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Lewis Schultz
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1997-11-11 (22 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages


  1. Height
    189 cm
  2. Weight
    196 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Strong Jaw line and morning shadow



Lewis Schultz


Lewis Schultz was born November 11th, 1997. He was born in London, on a cold night, 2:30am. It is said when Lewis was born a cold breeze went through London, and a calm snow fell and layed over the streets on London. Lewis was brought up in a well off family, his father Irish, and his mother English. Growing up Lewis did not know much about his father's past. He knew his father came into a large sum of money while he was he was small boy. Growing up he lived a fair childhood. He would play football with his mates after school, and get into the occasional fights with geysers that would be chatting. As he got older Lewis grew more and more curious about his father’s past and what he did for a living. One evening Lewis overheard his father talking in quarters and heard something about cocaine and weapons trade. Lewis busted through the door demanding his father tell him what was going on. Lewis was steaming, and his father told him to calm down and take a seat. His father explained to him how he use to work with the IRA and how he was the gun runner for the IRA. Lewis was in disbelief and couldn’t bare to imagine his father as a criminal. Lewis stormed out of his room and went to sleep. The morning came about and he was a bit more relaxed. Lewis decided to speak with his father again. Lewis had just turned 17 that month and decided that it was time for him to begin earning as well. Lewis went to his father and asked if he could begin work with his father. His father was hesitant at first, but came around to the idea but made Lewis promise not to tell his mother. Time came about and Lewis had getting small shipments of drugs and started gather his trusted childhood mates to work along with him. Before Lewis knew it, he had his own crew and were making 10,000 pounds a week. Lewis was living good making money, had his trusted crew and his father didn’t know much about what was going on other than him bringing his father his weekly cut. Time went on and Lewis had almost taken over the London drug game, all nightclubs and pubs had cocaine that in some way shape or form gone through Lewis. It wasn’t long until the Law began looking into Lewis and his crew. The police began investigate the spike in drugs being put through London and all fingers pointed at Lewis Schultz. Lewis was good at selling but not good at covering his tracks. Lewis’s father had gotten word from one of his snakes in the Police department that they were planning on taking down Lewis. Lewis’s father notified him and began advising Lewis to leave the country ASAP. Lewis had to begin figuring out a plan to get out of the country and make his way to a safe location. One of Lewis’s accountants told him about Chernarus, a country in Eastern Europe that had just been through a civil war. The economy was still broken and the government in shambles. Lewis figured he could take advantage of this and rebuild an empire in this country. Lewis gathered is essentials and bailed out of London and got aboard a boat to get out of the UK. He made his way through Europe and entered Chernarus.


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