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Danilo Adasevic
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1971-03-23 (48 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Serbian
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mother and Father
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
    Beer belly but still in somewhat good shape
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Stitches on his stomach from the bullet wound
  8. Equipment
    Any form of black and gray clothing
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation


My name is Danilo Adašević but my nickname is Četnik. I was born in Belgrade in 1971 where i had a life of the average kid living in the Yugoslavia at that time. While growing up in Yugoslavia i was constantly reminded that we are all the same no matter the name or religion "Bratstvo i jedinstvo" they used to say. Everybody quickly forgotten about that when neighbors and brothers started killing each other. At the age of 19 i was sent to mandatory military training in Sarajevo where i met a girl named Amina and fell in love with her. I promised her that i will take her to Belgrade with me after im done with my training, war made sure that day would never come. Shortly after finishing my training my training i was called for duty "Defending the interests and sovereignty of Yugoslavia" that is what our great president said. The war started somewhere in March, We were advancing fast and Sarajevo was put under siege. Everybody was thinking that the war will be over before New year. During first six months Amina and I had a regular phone calls both dreaming about the day when the siege is over and being in each others arms. But the war did not end before the New year, Sarajevo was putting a good resistance and all of our attempts to split the city in half have failed. High command started using more drastic measures phone lines have been cut, water supplies also and constant shelling of the civilian population has started in order to make them surrender. Amina and i have started sending letters to each other sometimes a month went by before i received my letter. A year went by and situation in Sarajevo was only getting worse and no sign of surrendering, I spent most of my time on the front line on the outskirts of Sarajevo, and on the rare occasions when i had some free time i spent it trying to get Amina out of Sarajevo but nobody wanted to help evacuate a muslim girl out of the city.I was wounded on the 8. of June 1992. during the battle for the hill Žuč, Bosnian army managed to pull a huge victory that day capturing a strategic point and taking lots of weapons and equipment that we left behind leaving in the hurry. I was sent the the hospital near Višegrad where earlier that year a genocide was committed, I recovered from my bullet wound to the stomach around the beginning 1993. and was under the command of the general Milan Lukić who was in charge of the group called "Beli Orlovi" responsible for the genocide. Letters from Amina stopped coming i assumed that she didnt know where i was so she couldnt send me any, I did not wanted to think about the worst. During the year of 1993. i was part of the general abuse, torture,rape and murder of men, women, children and elderly in Višegrad and villages near Višegrad. In 1994. war was coming to an end, we were starting to lose more and more ground each day and the talk of peace was hanging just above our heads. In mid 1994. i met a group of Russian mercenaries who were heading to Sarajevo to make some money and have some fun, they stayed in Višegrad for two weeks by that time i became friends with them one of even gave me a number i can call if ever wanted to make money in war zones. The peace finally came on 14. December 1995. the Dayton agreement was signed and i couldnt wait to see Amina. In May 1996. i arrived to Sarajevo and immediately went to the apartment in Marijin Dvor where she lived with her parents, skipping two sometimes three steps on my way to the third floor. I rang the doorbell and her mother Meliha asked with the cold soft voice"Ko je?" i answered "Danilo je, teta Meliha otvorite" after a brief moment the door opened and there stood an old lady with a pale face, eyes almost gray lifeless and visibly skinny those were all the signs of war and what it has done but the smile she gave me was still warm and loving. She hugged me and said "Joj sine Danilo tako mi je drago sto te vidim, sto si ziv" I replied " Jesam jesam ziv sam, kako ste vi?" after asking that her smile faded and sadness came over her, she said" A evo dobro je zivi smo". She pointed me to the living room where her husband Ibro was sitting and reading newspapers i walked in and asked" Kako ste cika Ibro?" he said nothing and kept reading the newspapers but his face took the shape of resentment because of my question. I followed up with" Evo donio sam kafu i sok da imate", he looked up staring me in the eyes which made me shiver and said" Ne treba mi kafa od "Tvojih"" i froze up and didnt know how to respond but Meliha stepped in and said"Ibro pusti momka znas da nije on kriv za to sto se desilo" the fear started coming over me and i nervously asked what happened" Nisam kriv za sta, sta se desilo? she looked at me with the words barely coming out of her mouth" Amina, Amina je poginula, ubili su je" now i dont remember much after that all i know is that i was in their apartment for couple more minutes before storming out. Amina was killed back in 1993. by a sniper while waiting in the line for clean water. I returned to Belgrade where i stayed until 2017 I worked any jobs i could find trying to keep a low profile out of the fear for being convicted for war crimes, i saw my former generals and fellow army men being hunted one by one and being brought to justice. So i decided that i need to leave the country. After searching my apartment i found a number that was given to me by the Russian mercenaries, i called it hoping that someone would pick up and they did i explained them who i was using broken Russian that i remembered from high school. They said " Ah yes the loverboy we remember you" i told them that i needed help leaving the country and they said"Consider it done". After a bit over two weeks i left Serbia and arrived to Moscow. They greeted me and asked do i still remember to use a gun i answered that it will come back to me after a few days. I didnt spend much time i Moscow we quickly moved to Chernarus and were orderd to keep "peace" in the villages up nort and by peace they meant to steal and kill anyone who would stand in our way. Everything was going fine we came across little to no effort but during the summer we started getting reports of a biological warfare and were ordered to move back and start with evacuating the civilians. Most of the civilians that we started rounding up started exhibiting strange symptoms and few even attacked other people but they were quickly put down. They told us that we need to start splitting the healthy from the infected so that the evacuation could be carried out more easily. Days went by and no evacuation came, more and more people started getting infected with behaviour similar to the rabies. Shortly after the situation was desperate the infected overwhelmed us and we were forced to leave the camp leaving the few healthy people on their own. Months after the infection i hope im not the only one alive, many of my friends were killed by the infected but some got lost i just hope they were lucky enough to be alive and now i wander the wasteland hoping i will see them again or at least die trying and finally be with the one i love.


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