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Aalef Ardoin
Character information
  1. Alias
    Aalef of Chernarus
  2. Date of birth
    1992-10-01 (27 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    London, England
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Chernarussian, Irish Gaelic, Old english
  7. Religion
    Agnostic, leaning towards the Athiest side.


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    56 kg
  3. Build
    After surviving and hunting, relatively large, in muscle.
  4. Hair
    Brown, relatively short.
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Rough skin, dirty skin and clothing.
  7. Equipment
    A longbow, handcrafted. A mace or sword, whichever most reliable, and a knife, as well as general survival and farming equipment.


Since his early years of life, Aalef had been in love with medieval life. He adored the ideology of survival, hunting, small villages, and no influence of modernism, you had to rely on what you could harvest, for those of lower ranks, nothing was just given to you. Aalef went into the reenacting industry at the age of 10, alongside his parents who also adored the medieval world, lasting long, training in sword fighting, tactics, medieval life.

When Aalef was 10, his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, within a year he was dead. His mother, distraught at this loss, fell into insanity, also being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He had no one to take care of him, aside from long lost family, recently discovered in Chernarus. Aalef, decided, due to property price and ugly city life, to get in contact with his long lost family, who agreed to take him in.

At the age of 17, the civil war in Chernarus began. He took shelter in his Chernarussian family's home, in the countryside, hearing distant fighting, watching death and destruction on the television constantly. Fearing this, and not wanting to go out into the cities, his family decided to farm for products. Using their preowned animals, and growing crops. Even after the civil war ended, they resumed this, rarely visiting larger cities or stores.

They were completely unaware of the infection at the beginning, only realising it's strength once a hoard was seen passing their farm. They thought it was some sort of protest, but why would a protest go on down a small hiking trail in the middle of the countryside? It only took toll a few weeks into the widespread infection, after the family was slaughtered as Aalef was hunting, out in the nearby woods. He returned to find his Chernarussian family dead, covered in blood, alongside a dead humanoid, rotting, ugly.

Weeks after this, after walking for miles, sewing his attire, crafting new clothing and kit, Aalef stumbled across a castle, south of Severograd. The nearby signs listed it as "Devil's Castle".
Entering the gates, seeing the dilapidated ruins of what must of once been a beautiful home astounded Aalef. He decided to make the castle his home, returning their to camp at nights, or over hard times. He carries a bow and a spear, anything that helps him hunt and survive.


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