in the ancient air.
At some point in her travels she began to gravitate towards the more macabre and dark side of the worlds culture. The feelings of emptiness and searching for the ultimate experience became more prominent and her behavior became more unpredictable. She would venture deep into the seedy underbelly of the cities she visited, absorbing the darkness that laid just below the view of the average person. She learned skills to protect herself early on and her demeanor began to morph into a sadistic mindset that has followed her ever since. For some time, she completely surrendered to the dark world she placed herself in and it was then that she realized the scale of her emptiness.
While sitting alone in dark pub on the coast of North Ireland, she over heard a conversation just behind her. Two young men spoke a place they simply called “The Forest.” They spoke giddy with excitement about legend and hear say of the dark druidic rituals that are still performed there in secrecy. The men spoke as if the forest was alive and would watch you as you enter and leave, just out of reach of the eyes. Circie went up to the men and interjected herself into their conversation with ease. She probed them about what this forest was about, and her interest was piqued. She had been searching for a place to meet death and she had a feeling this would be the perfect opportunity…
Circie had long shed her worldly possessions and relationships in her pursuit of something more. She entered the forest quietly and in awe of its beauty, hoping this would be her final resting place.
After a chance meeting with the mysterious Raif, Circie no longer felt the emptiness she did when she entered the forest. Raif introduced her to a world even she had not discovered, and it was something she didn’t realize she was looking for. Their relationship blossomed into something she had not experienced before. The blood cult that she stumbled upon embraced her with the deepest sincerity and she finally felt like she belonged to something greater than herself.
Almost a year had passed and Circie was ready to perform what the cultists called “connection” in order to be a full-fledged member. The connection was to be made in a placed called Chernarus. The journey took them two weeks to drive across Europe and into war torn country. After completing her first sacrificial connection, the world looked different to Circie. However, it was not only her view of the world that was different but the world itself had changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. The outbreak had begun….


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