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Frank Larson
Character information
  1. Alias
    Pastor Larson, Pastor, Preacher.
  2. Mental
    Distraught, but determined to survive.
  3. Morale
    Guilt Ritten.
  4. Date of birth
    1966-09-12 (56 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Macon, Georgia
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Ellanore Larson (deceased)
  10. Family
    Marry Larson (deceased), Jim Larson (deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
    Strong build for his age. Not ripped, but not lanky either.
  4. Hair
    Grey and long hair, unkempt.
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    A few nicks and knacks on his body from the wounds sustained in the limo shooting.
  8. Equipment
    Pocket Bible, Watch, and the clothes on his back.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Frank Larson was a man born into a poor religious family in rural Georgia. His parents lived paycheck to paycheck, barely making life comfortable for a young Frank and his younger brother, Jim Larson. Life was hard, but it turned them into the men they are today, whether it was for good, or bad. Later in life, Frank started having aspirations of becoming a preacher like his uncle, Johnny Larson, the minister for the church their family frequently goes to. Eventually, Frank studied and graduated with a bachelor's degree, effectively becoming an up and coming pastor under his uncle’s guidance.

Frank’s younger brother however, didn't have the same success as Frank. Jim struggled with school, constantly getting into fights, gaining suspension after suspension, eventually getting expelled from their local highschool. Jim, once a good kid gone sour, started developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol, sneaking out to hang with the wrong crowd just to get a quick high. Jim eventually left home at eighteen, moving to the bustling streets of chicago. In Chicago, Jim became entangled with more bad people, eventually getting deeper into his addictions as well as the criminal world that seemed to hide itself effortlessly behind the lives of regular people. Jim helped start a small mafia with the people that brought him to the big city, only to realise the stuff that he has done to himself and others around him, making him regret his decisions later in life.

Frank, trying to steer his brother back into the right direction, moved to Chicago as well, becoming a minister of a decent sized church on the outskirts of chicago. There he eventually talked his brother into getting clean, and redeeming himself in the eyes of the lord. Jim, guilt ridden from his actions of drug abuse and murder, agreed to try and leave that life behind. Jim went into hiding with the help of Frank, signing into a rehab facility and disappearing from his former gang.

Years passed, and with Jim in rehab, Frank continued life in the big city like normal, until one fateful day came around the corner. Jim was found, swinging under one of the many big bridges of Chicago, dead with many cuts and wounds. The police were able to recover the body, and found that he was beaten, stabbed, and murdered, and then was hung by a noose under the bridge for anyone to find with a symbol etched in his chest. An investigation began, but a distraught Frank, began an investigation of his own. Frank went everywhere looking for information, eventually finding a connection between the murder and Jim’s old mafia he helped start. The once small group seemed to explode with people, forming itself into an interworking network of drug smuggling and alcohol running. Frank started to pursue the people Jim once considered friends, only for Frank to find his church burned to the ground. The church burning was a message to Frank, showing him that they knew he was looking for them and that they would take matters into their own hands to stop him from finding more. Frank was lucky enough to save his wife, Ellanore Larson, and their daughter, Mary Larson, from the fire, getting them to the safety of his mother in law’s home. They continued to live with his mother in law since their church and connected home burned to embers, effectively erasing what he slowly built.

Frank didn’t back down however, and continued to get vengeance for his brother’s death, as well as get them back for ruining his livelihood and almost killing more of his family in the process. Frank slowly started coming into contact with people Jim first befriended when he moved to Chicago. The people he connected with shared the same disdain for the mafia that killed Jim, deciding to help Frank fight against the people that started ripping a whole in his life. Frank started his own clique of lowlifes, people searching for answers and revenge against the mob that did them wrong. Frank’s empire slowly grew, but never to the strength and power of his enemy however, but with the new found power he had, and with the backing of people he had, he started becoming mad with the power he had. He started bending the rules of his religion to help dismiss his guilt, and fueling his motives. Frank knew he needed money to fuel his vengeance, so he slowly turned to the thing he fought against, Drug smuggling and alcohol running.

He slowly built up his empire, raking in more money than he ever got as a minister. His ever growing influence however, started tearing a rift between his wife, seeing the man she once fell in love with, becoming the person she used to fear as a young girl from a poor family growing up in chicago. Ellanore grew up watching the people around her get affected by the effects of gang violence, and she wasn’t going to be a part of the thing that almost killed her and her daughter in that church fire. She became distant with Frank, as Frank continued to climb the ranks, and grow into the criminal network like the roots of a growing tree, slowly intertwining himself into the facets of the streets of Chicago.

Frank started hitting hard against the mob that killed his brother, eventually taking out mobster after mobster until he started whittling away at their organization. The mob he fought against started to hit back as well after Frank’s repeated assaults against their businesses and people. Eventually, this led to an event that finally shoved Frank over the edge, leading him to delve fully into the life of a criminal.

The day was bright and sunny, causing the waters of Lake Michigan to shimmer a beautiful blue, as Frank and his family, as well as a group of people that worked from him that he respected highly, lazily floated on their expensive yacht. As Ellanore lounged away with her friend’s while their daughter ran around the yacht, listening to stories the men would tell her, some ranging from personal stories, and some being fairy tales to entertain mary, all while Frank quietly sat in his chair on the back of the yacht with his second in command, Angelo Capretta, fishing away as they calmly planned their next actions. Angelo Capretta was an Italian man who helped Frank pave the way for their mob’s success, a man who also related to Frank’s want of vengeance for a family member’s death, after Angelo’s mother was killed by the same people many years ago. Their little vacation on the softly rocking waters was cut shorter than planned however, when a small armada of boats started to rocket towards them. Within seconds, the many small boats began to encircle the yacht like a whirlpool of sharks trying to kill a school of defenseless fish. Shots began to rapidly ring out as the circling boats began firing into the yacht, catching them all by surprise. The men there to protect Frank were overwhelmed by the surprise attack and were eventually all killed, all while Frank tried to protect his wife and daughter with Angelo’s help. Suddenly, the circle strayed off and started to head back to port, giving Frank and them time to make their escape, but as they began to load up their speed boat, Angelo saw another group of boats approaching. They scrambled together to get the boat ready as a terrified Mary sobbed into Ellanore’s shoulder, who was equally terrified, after seeing the men who were once telling her funny stories, get ripped apart by bullets. Frank and Angelo quickly got Ellanore and Mary onto the boat and they began their escape. The approaching boats saw them making their escape, causing them to split into two smaller groups. One made their way to the yacht, torching the ship to nothing, as the second group chased them as they made their way to port. Frank quickly got them to shore, where they quickly started their way inland, making their way into a limo they had waiting for them. Their driver quickly started taking them out of the dockyard, trying to make it deeper into the city, but before they could pass the toll booths, they were ambushed by a third hit crew sent to take them out. The limo was shot to shit, as the crew tried to kill them all. As Frank sat in the back, a bullet ripped through Angelo’s head, splattering blood across Frank’s face. Angelo’s body fell against Frank, absorbing the bullets that continued to tear across his body, shielding Frank from harm. Frank witnessed more shots tear through Ellanore’s chest as she held Mary helplessly, killing them both as ammo from the hit crew tore through them like cheese. Frank was hit many times as well even after using Angelo as protection. As quick as the crew came to kill, they were gone just as quick, not even checking if Frank was killed, a mistake that would come back to haunt them. Frank slowly crawled his way out and breathlessly pulled his lifeless family from the limo, as well as a mutilated Angelo. Frank sat there sobbing over the murder of his wife and daughter, the two people he swore to protect now dead from the same people who killed his brother, eventually making his way to a payphone he used to call for more of his men to come to him.

Some more time passed since their death, and the funeral he had for his wife and daughter was small but endearing, only letting a few respected men from their mafia and family from both sides be there. Angelo’s funeral was bigger, as all of the mob Frank ran attended, and as Frank stood in front of Angelo’s coffin, Frank did what he did best. For three hours, Frank stood up there and gave the longest church sermon of his life, encapsulating the hearts of his mob, stirring their souls with vengeance, using the word of god to reinforce their actions. That speech from the heart of Frank was a major defining moment of his reign, effectively pushing him over the edge and taking the fight to the mob in full force. Ten years of battle between the two ensued, making the trenches of Chicago more and more unsafe. More crews started coming into the picture, causing an uproar of people looking for some semblance of power. The power struggle for Frank abruptly came to an end however, when people in his own mob started to fight each other from within, as people tried to fight their way up to Frank and strip him of his power to gain it themselves. With the fear of losing power, and the deaths of his wife and daughter on his mind constantly, Frank, with a few close men who shared his fear, made their escape from Chicago fleeing to Norway, where Frank and his small group of men split off from each other. Frank continued to stay in Nyhiem, while his men scattered into Europe, some going to Germany, France, even Italy, somewhere far away from their past.

Frank’s life became easier to live, becoming a pastor for a small christian church in Nyheim, where he struggled to restrain himself from returning to a life of crime, missing the power and influence he once had over people. Eventually the pandemic shook through Nyheim, turning into an outbreak, and then into an apocalypse.

As civilization fell around him, he continued to walk the path of god, trying to survive in the now dead world, searching for a way to preach god to others. He is guilt ridden, struggling to justify his past actions that he has kept secret from others in Nyheim, but he will survive, he has to survive, and by god’s will he will do whatever he has to to survive, even if that means taking the life of others to keep walking with his own life in hand.

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