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Kantoro Aiko
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Always in a good mood loves every people when they get close to him but has a little social anxiety
  3. Morale
    he is always there for the Weak person or the persond that was treated wrong if a strong person would abuse his ability he like to punch those kind of people
  4. Date of birth
    2003-04-07 (19 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    German and Englisch
  9. Relationship
    he has not very much friend because of social anxiety but the few friends he have is the most important to him
  10. Family
    the name of his mother is Mitsuba Aiko and the name of his father is Shiho Aiko
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
    not very tall a little bit fat on his tummy but he was very muscular and had wide shoulders and huge calves because he love to workout his legs
  4. Hair
    He have long blond her with a bun like Asahi Azumane from Haikyu
  5. Eyes
    He has blue eyes with a little bit green but because he watch very mutch anime and read a lot of Mangas his eyes was slightly closed because they are very dry from the Screen he always watched on
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    He has a good endurance and is pretty strong he loves animals and is knows a lot about sport and food he is normally very friendly but if someone do not follow normal rules or provoke him he can get very angry and often harm people but cooldown pretty fast and if he is close with a person he would never get really mad at him and try to protect the persons he like with all that he can do.
    and he is also a huge fan of Music he love violin but never learned to play it but he knows a little bit how to play Piano and Guitar.
  8. Equipment
    He had the basic equipment from the Bundeswehr a Backpack, pants, jacket, T-shirts, field bottle, a Km2000 knife and his (ABC) equipment and a little bit of Food and water
  9. Occupation
    He prepared to be a Soldier
  10. Affiliation
    with none
  11. Role
    when he find a group he would be a fighter that tries to protect every one


He has Japanese parents but grow up in Germany they never taught him the language but the religion. He was a a person that do not like to go outside so he always was at home and Watch Anime or did sport for most of the time. he seldom go outside to buy new rations of Energy's and Protein drinks he was also addicted to coffin and because of that he was a little overweighed but because he did a lot of sport he had no problem with his endurance or strength. he also love animals he read a lot about them an informed himself and know how to treat the animals. since he was a teenager he want to join the Bundeswehr(German Army) he had everything prepared he is very strong has a good endurance a good knowledge but one day when all of his energy and coffee run out he went to the store nearby. he had a felling in his guts that's something wrong because the whole town was silent but when he arrived at the store he realized that something wrong the whole store was destroyed and there was no left over just a strange smell when he walked around the store he saw a pile of dead bodies that was when he realize he's fucked he quickly got home and grab the stuff that got that was a normal equipment from the Bundeswehr that he bought online not much only that you can Buy he put on every thing to eat and drink in the backpack and put on the gas mask garbed his KM2000 knife and make his way back to the store to search for hints what exactly happen. when he was back at the store he get closer to the pile of dead bodies he prudent inspect the bodies and realized that some of them only was shoot in the back head but some of them had bites and huge wound as if there were attacked by some kind of wild animals. he had a slightly idea that i could be zombie's but he thought that could not be possible after that he walked around the city to watch fore more hints he did found bullet holes in the walls of the buildings and shells on the ground after he leave the city he walked town the Road where he found a camp that looks like it was from the Military around it where some jeeps and also Tanks but there was a strange noise in first he thought there is some one snoring but when he got closer he saw a Soldier but he was covered in blood and had huge wounds as the soldier notice him he got angry and attacked him, he was fast enough to grab his knife and stabbed him in the thorax he thought he was dead when he suddenly stand up and attacked him again he ran into one of the tents there was a pistol on the tabled he garbed it and shoot the hole mag at the soldier he died. at that moment he did realize that there were a Zombie apocalypse he was shocked that was the first time he had a feeling like this he was a little sad but somehow he also had a feeling of joy he searched the rest of the camp but only found some broken weapons and dead soldier it looked like they had kill them self but there were also a map with a note were was written (Survived Humans) the map was Russian and the place were called ,Nyheim'' so he started an journey to find some of the last survived Humans that could exist. on his way to Nyheim he learned a lot about the situation what exactly happened but he want to know more about the Virus AVM-FLA-19 he couldn't find much information's while he traveled to Nyheim to get there he had to Travel trough Poland and Russia because he couldn't find a way to get over the water between Denmark and Sweden he fist wen to the North of Denmark but it wasn't safe enough to travel with a Boat, because the Weather was very stormy around that time so he went all the way back to Germany and walk all the way from Germany trough Poland and Russia but after he arrived in Finland he took a little break from Traveling so he could get new food and water after a week he continued his journey and headed all the way north to Nyheim he had very much luck because Finland does not have high infected numbers but there were anyway a lot of infected but in the end he arrived in Nyheim after a long journey because he Walked all the way trough the countries.


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