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Joshua Bradshawski
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1991-04-12 (28 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality



I grew up in the ‘rough’ part of Stary Sobor. It wasn’t all that bad to be honest. Once in a while a shop window will get smashed and I had 2 fights in school, for which the punishment was a firm slap on the metaphorical wrist. 

I was the class clown, the jester. This is what attracted Emmaski to me. We had a perfect school love, everything that you’ve seen in the movies – that was my reality. At 18 we moved in to a small flat together and got married the year later.

I discovered what I was good at, and decided to chase a career in entertaining and making people laugh. I struggled and pushed and went through the broke, painful times to finally reach this point.

7 more years pass, now we are 26. Emma is pregnant with a girl! We are calling her Mila!

The thought of Mila. She has given me the drive to continue pushing and making a successful life for the three of us. And now it’s paying off…
I finally have a tour of the UK and it’s sold out months before it starts! “This is it” I said to Emma, “This is the start to the beginning of our new lives! We made it baby!”

To celebrate we book a cruise. We’ve always wanted to go on one of those expensive cruises. I’m sure you can guess which one. I’m sure you’ve heard what happened to it. Well we were there. The three of us. And the three of us made it off.

We have spent the last 3 months in a hut in a field, somewhere. We’ve been living… as comfortably as possible. Just me and my 8 month pregnant wife. We learnt quickly how to sustain ourselves and fight off those who are sick. I call them zombies, but she just yells at me every time.
Well yesterday, I’m out on the scavenge, as I do every morning, looking for food, or anything else we can use.
Walking back to the hut, backpack of food and water in recycled bottles. Then I see something in the distance, or rather someone. Emma, covered in blood, screaming, just outside the front door, crumpled up on the floor in pain. There was a dead infected lying lifeless next to her.
I drop my backpack to the floor and sprint over to her, diving onto the floor next to her embracing her asking “Are you ok?! What happened?! What’s wrong?!” She’s screaming, I notice the massive injury on her arm. She explained how the infected just came out of nowhere, soundless, as she was tending to our small garden out front. She managed to finish it off with the spade, but was bitten in the process. We both know what this means.

I walked over to the window and reflected on my cold surroundings. I had always hated the desolate Chenarus with its fried, frail fields. It was a place that encouraged my tendency to feel sad.
I gulped as a glanced at my reflection in the shattered glass of the front door. My friends always saw me as a substantial, steep saint. Who’d even help a blushing baby cross the road.
But even an angel couldn’t be prepared for what I had to do today.
I crouch closer to Emma, I could see a forced smile beaming from her face.
"I am happy here, because I love you. And I know you love me." Emma whispered to me, in a dedicated tone. She placed her hand on my chest. "I will always love you”.
Tears streaming down my face, feeling more hopeless than ever before. "Emma, I will miss you everyday.”
We looked at each other with love…
I could feel, and hear my heart, my soul, shatter into pieces - as I did what I had to.
After the burial of Emma and Mila, I packed up and left. Never to return.
Not even all the booze I had scavenged over the months could calm my nerves last night.


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