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Greg Burnham
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1988-03-18 (31 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Georgia, United States
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg


I had always been interested in the country of Chernarus. Call me a fool, but their relationship with the outside world always fascinated me. I had followed the conflict between Chernarus and Russia back in 2009. When that ended and I saw the possibility Chernarus had to rebuild. I wanted to be a part of that. Having worked on a few mining rigs for coal and oil back in America, and knowing that I could do nothing to advance my life in that country due to the big companies already having a hold on the market. I decided to move to Chernarus and see what I could make of myself. In 2010 myself, my wife, and my two kids packed up our house and moved to Svetlojarsk to be close to the mountains. It wasn't exactly and easy start. We didn't speak a lick of the language and we had no money. Most people said we were the stupidest people around to do what we did, and looking back in hindsight. I agree. I didn't know then what I know now. I'm getting ahead of myself. For a few years after we moved I managed to find a job working in the mountains just north of Svet that paid decently enough to support my family. Me and my family began to learn the language and the culture and started to enjoy living their. My children went to school in Severograd and my wife landed a teaching job their to be able to be close to the kids. Years go by and we are as happy as can be. I had managed to move up the ranks at my company, and my wife and kids were happy. Life was good up until the summer of 2017.

The summer of 2017 is something I will never forget. Everything seemed fine it was business as usual. Then we heard on the T.V. about the evacuation of towns near Severograd. We didn't think anything of it until the bombing and raids started. We didn't know what was going on. We didn't understand why the Russians and Chehanrussians were bombing each other. This continued and soon we heard about military personal attacking Severograd, but something was off about them. They were burnt and limbs were missing but they didn't seem to care. At this point I knew I had to get my family out of town till everything settled down, which it never did. We tried going south to Berezino because we heard rumors about ships leaving and thought that would be a good idea to get on one of those ships. That's when hoards of those things started to invade the city and all hell broke loose. I got separated from my wife and kids in the confusion and somehow ended up back up North where I luckily found my boss. I tried to get him to help me find them, but he gave me news that to this day I still can't understand. He said, "they're already gone." I refused to believe him and started to get manic. He was able to get me under control and for my own good he took me to a shelter he had set up in one of our old mines. There we waited for news of anything good but nothing ever came. We stayed in the mine for about a year. Only going out when we needed food or supplies. For that year I never gave up the hope that my family was alive. Even now I still believe they're out there and I need to find them. My name is Greg, and this is my story.


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