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Francesca Mazza
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    "Nothing left to lose."
  3. Morale
    "Just breathing."
  4. Date of birth
    1996-12-31 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Baltimore, MD
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Family
    Silvia (daughter) - Deceased
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    161 cm
  2. Weight
    62 kg
  3. Build
    Slightly muscular and pudgy
  4. Hair
    Wavy/curly , brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Special: 1 pair of pink baby slippers made of leather, bunny rabbit design on the top-- a gift from Katy and her fiance
    1 box knife
    Katy's engagement rings




Francesca Mazza was born December 31st 1996 in Baltimore, and was raised by her mother. Her father spent a good portion of her childhood behind bars for numerous counts of theft and assault-- unable to control his impulses and emotions. Mrs. Mazza was often stretched thin when it came to raising her daughter and putting food on the table, but they managed. She did well in school and was generally easy to take care of, but was rather over-emotional. She also had problems with lying and was a bit of a klepto, but years in therapy helped her keep this habit under wraps.

From an early age, Frankie dealt with anxiety and a bad temper. Eventually she learned the bad habit of bottling it up until she inevitably couldn't any more. She was the kind of kid that just liked to laugh and have a good time, but would have meltdowns well into her teens. She would be quick to get angry and frustrated with herself and others. Though well liked among her peers, she did suffer some teasing.

Katy was a friend Frankie had made in kindergarten, and the two of them were close like sisters. They were comfortable in each other's company, which they valued above all else. Frankie relied on her friend to act as her voice of reason. Things only got worse when Katy left for college. Without her voice of reason there, Frankie made some questionable and cliché choices, including getting a tattoo and settling early.

Pete was her high school boyfriend and was just as young and impulsive as most teenagers. He wasn't oblivious to her issues with controlling her emotions, but seemed as understanding as Katy. Their relationship moved fairly quickly after graduating from school, and a little over a year later they were living together in her mother's house and getting ready to have a baby of their own.





In May of 2017, Frankie received an invitation to Katy's wedding to her college boyfriend. It was taking place in her fiance's hometown in Russia, near the border of Chernarus. The rising tensions in Eastern Europe at the time were mildly concerning, but with a baby on the way and a marriage happening, Frankie was too happy to be very worried. She and Pete managed to put together the funds to travel, and arrived in Russia where she planned to stay with her best friend to help plan the rest of the wedding.

Katy didn't get to see her wedding day. Her fiance had become sick and attacked Katy and Frankie, but Pete killed him before he could hurt either of them. This experience haunted him and he grew paranoid and emotionally distant from most people, including his girlfriend. Frankie gave birth at the beginning of September to a daughter she named Silvia, but by this time supplies were running low. Taking care of a newborn only added to everyone's frustration. Katy and Frankie argued more than usual, which usually ended up in yelling matches that Pete would have to break up.

After a particularly terrible argument, Katy left on a supply run and Pete left shortly after. Katy returned to their home base hours later with a bite mark from an infected. The girls apologized to one another for the things they said and traded their goodbyes before Katy asked Frankie to end her life. Pete came back to find Frankie standing over Katy's body. Paranoid, sleep-deprived, and suffering from PTSD, Pete did not believe her when she tried to explain. They argued, and in the middle of the night he left with Silvia.

Frankie remains obsessed with finding her baby. Over a year after the outbreak and many months since Pete disappeared, Frankie met a man named Ian. He was a strange one, but he heard Frankie's story. She was mostly telling the truth. Ian claimed to be capable of helping Frankie find her family but only if she helped him in return. He encourages her to lie and steal, but there are many things she's willing to do or sacrifice if it means she'll be reunited with her family. Frankie instantly agreed to do as he asked and became an obedient follower, going so far as to cross the border into Chernarus.






Habitual Lying

After spending time with Ian for so long Frankie was able to curb her habits of lying and stealing, at least for him. It was necessary in order to avoid punishment in the form of never seeing her daughter again. Ian would threaten that if Frankie did not work to his advantage Silvia would never know her mother. After figuring out that Ian would never help her, however, Frankie left him. The only positive thing  Ian had ever done for her would remain that her lying and kleptomania were manageable, but she is unsure of how long the effects of keeping his company will last. 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

She's irritable, impatient, indecisive, and is sometimes restless. She gets incredibly nervous around some strangers or situations, even when they're most likely harmless. The mind games Ian used to play with her hardly helped. The symptoms of her anxiety come and go, and the most prominent are her irritability, general twitchiness, and her restlessness. She's become increasingly paranoid around others, and suspects most people of ulterior motives. A little paranoia is good for one's health. When it gets in the way of making real friends or fixing old relationships, it becomes a problem.


She's quick to cry, and even quicker to fume. Frankie has come to accept she may never find her daughter. She wants to move past it all, but it's just going to take time and she's impatient. Violence is not usually common for her, but her issues with controlling her emotions have become a great obstacle in this regard. She can't be described as trigger-happy, but she's said and done some pretty terrible things. If she believes herself or someone she cares for to be in physical danger she would act accordingly, and if someone is difficult to get along with she may let them know in her own way. As far as her attitude goes Frankie is someone who enjoys joking and laughing but has become wary of other people, paranoid even. She still gets attached to others rather easily, especially if they are a friendly and good person, but the suspicion remains. Overall, Frankie is a somewhat lonely individual who does what she believes she must for the benefit of her loved ones.

Likes: Dirty jokes, fishing, cold weather, heavy metal music, teddy bears, sleeping in, dogs, sunflowers

Dislikes: Lying, stealing, cats, waking up early, zucchini, warm weather

Skills: Hunting, Fishing, Scavenging, Basic medical (self care), Cooking




8-12-18 After crossing the border Ian and Frankie stopped in Sinistok. It was home to a group of friendly people calling themselves 'The Renaissance'. Afterwards they met up with Ian's friend Everest. They did some scouting, and then Ian and Everest went to bed. Bored, Frankie headed back to Sinistok where she met Kazimir again. The two talked and laughed together for a while, and spent the night together.

8-13-18 Frankie met up with Ian in Severograd. She lied about meeting anyone out west. After Everest arrived they got a ride back to Sinistok. Ian gave her a lecture about lying, and mentioned Everest's offer to 'educate' her. Kazimir witnessed Frankie all worked up, and she told him about Pete and Silvia. He said he would help her, and then they played a drinking game before going to bed.

8-14-18 Morphine addict Brody Graham, an associate of Ian's, joined them in Sinistok. Ian suggested moving back to camp, but because of the threat of the Reds, Kazimir convinced him to stay in town another night. After a stressful day for Kazimir, he and Frankie spent the night together. She is beginning to trust him a great deal, enough to want to come clean about her compulsion to lie and steal. Her relationship with Ian grows tense, but she will still continue to help him since she believes he will help her. 

5-1-19 Freedom has a bitter taste. Without having Ian to give her direction, Frankie is at a loss for what to do. He kept her in check and made her feel as though her goals weren't truly impossible, but it was all lies and games with Ian. Without her leash she is unsure of what to do and where to go from where she is. She lost all hope. All that's left to do is wander and survive.

8-6-19 Following a lead on Silvia's cold trail, Frankie reached an answer she dreaded, but it wasn't a total surprise. It only surprised her in being far worse than she expected. It's one thing for a parent to know their child starved, or froze to death , and another thing entirely to know that they became just another victim to reptiles parading around as people. Frankie wasn't there to feed and love her daughter the way she deserved, and she wasn't there to protect her from other people. All that's left to do is try to live with the guilt of being one of two bad parents. 


Family, Close, Friend, Liked, Neutral, Disliked, Hated, Dead




Psycho Brody






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