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Dale Fontaineaux
Character information
  1. Alias
    Zé Pequeno
  2. Mental
    Dale is holding strong mentally. He believes that someday soon, he will have the opportunity to go back home with his family.
  3. Morale
    Dale has drifted from helping other people with their wounds. Now he is a drifter, trading what he can and traveling the roads, until he is given a reason to settle.
  4. Date of birth
    2002-03-19 (17 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Dale has a mother, a father, and a brother whom are not with him.
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Dale is a short guy, but makes up for it with very broad shoulders.
  4. Hair
    Dale keeps his hair long and poofy, but well groomed. Dale also likes to keep a clean shave, but sometimes he'll let it slip and have a small beard.
  5. Eyes
    His left eye is brown, while is right is blue. His eyes look tired, grey and bloodshot from the lack of sleep.
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    ~Dale is covered in scars, from many times being tortured by people in the past.
    ~He has multiple scars on his face.
    ~Dale usually keeps his face clean shaved, and tends keeps his mask over his mouth and nose.
    ~He studies astrophysics, and cosmology for fun.
    ~Dale's demeanor is rather relaxed, he's normally very quiet, though very vocal of his passions, if given the opportunity. But often times he can get very excited, and happy, when he is comfortable enough.
  8. Equipment
    Dale is suiting nothing special, he is rather light weight, and only carries what he needs to survive.
    He boasts a 91/30 Mosin, with a PU sight, which is his go-to rifle for it's power, and accuracy.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Dale was born on March 19th, 2002, in New Orleans Louisiana.

Dale was raised normally, and was put into a wealthy school where he was introduced to his curiosity into the universe.
Often Dale would sit in the library during recess or during lunch to learn new things about space whenever he was younger, and this is usually how he spend most of his time in school.
Dale didn't have a lot of friends that he could connect to, so he spent a lot of his pre-teen years alone, humoring himself as best he could while he was studying.
In 2015, when Dale was 13 years old, his family moved to Turkey. His father had been promised a good job working in the oil business in the black sea. His mother was able to stay at home and raise both Dale, and his brother.
Dale's memory from the beginning of the infection go into a blur when he tries to remember those horrible months. He and his family started moving North, out of Turkey, and cut West. Somewhere, during that, Dale was separated from his family. After a long couple of days of trying to find them again, Dale started heading South, wandering for weeks until he finally made it to Chernarus.
Dale has since then hopped from group to group, learning every day about what it's like to live in the world he does now. He mostly uses humor as a means to cope with the loss of his humanity, but he longs for the day he is re-united with his family, and brought back to his home in America.


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