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Godryc Maniu
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Expect the unexpected
  3. Date of birth
    1988-09-16 (31 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Romanian, English
  8. Family
    Wife Gina - dead, Daughter Miruna - dead
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Average height and heavyset
  4. Hair
    Brown Hair. He likes to keep it shaved if he can.
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Scar on his left arm. His wife bit him after she turned.
  8. Equipment
    Black clothes to mourn his family or Hunter cloths
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Godryc was first known as Madalin Maniu and was born in 1988, Romania, in the city of Sibiu, the hearth of the Transylvania region. Growing up he was exposed to the big city life but also to the hardships of the rural life were his grandparents lived, not so long ago.
Mada (short for Madalin) was thought to by his family to be kind with everyone around him, to help the ones weaker then him, to tolerate the ones who didn't agree with him and to expect the unexpected. As he grew up, the city life gave him education, he loved history and technology, he loved reading about the Roman Empire and about Space exploration. The rural life taught him to praise nature, to interact with animals but most importantly how to survive without being surrounded by concrete.

After he finished his studies in computer science he landed a job as a web developer. Working in tech in the modern age was a bulletproof decision. In 2010 he married his collage sweat-hearth, Gina, and 1 year latter their daughter was Miruna was born. They lived in a modest apartment and they owned a car. Mada and Gina didn't have much, even tho they had good jobs, but they were still young but Miruna made them feel like they had everything.
In July 2017, news about conflict in Chernarus broke out. Mada was always aware of international politics and disputed, but didn't pay to much attention this time. Not so long ago the same happened in Ukraine, a country that borders Romania, and he thought Chernarus was the same. In the next few weeks disturbing images found their way in the media, but little did he know the media was being feed false information to avoid a world wide panic.

On the 23 of July, Mada was working overtime late in the night. Just before leaving he wanted to check to online news. 'Riots in Ukraine and Turkey" the headlines read. 'This world is going to shit' Mada said to himself. He took his jacket and was ready to head home. After he started his car, he saw a mob of people chasing a person. He couldn't stand by so he ran to save the guy. Coming close to the corner he last saw them, he hears strange noises, takes a peak and sees the mob taking the guy apart. Mada got scared, really scared, he ran to his car and drove of. Started calling 112, but no one responded. Then he tries to call Gina but suddenly the cell network is down. As he drove in the city he starts hearing police sirens every were, he sees the same thing he saw at his office building, people running after and killing other people, apartment building catching fire, and no fire trucks in sight. He finally reaches home, he runs like a mad man up the stairs to his flat to check on his family. When he enters he sees Gina who is scared, barely keeping it together. He hugs her and asks about Miruna. Miruna was sleeping, not a care in the world. Mada wakes her up, gives her a small backpack and tells her to put some cloths on, as fast as she can while Mada and Gina do the same. After they are done, Mada tells them they have to leave the city so they get out of the apartment and go down the stairs. Just before they get out of the building, they hear a sound behind them, Mr. Chereches jumps on Gina who was standing behind Miruna, Miruna screams, Mada turns around and punches Mr. Chereches in the face, and he fells down. After that he closes the doors behind him and Mr. Chereches after he gets up he just yells without opening the doors to fallow them. The family jumps in the car, Mada nervously tries to start the engine while Miruna looks in horror at what is happening in the streets.

Finally they get out of town. Mada avoids the highway and goes to the only place he knows his familly will be safe, his grandparents village. Few more hours on the road and Gina feels bad, she is coughing and sneezing . Mada stops to check on her, and that's when he sees the bite but doesn't know what it means. Then he drives to the nearest gas station. The gas station looks empty and starts searching for a medkit. Miruna is in the car with Gina, and Gina looks more and more pale, her fever is rising rapidly. Mada comes back with the medkit and while he tries to find the antibiotics, he hears it. The same sound he heard back at his office, behind the corner, the same sound the crazy people were making, the same sound Mr. Chereches was making just before he bit Gina and that's when Mada understood what was happening. Without any hesitation he pushes Miruna out of the car while Gina jumps on Mada and bits him, Mada takes out a scissor out of the medkit and stabs Gina in the right eye. They he rushes out of the car, grabs Miruna and they go in the gas station. He takes the alcohol out of the medkit, to rapidly treat his wound and then he bandages it. But he can't stop thinking if what happened with the love of his life wont happen to him, and what that means for Miruna. Mada buries his wife, while Miruna cries in the gas station's bathroom. After he buried her, he goes back to the gas station. He locks the building with what he can find, then takes a rope and ties himself to the counter. Miruna still cries, she is still horrified, Mada tries to calm her and tells her she has to be strong, she tells her that daddy wont be around for much longer, he tries to tell her what to do after he is gone and that she should not be here in the next few hours, Mada doesn't want Miruna to see him turn into a monster. Hours passed, and they both fell asleep in different corners of the building, it was almost morning. After a few hours Mada wakes up, looks at the time, it's almost noon, and he is still him, and feels a certain happiness, but that goes away when he looks around and he sees Mirina is not in the building. He rapidly unties himself and goes outside and sees a horde around his car, and in his car is Miruna. Mada goes back in the gas station to find a weapon, he can't save Miruna empty handed. While searching for a weapon he find a wrench, then he hears Miruna screaming. Rushing back to the car he sees that the infected have broken the windows and are halfway in the car. Mada in a frenzy rage runs to the car, hitting every infected with the wrench, then pulls out the ones that were trying to get in the car and kills them all, then he goes to check on his daughter who was not screaming anymore. Miruna was covered in blood, she was bitten hard by the neck, and losing blood fast. Mada crying tries to bandage her, but he is not doctor, he doesn't know what to do. Miruna slowly starts to speak. She said she saw people on the road and wanted to ask them to help her dad, but as it turned out, those weren't people, not anymore. Mada was not surprised, after all that's how he raised, but who knew the world change like this. Miruna died from to much blood loss in Mada's hands.

After burying his daughter next to his wife, Mada went to the closest town, looking for death. Arriving to the next town, he saw no traces of people and no infected. He enters a store, trying to find some alcohol, and while he opens a bottle of whiskey, he notices a news paper and reads the word ' Chernarus' and that when everything made sense. The conflict in Chernarus, the images, the riots in Ukraine and Turkey the other day, he knew that was ground zero. Thats when he knew he had to go there. He didn't know why, maybe to find some answers, maybe to find revenge, but he know he had to go there. Mada put down the whiskey bottle, took supplies in a backpack, took a splinting axe and as he was passing by a mirror he looked at his reflexion and din't know the man he saw, Madalin Maniu was dead, he died a few km back with his family. Then he remembered a name he read about in the history books, Godryc, which means 'God's Rule' and what does the world have now if not new rules. It's ironic that he chose this name, since Mada is an atheist, but in his eyes humans are God, since they created this plague, they created the apocalypse. In that moment Mada died in the old world, and Godryc was born in the new one. Godryc went back in the store and looked for black cloths, for mourning the death of his family, including himself. After he was all set up he went east. He avoided the big cities, he mostly walked in the woods. The woods didn't scare Godryc, he grew up in them. After a few Weeks he reached the Romanian coast. He searched in the port for a boat, a ship, something that could get him over the sea to Chernarus which is not that far. He didn't know how to navigate in deep waters, and that crossed his mind just then. Just as he was thinking that, he heard a shot not far from him in the port, a few seconds latter, another one and another one. He noticed someone shooting from the top of a lighthouse. Godryc approached the lighthouse and waved to guy up top from behind a car. The guy came down from the lighthouse but when he saw Godryc he aim his rifle at him. Godryc didn't have any fire arms, Romania has strict laws about that so it's hard to find one. Godryc explained he didn't want any trouble, he is just looking for someone who knows his way around boats. Godryc explained what happened with him in the west and why he wants to go Chernarus. The lighthouse guy put the rifle down, and told him he can take Godryc to Chernarus, he just needs to take a break from this lighthouse. It took them one day and one night to reach Chernarus.

Early in the morning Godryc saw the coast of Chernarus. A Godryc set foot for the first time on the Chernarus shore, he waved his friend in the boat goodbye. Now Godryc has to learn that Chernarus is a different kind of animal and answers might not be the only thing he finds.

After the firsts steps on the beach, he noticed how much Chernarus looks like his home country, Romania, it was like he never left. He started scavenging for food and a way to defend himself, and he found an axe, a tool he very familiar with when he chopped wood back in the day for his grandparents. Not long after, Godryc found a gun, and that was a strange thing for him, he never holed a real gun in his hand before. Romania has very strict laws about guns, and a civilian owning a gun is close to impossible. So naturally Godryc didn't know how to use it, but he was very confident in his axe to finish the job.
Godryc wondered along the coast to the north. He didn't know the town's names, he didn't know the land and he couldn't read in Cyrillic. At some point he passed a huge city in the north and ended up in some tents, left behind by the military, it looked like a check point. Night came and the darkness spread fast, forcing Godryc to take refuge in one of the tents. At some point in the night, heard footsteps and not long after another survivor pointed a rifle with a flash light at him, Godryc raised his hands, and said he didn't want any trouble. The other guy started asking Godryc questions and after he noticed Godryc was a foreigner he stoped pointing the gun at him and introduced himself. We are going to call him 'H' for now. After that H started teaching Godryc the ways of Chernarus. He hooked him up with a rifle, some food, new cloths and H took the truck out and drived Godryc around to show him the most important landmarks in the region. They parted ways in Severograd and Godryc thanked H for all he has done. After leaving the city, Godryc heard gun fire from more then just one gun and he hoped his friend was ok, he wished he will see him again.

Time passed and the new world started changing Godryc. The loss of his family left a void in his heart that was slowly being filled by darkness and he noticed it, and he hated that he was changing. For the moment he was controlling it, he continued smiling to other people and tried to help others, but in his mind, he always had other plans. How long could he keep his demons at bay, when could he snap? For now, the memory of his daughter calmed him, but memories fade away with time.


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