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Jason Dpres
Character information
  1. Alias
    Red, Sky, Fox
  2. Mental
    Fuck it.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1996-08-14 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Dutch/English/Chernarussian/Russian/Broken German
  9. Relationship
    It's complicated
  10. Family
    Khandra Myska, Penny Ashlin, Arnôst Kovar(Dead)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    181 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Occupation
  8. Affiliation
    The Lone Wander
  9. Role




Jason's early life is a complicated story, his dad wasn't there, that wasn't his dad's fault or his moms, but that didn't take away that at the age of 4 his dad died without him ever knowing his dad, or even knowing he died.

His childhood wasn't easy either, he always felt ahead of the class and always felt more intrigued to talk to grown-ups than children his age, he was interested in the more complicated speaking subjects. Topics surrounding more than the playground. This led to him becoming an outcast from an early age, with the necessary consequences.

This not only led to Jason having a burnout at a young age it also made him fail to memorize things, some people never stopped seeing that Jason had an incredible memory in which he stored the most random facts and information, but when it came to school, nada, he spaced out.
If he didn't teach himself something he would never be able to do it.

7 years of self-neglect passed before he finally started seeing the light of an incredibly long tunnel, but he would never come out the same, the cheery kid he was at younger ages was gone, marked forever by the extreme cruelty of other children. But he finally regained some self-respect. However that didn't change the fact he had found an escape a few years earlier into computers, he understood how they ticked, why they ticked. Every day he would come home and a computer was the first thing he'd touch. Some said it was an addiction but Jason knew that he could stop at any time, he didn't crave it when it wasn't there but... if it was he wouldn't just leave it alone.

Over the years, however, there was a form of disconnect that had happened inside of him, empathy was more or less gone, the idea of emotions as well, the extreme ones were all that remained in only extreme circumstances.

One day in high school however he met a girl, at first he didn't notice her but it became more apparent that there was a connection there, one he didn't understand, something made him feel... it was refreshing, and while he was young it didn't change the fact that he felt something, he became obsessed with the fact that she made him feel something, she never knew or understood that and she definitely had her problems, she was rich he was "poor" by their standards, so her family broke them up. Jason never really recovered from this, it drove him down a line he didn't truly understand.

He started experimenting with hacking, but not for fun... but for self-gain.




Jason's hacking behaviour kept escalating and he realized that he would get caught one day, he had nothing to live for but the Linux kernel on his screen. The older he got, however, an old hidden passion he had never been allowed to explore came back, Motorcycles. The adrenaline was a soothing feeling for him, something that allowed him to stop thinking and have the imaginary feeling that he felt something.

When it became apparent to his family that the motorcycle helped him, they bought him a brand new MT-07, the thought this would help him get on the right path... The opposite happened, one night, he just drove off, didn't call never returned. With two side bags of clothing and a laptop, with a bunch of small little tools, he left for the sunset.

At first, he explored all of Europe, the obvious things, after that. He went North, through Scandinavia, and eventually, through Finland, and when he hit the Russian border, he went to Russia.



Russia was an eye-opener, he felt the lack of rules and the open road, he learned how to speak Russian through his extensive time there, got involved with people that thought him how to shoot and operate guns, he was rather certain they were the local mob but he didn't care. They enjoyed his company for as long as he was there.

But as with all things he would keep hitting the road, and this time under the protection of in his eyes a well-connected mob, they gave him an old-timey AKM, and waved him goodbye, he had it for "protection from bears" according to the "Gold Fish" some lieutenant of these mobsters.

To his surprise, nobody out in the rural area's batted an eye.

But eventually, he would arrive at another border, a place he didn't even know existed.




Jason never understood why but once he arrived in Chernarus he stuck around, perhaps it was the bartender that took him under his wing.

Malek didn't speak a word of English or Russian, but that didn't bother the two, eventually Jason learned Chernarussian and helped out in the bar, he stayed around, was treated like a son by Malek and Jason never looked back.

Malek was in a lot of pain though, in the civil war he had lost all 4 of his sons and their entire families.

Regardless, Jason became intrigued by Chernarussian culture, and many couldn't tell he wasn't a local. Malek had a positive influence and while it didn't heal the scars on his personality, it was the first time in years Jason put down his laptop and didn't hack.



Jason will never forget the start of the outbreak, he was at his apartment in Severograd, when there was a lot of fire and loud explosions in the North. Jason had trouble sleeping so at the time he was more than awake, he stood up grabbed his gear and ran downstairs to the underground garage, he stepped on his motorcycle and drove to Malek's pub.

When he finally arrived the man was looking with an anxious heart at the television, as time went on it became apparent that Malek's old heart could no longer take the damage that was happening to his country, one morning when Jason woke up, he found Malek hanging from the ceiling, with a note next to him.

Jason had now inherited the pub, and Malek was gone, with the single request to be buried on the hill.

He moved down to Chernogorsk, trying to get a clearer image on what was going on, he parked his motorcycle in the parking of the Hotel and walked out. Not long after hell would break loose.

And Jason realized he probably fucked up leaving the pub.




Jason never expected to have somebody so attached to him that he can't seem to get rid of her, but it happened, Khandra considers him her older brother, and he assumed the role.

In his strange way he cares about Khandra but he isn't delusional, Khandra is a problem causer and one day his little sister will ultimately kill him through circumstances.

That being said he enjoys having her around as company, and while the two have drifted apart in the last few months, if you mess with either of them you will have to answer to one of them.

And Khandra learned from the best.



Jitka is a strange case, he is everything Jason isn't and yet the two of them hit it off, Jitka a hardcore nationalist and Jason a hardcore Anarcho-Socialist, ofcourse Jitka didn't know this, but Jason didn't need him to know.

Jitka placed trust in Jason, and eventhough Malek came close, Jitka was his first real father figure. He learned traditions and stories from Jitka.

He would die for the man, his loyalty to Jitka was something very few ever understood. Even now that Jitka is gone, Jason is still carrying out his wishes, somehow trying to make certain Jitka wouldn't have any regrets looking back.



Jason has a love for Dubky, not a big one, but a small one, he considers it Jitka's home, and that means something to him, Jitka wanted to keep the old blocks standing to remind them of where they came from.

Jason respects that and because of it will evict anyone that doesn't belong there whenever he visits it.



Jason and Shock understand one another better than anyone in the world.

However Shock is a landmine waiting to happen and Jason without realizing has created a soft spot in his heart for the suicidal Psychiatrist, time will tell how the story ends for them both, but the truth already is simple, Shock causes Jason more problems then solutions and Jason isn't planning to change that any time soon.

Their friendship has been rocky the past few weeks, but after a good bit of old fashioned yelling that slowly turned in to banter they find themselves steering the ship together again.

The question everyone asks is when it will finally turn to tragedy, because the if has already been answered.



Jason could kill Arno any day of the week yet he doesn't feel compelled to do so, the two are polar oppesites and in that they find solace, lately Jason has included him in to his little family.

If you ask him why he wont be able to explain, their values are different, sometimes they could murder eachother.

And that is probably the reason why he is family.



Jona and Emily, Jason doesn't understand these two entirely, Jona is a straight to the point man and while he carries around secrets he isn't the one to crave having them.

On paper Emily is a frail, weak and scared girl but, Jason senses theres a bigger depth there, something doesn't quite add up, while he doesn't think she's playing a role he does believe her to be more sinister then she lets people know, no doubt Jona knows about it, Jason can tell, he keeps her under control like a guard dog, he heard as much from eaves dropping on them, but he has too much honour to betray his wifes trust.

Innocence is a good cover after all, and hers intrigues him, perhaps he should investigate the walls she has put up further, try and break them down bit by bit... They don't know it yet, but he has already made up his mind.

After all, curiosity killed the cat.





Mr. Chicken Coop ?  ❤️


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