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Tracey Smith
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1987-05-01 (32 years old)
  2. Place of birth



She went to boarding school at Alans ITT institute, and got kicked out for too many violent fights with other women in the school. Her parents then sent her to the army, where she was dishonorably discharged for slapping her C.O in the face. After that, her family disowned her, as she wasn't paying rent, and was going nowhere in life. So..

She found work as a prostitute on the streets of Harlem, where she sold herself for drugs, and meager amounts of money. Her pimp thought she had an exotic look about her, and trafficked her across to the middle east in Pakistan. There she was sold to the highest bidder.. which wasn't much as she wasn't terribly pretty.. but Mohamed Al Tazit bought her for $2,000, and had her as essentially a servant and bed warmer. For a few years she worked for him, and accompanied him on his dealings across the countries. When He took her to Chernarus for a drug establishment deal with some local gangs.. the outbreak hit, and she got loose from Tazit. After all the shit she went through, she was a strong,  and in some ways broken woman. Trying to find someone to lover her, she wanders around looking for anything to attach to.




This one looks pretty sexy, @Ghost Of Pado Should we take her to the side of the hill?

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Very nice

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