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Tim Ferguson
Character information
  1. Mental
    Introverted Idealist
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1997-04-28 (25 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Swedish, English
  8. Family
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    179 cm
  2. Weight
    55 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
    Emerald Green
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Fisherman Beanie, Medium Length Leather Jacket, Old Journal, Polaroid Pictures.


The son of an aspiring musician, Tim was born into the lower-middle class society of Gothenburg. His father was always distant and Tim had only met his father a few times during his father's short life.
Tim inherited his father's creativity and poetry. He had spent most of his youth with his face down in his journal writing about everything that'd come to his mind. Depression, Anger, Love is what had inspired him the most.
Tim was heavily against the founding pillars of modern society which benefited on the suffering of less fortunate people.
After he'd finished high school he spent the rest of his "normal" days working on his uncle's fishing boat outside the coast of Norway.
When the infection escalated they were forced into hiding in the wilderness outside of Nyheim.
Tim's uncle would, unfortunately, succumb to his injuries of which he'd acquired during their escape into the Norwegian wilderness.
Tim now wanders around the Nyheim wilderness with no sense of direction.


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