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Victor Vulpe
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1990-06-29 (30 years old)
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Russian, Romanian
  7. Family


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Occupation


Name: Victor Vulpe (vool-peh)

Occupation: Respiratory Pulmonologist 

Place of Occupation: European Medical Center, Moscow, Russian Federation

Degree: DrPH & MD from Texas A&M

Years of practice: 4 years

Bio: Victor was born to a Romanian father and Russian mother in Moscow, USSR. His father was a plum farmer that started a small business manufacturing and selling Țuică. His small business did well and he lived comfortably in a small home outside of Moscow. Victor earned the nickname "V" when he would play video games with friends online. He gamer-tag was "VVVV69VVVV" but his friends called his "V". The name stuck and he grew used to being called V outside his gaming community by his English speaking friends. At 18, he was conscripted into the Russian Army. He served his term in the infantry. He became fascinated by basic first aid. After leaving the Army, he went to school to become a doctor. He went to the college in Moscow and then got a student loan to continue his education in the United States. He stayed with an online friend and attended Texas A&M and received his DrPH and MD. He worked in United Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas for a few years until his application to several hospitals in Moscow went through. While in the United States, he was able to freely express his sexual liberty. He had always known himself as Gay but since Russia's conservative ideologies and laws, he had to remain secretive about his sexuality. He was hired at the European Medical Center in Moscow. He continued to work there with out a care in the world. Everything was going well for him.

Then the pandemic began. Being a specialist, he was busy in the emergency center to handle those suffering with lung problems. Then one night while covering a long shift, one of the patience that got infected sat up and bit the attending nurse. He pulled the nurse away from the attacker and managed to tackle the attacker and hold him down. The security came in and took over but another person was bitten down the hall by another patient. Then more people were attacked in the hallway and then the lobby. The situation quickly got out of hand and Victor fled the building as he was chased by infected. Outside, police and military were already dealing with the situation. He was escorted to an Army truck and with other civilians and taken to an Army base to wait out the chaos. 

The time waiting turned into weeks. Then months. All around the military base, the nation fell apart. Rights and privileges were removed in order to create security. Then they heard the horrific news... The Russian Federation had fallen. Rumors spread of an Oblast to the south that still retain some sort of civility. Moscow had fallen and resources in the Quarantine center in the city were running out. Some groups had turned to banditry. A squad went rogue and then everything fell apart. With out soldiers watching the perimeter, infected got inside and began attacking civilians and military personnel. Along with a small company of civilians and soldiers, V departed at the dead of night in the metro until making it out to the surface. Witnessing the Motherland being ravaged by conflict and infected. Desperate for hope, he left with a large group of civilians and soldier and headed south towards Chernarus.

Personal Goals: 

  1. Establish a clinic
  2. Find a lover
  3. Treat 5 patients
  4. Make a working ambulance
  5. Learn how the infection has spread and mutated
  6. Help secure a home for refugees

Scars: Red Star outline on his back


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