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Tyler Weston
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Sociopath, Pessimistic, Scatter brained, Profit Oriented.
  3. Morale
    Melancholy / *Barely* Functioning Drug Addict
  4. Date of birth
    1997-06-24 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Lawrence, Massachusetts
  6. Nationality
    Italian American
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Minimal Spanish
  9. Family
    Assumed Dead
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    189 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
    Average, Slimmer Side
  4. Hair
    Black faded undercut Mohawk with a hard part
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Scar on left and right eyebrow
    Scar on lip
    Scars on hands
    One slice scar on his wrist
    Big scar on his knee
    Crooked Nose
  8. Equipment
    Designer Clothes, cigarettes, Percocets, Xanax and other pills or drugs.
  9. Occupation
    Sales / Drug Dealing
  10. Affiliation
    The Jackals
  11. Role
    Drug Addict


Regalia Free Regular 

Tyler was born in Massachusetts. He lived a life of crime, fighting, and issues. Growing up he had some traumatic things happen as a child so his development was skewed. He was very quiet because he suffered from bipolar and panic disorders. He loved to fight and could hold his own when it came to a brawl so most people knew not to fuck with him. He and his 2 friends Mason and Fil began selling drugs when he was 16-18. They moved a lot of weight and began to run the Massachusetts drug market in the Middlesex County area. He was making a lot of money, roughly 2,000 a week untaxed.  Tyler fancied designer clothes fast cars and jewelry. (Find out more in-game)

Image result for riccardi boston

Things started to get rough after beating several felony charges on multiple different occasions him and his friends decided to pull out of the game considering themselves lucky. At the time he and his friends were facing 5-10 years in prison for felony possession with intent to distribute a class B substance, Felony kingpin charge, Felony trafficking across state lines, Felony Conspiracy and finally Felony Possession of a loaded firearm. The only reason the group got off was that during the sting the cops illegally searched the car and their lawyers beat the case. They still believe to this day they were set up. Tyler has a lot of trust issues due to this. (find out more in-game)


By the age of 20, Tyler decided it was time to grow up and started applying to jobs he did not qualify for when a sales job at a startup direct sales company he caught an interview. The owner of the company Tommy told Tyler of the growth opportunity and the amount of money he could make LEGALLY. Tyler wanted the position but Tommy asked him why he should invest all of his resources into teaching him the business and the time it will take for him to hire with no sales experience. Tyler's answer was simply "I'm driven and I am a grinder. I may not know everything about sales but I will be the best person you have ever hired." That was enough for Tommy he explained to Tyler that someone once told him he too was a grinder and it was the best compliment he's ever received. Tommy hired him on the spot and told Tyler he would be his protege and eventually run the business. He later went on to run the business and made over $400,000 that year from sales. He picked up a drug habit and his favorites were lean, Xanax, and percosetts. He started buying expesnive clothes, a ferrari and a mansion. (Learn more in-game)


After a year of hands-on training and learning everything, there was to learn about the business Tyler was ready to run his own market. In celebration, the company took a 3-week vacation to Chernarus starting April 20th. No work, no business, no conferences just a 3-week alcohol and drug binge. Chernarus was a hotspot for bars, clubs, prostitutes and beautiful views and beaches. It was the perfect place to go. So they thought. (Find out more in-game)


Day after day night after night they partied and indulged. They stayed in the hotel in Novo, a 5-star hotel and a great place for anything illegal. (Find out more in-game)


Chernarus went into a state of lockdown while he was there and all hell broke loose. (Find out more in-game)


Tyler woke up one morning to a shrill scream, assuming it was just someone in the hotel being stupid he went back to sleep. Infected ran through the streets killing and mutilating everyone and everything. Everyone he knew was dead. He went into a panic and locked himself in his hotel room for 4 days by himself when he realized he had to make a move. He was hungry, thirsty and curious. (To be continued)


Regalia Free Regular

-Rick Owens Balaclava (Black)

-Rick Owens Cyclops Jakcet FW16 (Black)

-Rick Owens Vicious Gloves FW14 (Black)

-Rick Owens Creatch Cargo Pants FW16 (Black)

Rick Owens Combat Boots FW16 (Black)


Regalia Free Regular

Tyler Carries around a protector case with everything he needs for sale and distribution of narcotics in South Zagoria (Estimated Value of the case is $45,000)

Inside the case is Morphine Bags, Witch Hazel (Black Tar Heroin), Percosets, Valium, Xanax, Oxycontin, Packaged Marijuana, Cocaine, Psilocybin, Promethezie Codein Mix, Klonopin, Ritalin, Ambien.

These drugs were aquired through:

1. Raiding clinics and medicine cabinets. (Find out more in game)

2. Brought from the United States Via "Work Hard, Play Hard" Trip (Find out more in game).

3. Manufactured at the house via hired chemist and drug producers (Find out more in game).

4. Finessing and or robbing doctors and medical professionals in South Zagoria. (Find out more in game)

5. Robbing or stealing from other addicts or survivors. (Find out more in game


Regalia Free Regular




-Extremely impulsive

-Fierce Loyalty





-Money Making



Regalia Free Regular


-Good at close range with an automatic




Regalia Free Regular

Goals will be updated as events and things happen in the game. The goals are dynamic and do not have set timeframes. As Tyler develops or regresses as a person these goals are subject to change.

-Find a place he can call home (Completed)

-Find like-minded friends that have the same interests and moral values at heart (Completed)

-Find a go-to level-headed person or people who understand Tylers struggles and can help make rational decisions when his episodes happen (Completed) (GrishaHana , Harrison, MaksimDavid)

-Find bodyguards to protect Tyler physically (Completed) (Grisha , Maksim , Lewis , Dewbekov )

-Find a doctor and or therapist to help Tyler with his addiction (Completed) (Sally Cooper )

-Learn to cope with killing for the right cause (On going) (Work in Progress, almost completed)

-Corner the drug market and become the only resource for witch hazel (Work in Progress, almost completed)

-Develop a team of runners and chemists to manufacture and help with the production of drugs and substances for the house to further profits (Work in Progress, almost completed)

-Hire 3-5 associates to help assist with the running and production of the drugs and substances needed to grow the house's production and profits (Work in Progress, almost completed)

-Create an alliance with a neutral or friendly party to further profits and or numbers against bigger groups that are threats in Chernarus (Work in Progress)

-Get help for his drug addiction (Ongoing) (Not completed)

-Get to the root of his depression and anxiety (Ongoing) (Not completed)

-Find another way to cope with his depression other than drugs (Ongoing) (Not completed)

-Find a woman to keep him grounded (Given by Grisha Petrov) (Ongoing) (Not completed)

-Eliminate Yegor and Izaak permanently (Ongoing) (Not completed)

-Turn the house into a hub for trade of anything forbidden by previous societal standards EX: Drugs, Guns, Slaves (Debatable), Prostitutes (On going) (Not Completed) 


Regalia Free Regular


-Anxiety Disorder


-Manic Depression

-Panic Disorder


Regalia Free Regular


Nik Khaos

Taji Tian   

Joey Suggs

Charles Hacket

Ceslav Kruskal

Jonathan Shmeck

Eddie Morrison





Sean M



David Mack



Free Medics

Regalia Free Regular

Dr. Fisher

Sally Cooper


Regalia Free Regular

Black face mask guy (Josif Timur)


Entirety of saviors

The House

Jimmy Lorenzo

Funeral Parlor

Regalia Free Regular

- Fashion

- Anime



Regalia Free Regular



-Fake people

-Anyone his friends don't like


Regalia Free Regular


Regalia Free Regular









groovy xavier


rick owens sucks

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14 hours ago, Xavier said:

rick owens sucks

Ayyy thanks bro ?

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I don’t think you can beanz character pages so if you like the page like this comment thanks ily

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Unknown Entity


Never seen this character page. Some really good effort put into it. I can see this guy is clearly fleshed out.

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