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Theodore Woodley Jr
Character information
  1. Alias
    Theo, Teddy
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2000-06-17 (18 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Stuttgart, Germany
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Chernarussian(Reads)
  9. Family
    Marian Woodley, Theodore Woodley Sr., Michael Woodley
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    156 cm
  2. Weight
    71 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Medium length, shaggy, dark brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    A scarred over bullet hole on his left shoulder
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    South Zagorian Free Rangers






Theodore Woodley Jr. was born into a cookie-cutter middle class family in the suburbia of Texas. He grew up in a nice brick house with a white picket fence out front, dog running in the yard, happily married parents, and a supportive older brother. Growing up was never hard for Theo, except for the moving. It seemed like every other day the Woodley family was packing up and moving. Theo's parents were civilian contractors for the United States military, and they were sent around as a result of such. Theo had seen the beaches of Italy, the cities of Germany, and eventually the culture of Chernarus.

In June of 2014, the Woodley family packed up their bags again and settled down in the small eastern European nation of Chernarus. While it hadn't officially joined NATO, Chernarus did host several military installations within the country, one of which Marian and Theodore Sr. found themselves working at. Theo had no problem with the new living situation. Putting a 17 year-old in a foreign country with plenty of culture and cities to explore was, in Theo's eyes, a great idea. With his parents always working and his brother at college back in the States, Theo entertained himself with his homeschooling and exploring the various cities of Chernarus. Eventually, he knew the back alley's and side passages of Chernogorsk, Berezino, and Elektrozavodsk, among others, like the back of his hand.

Life was good, as far as he could tell. It was just an average afternoon when Theo's parents came home from work several hours early, worried and ready to go. Something was wrong, and they wouldn't tell Theo what it was. Whether that was because they didn't know or didn't want him to, he still doesn't know. Theodore Sr. started packing bags for the family and explained that they'd be going to Chernogorsk for a few weeks. "There's more people there, and that means more military, and that means safety," he'd say. So the very next morning, the Woodley family left for Chernogorsk with almost all of their movable belongings. When they arrived, the scene was worse than his parents anticipating. The Chernarussian Defense Force had began setting up checkpoints, filtering all traffic coming into the city. They weren't turning them back, however, they were separating certain people from others and ushering them into different parts of the city. Theo watched on through the window of the family sedan as kids were torn from their parents and couples were separated for reasons he didn't know.

What he didn't anticipate was being one of those kids. The last Theo saw of his parents were them being restrained and pulled into a separate area as they desperately tried to claw through the CDF and get back to their son. After the separation, things got progressively worse. The camps fell, the soldiers deserted, and the people either died or left. Theo was forced to leave the city, never locating his parents. Since the outbreak, Theo has been walking and walking and walking, searching for any sign of his parents. They have to be out there somewhere... right?



▴Hopelessly optimistic

▴Sticks up for his own, no matter the cost


▴Good-natured to a fault

▴Fears confrontation, despite the confident front

▴ Prone to panic after violence

▴Altruistic, morally righteous





○ Sneaky

○ Navigation/Scouting

○ Maneuvering big cities

○ Graffiti

○ Advanced first-aid

○  Supply requisitioning



✓ Big cities / ✗ Seclusion

✓ Helping others / ✗ Malicious people

✓ Good humor / ✗ Grim, gritty attitudes

✓Adventure / ✗ Confrontation

✓ Close-knit groups / ✗ Large forces




Reconnect with his family 

Find a group of good people to help others


Add some good back into the world


Reunite with any surviving Free Medics

Ensure the health of the Rangers

Find Jack



Theodore ventured far from the familiar binds of Berezino, the city he had called home for years now.  Heading to the western side of the country, he sought for something bigger than himself.  He yearned to be part of a greater force for good, for the safety of numbers and likemined people.  Bisecting Chernarus with his gait, he made his way through Gorka, then the Sobors, questing onward despite any adversities.  In Stary Sobor, a Chernarussian trader made his presence known to the wandering Theo.  Taking Theo under his wing for a brief time, he walked Theo through his first shooting lessons, showed him how to clean guns, fire them, reload, fix jams, and otherwise maneuver around a firearm.  Warning him of a group of Chernarussian nationalists on the road just ahead of them, the trader sent Theo on his way.  Theo continued onward, satisfied with his new skillset, wary of the potential threat in front of him.  The warnings of the trader whose name Theo couldn't remember seemingly fell on deaf ears, as this group of nationalists, identifying themselves as the Kameníci, apprehended Theo on his entrance to Kabanino.  The last thing he remembered before waking up beaten, bruised, and tied to a tree were the shouts of the nationalists praising their homeland.  Unarmed, beaten, and injured, Theo pressed onward, eventually picking up a radio broadcast from some far off resort named, "The Homestead."

The Free Medics



The Homestead was straight out of a story book.  A safe haven, a neutral ground for people of any background to gather, trade, commune, and receive medical help and care.  Theo was taken in by Dr. John Smithe, an older gentleman of a disheveled but kind demeanor, and made to be a doctor's apprentice for the Free Medics.  Theo was never much of a doctor, besides knowing basic first aid, but his time under Dr. Smithe helped hone his skills into that of a B-list combat medic, if you're being generous.  During his time as a medic, Theo treated many patients, and recruited plenty of new members to the ranks of the Free Medics.  He recruited several doctors, as well as their quartermaster, a man named Jack Parker who would quickly become one of Theo's closest friends.  Theo adventured the country as a travelling doctor alongside defender Tobias Richter, another friend Theo considers to be family.  Between the Toby and Theo, they've saved each others' lives too many times to count, especially after responding to a plane crash in the northeast of the country.  Theo rescued several people that day, including Benedict Falk, but soon needed rescuing himself as he took a stray bullet and Toby dragged him down the coast to safety.

Eventually, however, all good things must come to an end.  Between seemingly unending hostilities from and between the Kameníci, the House, and the Cerna Liska, the Free Medics had their plates full, and none of the senior leadership seemed willing to do anything about it.  Theo felt his life constantly in danger, as the Medics refused to allow anyone to return fire unless under direct threat.  The Liska hounded the camp for days, the Kameníci and House constantly fighting over the area.  Theo soon grew skittish and uneasy, as the threats from the outside grew closer and closer, going as far as killing some of his fellow Medics.  This business drove Theo into hiding, leaving behind a second family, a home, and a force for good in the land.  He lived in smaller hamlets for months, surviving off of old cans of food and poorly hunted foods.  As winter reared its head and the bitter cold dug its teeth into his supplies, Theo grew the courage to venture out into the rest of the country for the first time in a long time, though far more cautious of people this time.  Returning to Homestead, he found it destroyed and abandoned.  This sight drove him to tears, as he firmly gripped the radio from his bag and sent out a distress call to all former Free Medics, looking for answers and old friends.


↞ Worry Later ↠


Following the roads of the western marches of the country, Theo pushed onward, eventually finding the first of many old friends: Casey Rogers.  Through their day of traveling together, Casey filled Theo in on the events that unfolded in his absence.  Eventually, as their travels grew to a close, Casey did his best to point Theo in the direction of the past, and Theo set off to Novaya Petrovka to find his past brother-in-arms, Tobias Richter.  Theo found Toby sitting in power with the Saviors, acting as their third in command, and while the reunion was a welcome one, Theo felt Toby had changed, or at least the company he kept had.  With goodbyes shared and promises to keep in touch made, Theo set out once again, wandering aimlessly in search of past and purpose.  After days of walking, Theo happened upon Kabanino, where his past continued to follow him.  Planning on filling up his bottle at the well, a familiar voice called out to him.  Trym Everson, ranking member of the Defenders from Homestead.  Trym was traveling with a group he called, "The Rangers," a woman named Ryleigh, and a two men, Artyomich and Karl.  Compelled to do so both by faith in Trym and the group's seemingly open arms, Theo began integrating into the group, a process only aided by the attack on Kabanino the five of them rode out together in the small dining room of a house in town.  As the first of many firefights concluded, Theo and his newest travel companions set out north.

Reaching Novaya Petrovka once again, violence followed them.  Trym, stubborn as ever, insisted on going into the city, accompanied by Karl, while Theo led Artyomich and Ryleigh to higher ground to observe the Saviors compound.  Watching from afar, the trio waited and waited as more gunshots erupted in the city.  It wasn't until a distressed radio call sent them into the woods that they knew something was wrong.  After what seemed like hours of watching, Theo and Ryleigh regrouped with the Rangers on the western side of the train depot.  The headcount was the same, but Trym was replaced by a man Theo hadn't met before.  Margo, as he introduced himself, had seen Trym gunned down in the streets by the Saviors, an unfortunate casualty in a conflict he had no stake in.  Panicked and distressed, Theo mindlessly followed the Rangers east to their base of operations.  Barely a day had passed when Toby radioed Theo, claiming that Trym wasn't dead and a fellow by the moniker Odin had taken him.  Ryleigh and Margo receiving the same information, the trio jumped into action, heading to pick up another member Theo hadn't met yet, John.  The remainder of the day was spent tracking down this Odin gentleman, receiving aid from a proud group of Russians in extracting information, and trying to find Trym.  Odin, however, was far from helpful.  It wasn't until he put a knife to Ryleigh's throat that we realized he was far more dangerous than we thought.  It all passed in a blur, but Theo saw the man loading John's shotgun, taking aim at him, and pulling the trigger as a volley of rifle fire erupts and Odin falls to the ground, Margo standing behind him, dropping Theo's rifle in shock.  Best Theo could tell, this broke Margo, wrecking his inner morals and beliefs, driving him to abandon the group.  But he saved Theo's life.  Theo wouldn't soon forget that.

With the information that Trym had been taken to a barn, the remaining three set out to find him.  Fortunately, they did.  Unfortunately, he was still suffering from the wounds inflicted in Novaya Petrovka.  Theo was shell shocked by this while John was literally in shock from a wound sustained to his leg, but they had to begin work to save Trym.  With Ryleigh's help, Theo put the skills he learned through his time with the Free Medics to use and begin extracting the two bullets lodged inside Trym's torso.  Very carefully, the bullets were removed and the wounds cauterized.  Trym was alive, just a little worse for wear.  All of them ready to get the hell out of Novaya Petrovka, Ryleigh went to retrieve their car while Theo tended to Trym and John.  A few moments passed and they were all loaded up in Margo's shitty coupe and began the drive back to the Ranger's home base.  The drive concluded and they arrived, offloading everybody and finding Margo in one of the lodge rooms, a trail of drugs and alcohol in his wake.  Trym was still injured, John in shock, and Margo drugged out, but they made it back.  They were alive.  They were alive and Theo finally found another place to call home.  Through all the panic and hysteria of the day, they just had to do what Ryleigh always says.  Worry later. 



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