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Semyonovich Sokolov
Character information
  1. Alias
    'Most people just call me Semyon'
  2. Mental
    'I... I do not know, really... I mean, this is first time I have spoken to anyone for maybe... 3 week? I get by, I get by. Some days are easier than other.'
  3. Date of birth
    1989-08-05 (30 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    'I was born under shadow of Mount Koryasky, in small town named Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, in the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. In 1989, same year the wall fell, you know?'
  5. Nationality
    'I am Russian! Well, Russian born, my Mother was English, father was from Moscow.'
  6. Ethnicity
    'My brother used to say, "Like rabbit in snowstorm"!'
  7. Languages
    'Well, I learn some English off my mother... and I learn rest while I was in Army. You probably tell my English is little rusty, but we are speaking it fine now, eh?'
  8. Relationship
    'When I was deployed, I was living in Moscow. I left my girlfriend behind... She always said she would wait for me. Who knows what happen to her now.'
  9. Family
    'I had a brother, Artyom. He was a good soldier. A good brother. And my parents? My father died when I was young; he was fighting in Grozny in First Chechen War. And my mother, she went home, to England. I still saw her a lot. My father could be a violent man, but mother was good, a pacifist, as she said. My brother and I joined army, not just to honour our father, but to help establish what my mother told us of; peace.'
  10. Religion
    'You still believe in that? You not see walking corpses? My friend, if God is real, then we are in Hell.'


  1. Height
    194 cm
  2. Build
  3. Hair
    Dark brown, overgrown, slicked back.
  4. Eyes
    Bottle green eyes, tired looking, but constantly looking around, never settling on one thing for long.
  5. Alignment
    True Neutral
  6. Features
    An overgrown beard. From under the left collar of his fatigues, you see a tattoo of a black panther climbing up the side of his neck. On the other side, a skull and crossed bones wearing a peaked military cap.
  7. Equipment
    'I still have most of army equipment, you see? Gorka, vest, and my AK74. Trusty old Kalashnikov has kept me alive more times than I count! Gear is old but it works, and I like keeping warm and out of sight of bandits and bogeymen.'
  8. Occupation
    'Sergeant Sokolov of 8th Guards, Russian Armed Forces! Or, I was, before all this. I guess now I am just Polite man with rifle, no?'
  9. Affiliation
    'No, no, I keep to myself, at least for time being. Seen too many people executed for wrong affiliations. Not my style, my friend. Maybe, I meet some people in this wasteland who aren't psycho murderers, I change my mind, eh?'


"So, I am from Russia, English mother, Russian father, blah blah, I tell you all of this already. You want to know how it is I came to be in such delightful place as Chernarussia? You are sitting comfortable, yes?

"Me and my brother, Artyom, we served in the 8th Guards, of Russian Ground Forces together. We joined up the very same day, trained hard, fought hard. We had a good relationship, both as brothers and as soldiers. He was bold and brave, always first to jump into the action. I was a Sargent, and he was Senior Sargent. When all that crap was going on, you remember, the Russian airstrike against some storage facility near Servograd? Well, the 8th was task with reinforcing Russian border. We set up blockades at all the major roads, built fences along the borders edge, brought up heavy machine guns and armored vehicles. We ended up at one of the blockades, on one of the roads that cuts through Black Mountains.

"Fast forward a week later. Russia has been flying attack planes almost none stop, blowing up all sorts of crap south of border. We get report one of the planes did not return. We formed a scout party, and moved out across border to find downed aircraft, see if pilot was still alive. Down we drove, in little UAZ, four of us. Me, my brother Artyomka, and two others, Lev and Anastasia; both good soldiers. We see smoke rising in distance, and drive to it, and sure enough, there is the Sukhoi, a Grach; it had crashed in field, come apart pretty bad but the front section was still solid.

"We drive over, and notice there is a man, looked like a farmer, on top of the fuselage reaching into the cockpit. We raise our weapons, yell at him to get down. He turns at us, and his skin was grey, grey as an early morning mist, with eyes yellow. He growls at us loudly, screeches, falls off the plane and runs at us. I shout one more warning, but the guy doesn't even blink, so I put a bullet in his shoulder. That stopped him, for a second or two, before he runs again, one arm limp. I yell again, no response, so I shoot him through knee. Now he falls, still moaning and groaning, before he start to crawl across floor with his other arm and leg. I didn't warn him again. Just shot him through chest. He stopped then.

"We were in shock. We had heard rumours of some freaky shit over here, but nothing like this. Lev, he climbed up plane to check on pilot. I ask him 'is he still alive?', and he yells out in pain, falls backwards onto the grass, bleeding all from his neck and shoulder... Artyom runs over, but the pilot, the pilot he, he has climbed out of cockpit and jumps at him, biting and scratching. Anastasia and me, we yell, aim our rifles but we can't shoot without hitting him. Before we knew what to do, that farmer freak I shot, he snuck up on us, and started biting at Anas leg, furiously, wildly. She shoots him but the damage was done. I wrestle pilot off of my brother, and shoot the damn thing dead too, but I was too late. He was lying in a pool of blood. Not moving. Dead. Lev too.

"I bandaged up Anas leg, and loaded our fallen comrades into UAZ. I start to drive, making back for the border. As we rejoin the road, this man appears from behind a tree, right infront of us. I swerved hard to miss him, and the bastard UAZ rolls right over. Ana, poor girl, was caught between vehicle and road, and I guess crushed. Last thing I remember was hearing her scream.

"I wake up, and I am upside down, hanging from my seat by my seatbelt. It was getting dark, I must have been out for a while. I look around, and my comrades all seem to be stirring. In hindsight, this should have alarmed me, but it took me a minute to remember they should all be dead. And then I hear that growl, that moan, same as the farmer, but coming from my men. And Artyom, his head slowly turns to look at me, and his skin is grey, and eyes yellow. And he screeches, and starts to struggle; I panicked, managed to cut my seatbelt off me and climb through the broken windshield. Pulled my rifle and bag out and ran. Faster than I'd ever ran.

"I made it back to the border a few hours walking later. They wouldn't let me through. Shined big spotlight at me; quarantine was in effect, they said. I realised I had missed my window of return. My team was officially MIA. I tried to explain to border guards, but they cut me off, fired warning shot over my head. I took out my dogtags, and my comrades too, but they fired again, this time between my feet. I quickly realised, the game had changed. So I ran. I never tried to go back, after things went to shit so quickly I didn't see any point.

"So, here I am. Little green man in the little green land. Maybe I return to Russia one day. But before that, I must put my Brother to rest, and my comrades too. They... were good to me. Good soldiers. Good friends, better family. I am not religious man, but they were. If the soul is real, then theirs are stuck here, in this hellish place, and that doesn't sit good with me. So I search for them, and will lay them to rest properly, conduct the rites and bury them. Let them leave this world the right way... it's what they deserve. But search is difficult. I went back to UAZ, but they were not there, not even poor Ana. So now I am just roaming land, searching. And when they are at peace, then so shall I be.


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