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Nikolas Omerzakov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Abandoned, lost, confused.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-05-26 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Russian, Turkish


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Medium build, defined arms and leg muscles.
  4. Hair
    Brown short hair
  5. Eyes
    A very bright blue
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Trusty pocket knife, a picture of the family.


My characters name is Nikolas Omerzakov, he was born and raised in Russia and never moved around much at all, and neither did his family. Nikolas's family could be dated back for centuries as farmers making him a pure blooded Russian farmer. Nikolas, when the infection began, was 27 and he stands at 6'2 with brown short hair, and a decent size build, and enough muscle to know he is in shape. Before the outbreak, Nikolas lived a comfortable life in Russia with his loving wife and two kids on his family farm that he inherited from his Mom and Dad. His wife was his high school sweetheart and shortly after high school, they got married so that they could live the rest of there life on this huge land that he owned. Shortly after they got married they had a baby boy which was followed up shortly by a baby girl. Before the kids could even walk they started to help out on the farm. Nikolas's life was quiet and contained only problems that ever came his way were the pesky critters and wolves that messed with his crops and livestock, because of this Nikolas learned how to shoot a gun at a very young age, and also became very good at it, considering his dad forced him to use it whenever there was a wolf problem or critter problem. Nikolas life would quickly be turned upside down when the outbreak began. The start of the outbreak, caused the Russian military to have to look towards the draft and Nikolas knew he had gotten lucky since he turned 18 but his luck could not last forever. He was called to arms and forced to leave his family behind and have to hire some hands to help work the fields. Once he got into recruitment he soared through basic training and was top of his class. He was not trying to make a name for himself but for him, failure was not an option. He realized that in order to get back to his daily life he would need to get this over with and serve what he had to serve so instead of not trying he did the exact opposite he tried harder than any of the other kids out there. Ran faster than all of the younger kids, was a better shot than even some of the commanding officers and outsmarted most of the other cadets, and also was more attentive and listened more to the commanders than anyone else. He was a perfect military specimen. Even though Nikolas had all of this going for him but during it did not make many friends, which turned out to bite him in the ass later on. After training was complete they were geared up and sent on a mission right away, they were sent straight into the heart of Chernarus, right to Kirovograd, this was a rescue mission paired with a retrieval mission, a squad was sent out before them to retrieve some important research on the outbreak but was overrun by, and I quote "Thousands of those fuckers" so they were tasked with rescuing any survivors and more importantly getting that research. The mission was going perfectly, they had gotten the research and had no contact, up until they found some survivors. When they found them there was only two or three left and they were surrounded in a shed by at least ten of "those fuckers" and had no way out. When they saw us they started to yell and shout in our direction, which woke up at least ten more of the dead that we had for sure thought was dead. They all knew that they had two choices here, one the try and rescue them and stop the noise of them calling for help but also attracting many more or to shoot the survivors right there and move on giving them an easy way mission with no trouble. Well, the rest of the squad had there mindset, everyone did except Nikolas. Nikolas could not kill these men when there was a chance that they could save them. But it was the rest of the squad against him and someone was already lining up a shot to take the men out. Nikolas knew he had to act fast so he reached up and grabbed the barrel of the gun a pulled it down right before he shot, what Nikolas did not predict was that when he pulled it down like that the shot would go off and went straight into his leg. The bullet went through and through and caused Nikolas to burst out in pain, and go down onto his hands and knees in pain. The rest of the squad seeing this knew that his yelling would attract many new dead to their position and instead of attempting to help Nikolas ran off towards the evac zone leaving him there to die. Nikolas knew he had to get off the street so he took out his basic medical equipment and bandaged his leg up the best he could, and crawled over to a nearby house and locked himself upstairs in one of the rooms and listened to all of the men in the shed bellow get mauled and killed slowly by the dead. After a few weeks of living off whatever was left in the house he held up in he knew he could not stay here any longer and his wound as well would not allow him to stay here much longer without care. So he packed everything he had and set out to try and make it back to his wife and kids and that quiet farm back home if he still had a home


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