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Tobias Richter
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    believes in the good in every person
  4. Date of birth
    1984-08-09 (35 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    German, English
  9. Relationship
    Lost his wife in germany
  10. Family
    Anna Richter (daugther) Jonas Richter (son)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    89 kg
  3. Build
    athletic - slim
  4. Hair
    short dark hair
  5. Eyes
    brown eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    - Gun experiences
    - Survival skills
    - smart
    - good in Talking and make situations calm
  8. Affiliation
  9. Role
    3rd in command


It was a rainy and normal day, as I just began my regular morning in Germany. I stood up, ate my breakfast while reading the Newsletter and then I kissed my wife "goodbye Honey! Don't Forget the lunch for Anna and Jonas!". It was important for me to know, that both of my sweet Kids had everything they Need for their day in School. I wish i just had known that this was my last time i kissed my wife. But how could i have known?

My way to work was filled with a lot of stress. The Streets were full of cars and nobody was able to come Forward. What actually happen? I could hear a lot of sirens. Maybe a fire? I don't know. Anyways, finally i arrived at work. My boss wasn't happy About me coming that late. In Germany it is really important to be early. "Next time call the secretary and say a word!" he yelled at me with his annoying voice. So i just said "I will" and went to my room to start working.

I really like to hear Radio while doing my Job. the time is passing so much faster with some Music. But this time there was no Music in the Radio. Everyone is Talking About a high number of sick People with an "unknown suffer" that are filling the Hospitals. most of them saying that they got attacked by strangers.. bites and scratches. which sickness is this? I didn't even had a Feeling About what is coming next. but only a few ours later i would see it straight infront of my eyes.

11 AM. Time for Lunch! I went up to my colleagues and sat down next to Peter. "Toby!" - he said to me - "I have really bad News for you. Aileen and Bernd didn't came to work today. Im afraid you have to do their Job this week, too..". I wasn't happy About this. this thursday was Anna's Birthday and i had to do a lot of preparations for the Party. How could i get all this together in time?!

Suddenly we heard screamings from down below. Someone collapsed and was heavily breathing. "call an ambulance!" my boss was shouting. But what happened next was horrifying. The Person, who was laying on the Ground a few seconds before stood up and was croaking like an animal. "you're alright?" my Boss asked.. but as he spoke those words the Person screamed loudly and teared his throat apart with his teeths. Blood was Floating the Ground and i was rigit. A few persons tried to hold this Monster away from him, but it was too late. He collapsed and stopped moving in seconds. I heard a lot of People Talking, Screaming.. but it went silent abruptly as my boss opened his eyes again. and this silence turned into Panic as he attacked another Person the same way as the one attacked him before. I wasn't able to do any desicions. "what the actually hell is Happening?!" i asked myself again and again. i desided to go outside and call for help. My phone isn't working inside the warehouse so i used this Situation to take a Deep breathe on Fresh air. I couldn't reach any Police or ambulance. It seems like the lines are not available. While trying to do a call i recoqnized that People on the Streets were running like they saw the devil in Person. what is going on?! As i took a Closer look i saw other People chasing them, but their movement was.. like they had injuries at their legs or something. I realized that this was the same Thing that happened to the 2 guys in the warehouse and now i understood.. that Virus the Radios were Talking About was showing off as an epidemic sickness. Chaos was ruling the Streets now and i ran straight in direction of my home. I was praying to god, that None harmed my Family.

Red. I like this Color. My car was red and most of my T-Shirts, too. Such a Majestic Color. I never thought, that i would get rid of this Beautiful Color ever in my life. But seeing the red splattered window was taking out my heartbeat for a second. The door of my Home was smashed. I started shaking and went straight inside hoping to find a note of my Family that they are alright. But what i saw was the most horrible Thing i can remember and i am sure i won't see something similar to that ever again:
My sweet daughter Anna.. such an Angel and so intelligent. Just like her mother.. with her Beautiful eyes. She was Looking at me as i did the first step into our house. But not like she normally do. It was hate is saw in her eyes now. She wished to kill me just as she did to my wife and to her brother. "Noo, please god NO!" i started crying and Walking backwards slowly as she came Closer to me. her mouth was bloody and her clothes ripped. 9 Years old, never harmed anyone.. my world was Breaking into peaces as i had to push her violently into the kitchen and close the door. Hearing her Screaming and Scratching at the Wood was filling my eyes with Tears. And just a Moment later i literally lost my mind as i saw what happened to my wife and to Jonas.

I closed the door of the Living room where both were laying on the Floor. I couldn't look at them any longer and after a while i decided to leave. I took a bag full of Food and drink, a knife and some other Things like i would go on a normal roadtrip. In the past i loved to travel in nature a lot and know several Things About Survival and outdoor Living. But this journey would be different.
I Chose some lonely roads to travel saver. there was no Chance using the car as the Streets were full of them. there was no coming through. I met some other People leaving the town, too and i decided to go with them. They told me About a Military camp in the south for those who are fleeing. So we went south.. far south. days passed and we met a few other People on our way. most of them lost their families like i did. Some of them turned mad and crazy because of all this happen. It wasn't easy for anyone to deal with that Situation.

After a few days of traveling we reached the camp. It was full of People, None came in without an examination. A doctor was checking for bites or any signs of infection. After that we got an introducion what is Happening in Germany. they told us that an unknown Virus spreading out and causing violence all over the northern countries and in the east of europe. their plan was bringing us south to italy because it was told to be safe there. I decided to follow those orders to come with them as i didn't had a better plan.

A few days later we started a Transfer with a bus. All those days my face was empty and i couldn't think About anything else than what i've seen at home. It still haunts me and it feels like it will never stop.
reaching Italy wasn't filling anyone with hope. they were Talking About a few cases of infection in italy, too and how they trying to stop it. But None of them really seems to have an answer how to solve this. We came to another refugee camp close to the coast and they told us to stay here until we get more supplies for travelling but i knew the truth: they don't know what is coming next and what to do.
The Situation in Italy went critical in just a few days and soon we should hear shots outside the camp. All those People in the camp were full of fear. They asked for answers to know what happen outside. the next Hours turned into a war. People Panic and trying to find a safe spot for their Family and soldiers protecting the Living with their own life. I could hear screams from outside. the same Screaming i heard in the Streets of my hometown. We are About to get run over. I tried to hide myself behind a tent and i could watch how "those creatures" ran into the camp killing everybody they saw.
Suddenly a Soldier took my arm "Come with me, Sir!". we ran as fast as we could. He told me About a boat in the near of the docks. he wanted to Escape over the sea. It was the perfect solution because there was no Escape on land anymore.

His name was Torben, a friendly Young soldier. He wanted to go south east hoping Nothing like this happens over there. But we would never find out. We sailed into the middle of a heavy storm and None of us knew how to deal with a boat in such a Situation. So we finally sank and lost ourselfs in the middle of the sea. Luckly we were not far away from land and we drifted to the coast somehow. I lost Torben straight after sinking with the ship. Good for me having a life jacket on. Because i don't think i could have swam that far.
But were am i now? It is silent here and i saw dead bodies in the grass. Looks like the Virus is here aswell. But i can't see smoke on the horizon or any sign of destruction nor i see Living People. It seems to be a place where the outbreak was happen way before it reaches Germany. The street signs are russian. Good for me that i've learned russian in School back in the days. I should go and find some Food and drink. Maybe i can find out what happen here and hopefully i find a place to live in Peace again to start a new life in a brand new world…




Great story brother. It didn't take long to forget about those kids and wife tho did it? ❤️


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Just now, TReed99 said:

Great story brother. It didn't take long to forget about those kids and wife tho did it? ❤️


Nah man, fuck those Kids ?

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