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Jace Evans
Character information
  1. Mental
    Low profile
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1992-06-06 (27 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    140 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Biker jacket, gloves, brown jeans, aviators, hiking boots
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Jace Evans was born on the East Coast of America. Since his childhood he had been outcast from society and thus spent a lot of his free time alone in his own thought. After so many years of repeat rejection from society, one day Jace eventually had a full on break down causing him to disfigure four of his classmates. At trial the court decided to give him life in prison, but a month after being sentenced he was moved over to Chernarus since the US and Chernorussian guverment made an agreement to hand over a spy for a spy and a prisoner and out of all of the prisoners Jace was chosen to be sent off into the brutal prison of Chernarus. The prison was known as 'Terra Incognita' which meant unknown land, the prisoners were in there for the brutal acts they caused and at least half of them were cannibals.
After several months of being locked up in a small cell Jace was giving premission to go into the court yard with the other prisoners although he had to be in chains and had to have armed guards watching him, Jace's first encounter with a prisoner was strange to say the least since all the prisoner did was vomited and laughed and then rolled on the ground as the guards took them away, Jace was in shock of what just happend, he then realized shortly after that he was in a prison for mentaly insane people who where a serious risk to others. Jace was only allowed twelve hours out side a weak meaning that eight of them hours was him trying to stay fit by doing pullups in a small cage what made it impossible to be attacked by another prisoner the other four hours where out in the court.
After three years of being locked up riots started to happen in the prison what left multiple prisoners dead, one of the prisoners where known as Jed, his real name was john wallace but he was giving the name jed because all the people he killed he carved in the word jed on there chest, six months after the riots died down Jace realised that there was no one left to riot and had stopped receivng food, one day when the guards took him into the court yard loads of prisoners came rushing in ripping the guards apart like paper. Alot of the other prisoners tried to fight back but were torn apart, Jace was lucky enough to escape and manage to get down by the sea where he attempted to swim but lost consciousness since he'd not eaten and was exhausted, Jace woke up to see that he was on main land Chernaruss what seemed to of went to hell after a bit of looking around he realised that he was truly on hell on earth.


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