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Jack Fisher
Character information
  1. Alias
    Doctor Fisher
  2. Date of birth
    1979-10-14 (40 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Dutch, English and knows a bit of sign language
  7. Relationship
    Married to a woman named Judith
  8. Family
    He has one daughter
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    93 kg
  3. Build
    Muscled, tall
  4. Hair
    Dark short brown hair.
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - Has 2 scars on his upper left leg. (Got shot)
    - Has a scar on his right lower arm. (Got shot)
    - He had his arm / part of his chest tattooed during the apocalypse by his wife Judith
    - He has the letter X carved in his left wrist
  8. Equipment
    Scrubs cloathing, Lab coat, Medical supplies, A firearm, Food, A water bottle.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation


Jack Fisher was born in Rotterdam. He lived with his parents and went to school just like every other kid. Jack always wanted to be a surgeon so when he turned 18 he started studying medical school. When he turned 22 he finished medical school and he was a basic docter. Jack wanted more and started doing residency and fellowship training. When Jack turned 32 he became a surgeon. He continued his work in a hospital. When Jack turned 33 his wife divorced him and 2 days later Jack's little girl named Laura got hit by a truck and died. He never really got over it and he started working even more. 

2 years passed when on a sunny day his best friend Mats called. Mats and Jack knew eachother since they were little and Mats was a brain surgeon working in Chernarus. Mats asked Jack to come work in his clinic and that there was alot of need for doctors. Jack (Who had a decent amount of money by now) didnt hesitate and took the first plane he could. When he arrived at the clinic he saw Mats helping a patient. Jack screamed "Hey Mats! Here I am". Mats looked at him and laughed, "Well then you can start working! Its a buzy day". From that day Jack and Mats were working in the clinic untill the outbreak happened..

03:14 PM:

Jack woke up because he heard screams and shooting outside of the clinic. He ran to the door where he saw Mats standing. "What is happening?" Jack asked. "Look for yourself" Mats said. When Jack looked down the street he saw people running and creatures chasing the people. He also saw alot of people laying on the street. "Mats said lets help them!" and he ran down the street but Jack froze while he heard all the gunshots and screaming. After 2 minutes he saw Mats sprinting back and saw alot of creatures running behind him. Mats screamed "GO INSIDE NOW". Jack ran inside and out of fear he closed the door and locked it. He heard Mats banging on the door and screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LET ME IN". Jack fell on the floor and looked at the closed door. After a couple seconds he heard Mats screaming in pain and he heard weird noices he had never heard before. Jack looked out of the window and saw all the creatures chewing on his best friend, Jack passed out.

09:06 PM:

Jack opened his eyes and thought to himself "What a bad dream". He walked to the door and opened it. The only thing he saw was blood and bodies. There were blood and bodies everywhere. The next couple of days Jack hid in the clinic and never opened the door for anyone untill some day he heard a woman crying for help. He ran to the door and for the first time in days he opened the door. The woman was carrying a child in her hands and the child seemed to have bite wounds. She begged Jack to help her child and so Jack tried. He layed the child on a bed and started attaching all the monitors. When he realised the power was off he looked and the child and started disinfecting the wound when suddenly.. "RAAAAAAARRRWWW", the child opened his eyes and grabbed Jack by his coat. Jack was so suprised he fell to the floor and tried to push away the child who had jumped on top of him. Suddenly Jack heard a loud bang and the child's head exploded and Jack was covered in blood. The mother found a shotgun in the clinic and shot the child. "It was to late anyway.. Thank you doctor.. Promise me to help anyone in need, good or bad.. Everyone has a good side" she said while putting the barrel of the shotgun in her mouth. "Wait.. what.. NO DONT NO" Jack screamed. But it was to late, the woman pulled the trigger and also her head exploded. She fell to the floor and the whole wall and floor was covered in blood. Jack just layed there while he stared at the mother.

After a couple of minutes Jack slowly stood up and carefully grabbed the body of the mother. He buried the mother and child and while he watched the graves he said: "I will.. I will try to help anyone in need.. good or bad.. I promise."

He tried helping people at first but at the start there were to many people who just stole his supplies. He went hiding in the woods. After a couple months he decided to come back to his clinic.


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One of the most in-depth characters I've ever seen amazing work!

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