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Jules Kite
Character information
  1. Alias
    Mr. Kite, or Kite
  2. Date of birth
    1958-09-02 (61 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Albany, New York, USA.
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
    Irish, Scottish.
  6. Languages


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Jules was born to two immigrant parents, his mother from Scotland and his father from ireland. Jules spent most of his younger years in his fathers ranch where his father raised cattle and crops for local sale. The family was relatively wealthy.  In the 1960's Jules was a teen, and by the end of the 60's he assimilated into what was known as "Hippie Culture". He was well known in the town he lived in. He moves to Norwich, NY when he was 18, with three other friends. They spend a majority of their time getting high, and getting high some more. Hippie Culture promoted drug usage for mental exploration. Jules was born Jules Kithran (Kite-ren). His friends often refereed to him as "Mr. Kite". The name derives from a Beatles song title "Being for The Benefit Of Mr. Kite". In 1975 Kite left New York and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland where he spent most of his time in construction. He was attempting to stop using Marijuana, in 1988 he was sent on a retreat, with 6 others and a supervisor to Chernarus. The idea was to live in a communal farm, and as a whole stop using drugs slowly.  The retreat failed when another man on the retreat, Vlad, who was a russian native got in a horrific dispute with Kite over Russian-American relations. Kite who was sober at the time shot and killed Vlad when he attacked him during the dispute. Later autopsy revealed that Vlad was under the influence of several Opiods, aswell as Heroin. Due to the nature of the murder Kite was acquitted of the crimes. Kite decided to stay in Chernarus, he payed the rest of the rent for the retreat house and went on to purchase the land aswell as its surrounding 7 acres. Kite lived here until 2000. Kite was fairly alone,  the most human contact he had was going to the store, and working in construction. He eventually sold his home and moved to the coast of Chernarus, and lived in a smaller apartment. He began to fish, and he made alot of money. The fishing industry was huge in Chernarus. Kite never married, or had kids. In 2015 he retried and went under governmental senior care. He stayed in his apartment, and he opened up a small record store in the vacant space below his apartment. Kite began to dabble in drugs again, mostly smoking marijuana while on the job selling records. On the first day of the infection he started a "End of the world Party" at his record store. The party became overwhelmingly large. However Kites plan was to gather everyone in one location so when the infection grew worse, as he expected, he would be surrounded by people and the larger number would ensure safety. The party ran 12 hours, it stopped when a group of 7, who were in a private room were becoming suspicious. Kite was on the top floor of the apartment building at the time, and heard the screams. All 7 in the room were infected, and the door was opened by someone who suspected something was going on. The 7 infected nearly the whole party, leaving kite alone on the top floor, survivors ran up, asking to get in, but there was too many and Kite was scared, he locked the door and barricaded it, he waited for three days, and left, seeing what the world had become. He went downstairs and took 5 records he loved aswel as a small modern record player, he realized that tpolice mustve confiscated most of his drugs, leaving him with a 75 grams of marijuana. He intends to grow more, and start a business so he can become a decent trader.


Lewis scott


We're all living in 2017 and this motherfucker is living in 

Date of birth
2050-07-26 (32 years old)

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Nice time traveling Mate... 2050 and you're only 32 wow.... you look good ya cheeky bastard.

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