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Lilith Grayson
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    2004-09-09 (18 years old)
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages
    English, ASL,
  6. Family
  7. Religion


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    54 kg
  3. Build
    Short, Skinny
  4. Hair
    Long Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    (find out ic about arm scars and tally marking)



- Occult -

The outbreak for Lilith was not the most traumatic for her, She saw it as an opportunity. Lilith was born with the disease Congenital Insensitivity to pain, which causes her to be unable to feel physical pain. Lilith's story isn't too unique to most survivors, seeing family killed, friends mutilated, seems like the same story for most people nowadays. Where the differences come is that Lilith was never affected by it all. She banded together with many like minded individuals, that simply wished to cause chaos and watch the world burn. Lilith was always a broken child, but the outbreak may have broken her more.
Many of her people saw her as almost a "witch" as she never felt pain, and would often offer herself to painful tasks. Nobody in their group spoke, and they often wore masks, of animals, or old film characters, to mask their identity.  Their goals were simply to just survive but they were a more chaotic people. Chasing down survivors simply to just kill or injure them, creating a sort of shadow horror of a group. Though of course their group would need supplies and food, they would go out on general loot runs for food, as they believed cannibalism to be too much for them. Lilith often spent her time within Nyheim, roaming alone, or with a small select few people. Lilith slept in ruined buildings but mostly out in the woods in a makeshift shelter she would take down and move locations actively.


- Souless -

A lot of Liliths time in Nyheim she had witnessed many groups form and fall, But her main interest was the more governmental group PLIKT that controlled the central city. Though she didn't care for the individuals or the group itself, she didn't like the idea of a walled off society, as she and her people all wanted the same ideas of wanting chaos. Occasionally they would sneak into the walls just to find wandering civilians and kill them or injure them, mostly using knives. Just to cause people to be worried and scared as bodies would turn up randomly around the PLIKT headquarters or in the roads randomly for PLIKT to find. Lilith found this to be very amusing before she was eventually caught in the act and fired upon and chased out of the city. During her run she was struck by one of the bullets though not knowing, due to not feeling the pain, and the adrenaline as she ran. Eventually making it to safety with her people back in the woods her people patched up her wounds.


- The Rage -

During the time back in their camp, a single PLIKT soldier had traced her steps and followed her back to the camp. Soon being caught by the group in the woods and Lilith,  they surrounded the man, all brandishing Knives or sharp objects, the PLIKT soldier tried to surrender by dropping his gun and his radio, crushing it with his own boot. The group ignored the act and got closer and closer to the man before all of them brutally attacking and mutilating the man. Lilith would sit and watch, all the emotion that would be noticeable from her was a slight smile as she'd pull her mask up and stare down at the man. In the next night they carried the body and the remains back to the eastern gate, dumping them off to be found..

Now approaching the Present day, Lilith and her group remain, losing her mother and brother through infection. Though more split amongst the region of Nyheim. Still following their same goals, Lilith sticks to herself, lurking to cause havoc on her own, singling individuals out to prey upon. Though this was her plan, times changed quickly. Though for awhile her goals stayed the same.. she eventually found some people she grew very fond of, even considering some family. To the point of finding herself a new mother and father figure, and sharing blood with a friend she'd now consider a brother. Her intentions have slightly gone down, mourning the loss of her real mother she deals with constant schizophrenic episodes involving her mother. With most of these episodes she will almost fully shut down emotionally, and almost fully revert back to how she used to be, emotionless, and unstable, causing more harm than good. But when with her new family, she seems to be able to control herself some more, with some help.


- Present day -

A lot has changed. New trips, new family, new life. Lilith still goes by rose, beginning to speak more to people, having gone through her trip to Chernarus, it didn't go well, they weren't too welcome and didn't want to stay, so they went back to Nyheim. Returning to Nyheim was a lot more peaceful. Rose's new "mother" figure Mara has been quite distant. This caused Rose to be quite upset though she is recovering and moving on from it. Still valuing friends and family over anything, and acting quite more "uppity" and excited than usual, especially seeing all her old friends again. 
(To be updated)

- Traits -


CIPA - Cannot feel pain, heat or cold, If I get sick it is very dangerous as I wont know when I am

Catatonic schizophrenia I have been living with having to hear voices, see people or things.. sometimes I can almost feel them as if its there. My real mom said that it's real... but she's dead and I still see her.

Homocidal - Don't really care for the others, I will live, They die regardless.. I can quicken that.

Psychopathy - I very rarely show any emotion, and when I do its more of a smile when I want to. I prefer to have company as such, giving me some sort of empathetic feelings.

- I don't speak much, Only people who have heard me speak are dead, and that'll stay

Pyromaniac - I really like fire, it gives me a sort of sense of comfort, I always keep a lighter on me

Caretaker -  Regardless of me sometimes feeling the need to hurt... I will take care of those my age, or those I deem worthy.

Guardian Ridden -  Ever since I lost mother, I've been on my own, I left. I need parental figure... Mara fits perfectly.

Emotional - Although I almost never show my emotions.. I feel weaker... I've been crying so much.. it hurts... She's always watching me.

Recovered - Though Lilith has had such a rough past and violent past, she's changing, into a much more "normal" person, though still holding her own developmental problems, noticibly acting slight bit more childish.

- Relations -


(Her views on relationships are judged with ❤️'s and ?'s ?'s for exceptionally large relationship status)
(Updated to fit according to Nyheim 3.0 wipe)


Logan Moore "Dimes" - @Wolfington

I love you dad, thank you for taking me back to Nyheim, I'm so happy to be back.

M...Mom is lost in Oslo... You know it there... Please help her.

You are just like the rest.
Left me to die. Didn't even look for me... Didn't seek help for me...
You never did come to look for me did you... nobody did... nobody... 3 weeks..

Maybe you're alright..  but you still kept your distance.

I found you! i knew something was wrong...


Elroy Johnson - @Paleryder

Got to see Elroy again! I hope he's doing well. He still owes me that fishing trip.
Went fishing finally! caught 2 big fish! Elroy is great company, I see him as a grandpa to me.
I hope he still likes me.

Not like I expected anything from you.
Milo told me the reality... I shouldn't fault you.
I'll always remember you Elroy. You're a good man, An amazing friend, We may not have hungout much but... you've always been great company. See you in another life maybe. 


Rack Rack "Ryan" - @Misky

You're my brother by blood now.
The maker wants you, keeps asking me to get you, i don't understand.

You specifically never came back. You always hid. I wont forget your frightful behavior.
You're still gone... after everything..
Now I'm the one gone. Heh... how things change hm.


Mara Devlin - @Niveous

My mom, Closest person to me, I'll love you always aswell.  I wish you were here more and not so distant.
I miss you, but I know everything will be okay.
I hear you on radio... where are you... is that really you..? it's... IT'S YOU!
Please come home...
Im so happy you are back.

Didn't even look for me... Didn't come to find me...
I expected you to come to my rescue.. save me... something... and i never saw you... anybody.
Maybe the Arev people were right.. maybe they are the right path.

I'm trying to forgive you now.. I am. But you still never tried to come...
Time to go... Whatever god you believe in, maybe their land we will meet again mother... Unless you wish to venture with.
I'll see you on the other side.


Colin Tolvaj "Rook" - @Zanaan

Rook is like an uncle or a big brother to me, He keeps taking me out and teaching me new things everyday.
I'm so glad to be back home and seeing him once again.

I still dont understand why you guys are mad at me for working with Archie... I guess time will tell.

Can't say I ever expected you to come to my rescue... But thought maybe someone would've told you to help.
Just further tells me everyone left me to rot for 3 weeks.

I have no reason to be upset with you i guess... I'll leave it behind me.. i'm leaving this place for good anyhow.


Cheryl Rakato - @Bapple

Cheryl and I feel like great friends and get along really well.
I almost see her the same way I see Mara, Like a mom, or an aunt. I love her aswell, She's very sweet.
I'm so happy to see you again
Both you and uncle Rook seem disappointed in me helping Archie's efforts... I think this is the right thing though.
Thank you for taking me in with NHR, I can't wait to learn more under your wing, You've always been a bit like mom to me.

For a leader, you did a great job taking care of your people. well enough that you gave up on your attempts to look for me, that i had to take it to my own hands. i come back to see the hospital completely blown apart.. smoldering... if you're even alive. 
You've lost my respect, goodluck.

Never thought I'd have my gun on you before... And I really don't want to re-live that.. I'm so sorry..
As much as you hurt me, I want to forgive you..

I hated you so much... for not helping.. I don't know what I wanted, but this... wasn't it. I'll see you in Alurus.


Boyko Archaki "Archie" - @Novagats

Archie seems like a good person... maybe a little hot headed at times but, I do like him.
A lot of people seems to really dislike him, I understand this partially... but I don't get why they hate him so much.
Too many enemies, but I will stay by your side and fight with you.
I agree with your cause, and I want to help the best I can..
I'll stand by your side as long as my friends and family aren't being hurt.

I'm so sorry for ever being upset with you... I will miss you, You'll always remain my heart Archie. I promise you.
Slava Humanity.

You promised me you would survive....
Do not yell at me the way you did again.

It should have been me huh... maybe if it were me it wouldnt be too drastic..
Wish you were still here brother..


Milo Fletcher - @Salted

Milo is an interesting person. I can tell you're a good man, You just have a lot of struggles.
We may be hardasses to eachother, but I know we will get along.
Regardless if i may or may not have shoved a gun in your face and held you up with some people... it's in the past.
I consider you an ally, and I will help you.
I forgive you Milo, after Oslo, and Archie... I just needed time to think.

I don't like the way you treat that girl. You remind me of him.

Y'know... i was starting to warm up to you, i even offered to stick by your side and help you.
I would've fought with you, KILLED with you. i expected you to show some care.. Maybe look for me
Maybe alert others... something.

Can't Believe myself for being against you like that... You're a brother to me.
I'm sorry for all the violence, But thank you for showing me the reality.. I needed that.
I'm by your side til' we fall.
Glad to still be here with you throughout this journey. Couldn't have picked a better ally


Sasha Vinogradov "Z" - @Zloy

I like you Z, You are great company and good friend, even ally.
I hope we continue to work together, towards whatever the hell is out there. 
You're a hell of a warrior, Always impressing me.
You're just like a brother to me.

Can't believe i saw you as a brother... Family cant even protect family now huh.
I heard the truth.. you just left... I understand, I hope whatever is out there is good to you. You deserve the best.
Seems we had similar plans brother. I'll see you again...


Sergei Petrov - @EvilShawarma
❤️❤️❤️- -

Joined us in Red Winter, always been good company aswell.
I see you as a good battle buddy. You we're the only one to try to fight back the other day with me.
You have my respect.

Unlike the others you were never really too linked... I cant be angry with you... I'd like to think you'd help... maybe you would
Maybe we will meet again... I gotta sort some shit out.

I'll miss you, you were a good friend


Natalya Reznikova - @Fae
❤️❤️- -?

I am beyond happy to see you again, even more glad to be with you in Red Winter.
I hope to see you more around and be around you again.
You've always been wonderful to me and to be around.

Another one i thought would be good for rescue.. considering her following...
she always had someone following her around.. like fucking dogs. Surely if she tried.. maybe I'd have been home sooner

I'm still really angry with you.. But I still don't want to lose you...
Although i am leaving.. I forgive you, even if we may never speak again in this life. Maybe in Alurus mothe-.. Natalya.


- Injuries -


Healed/Scarred | Healing Recovering Fresh

1x GSW Arm + Leg
1x GSW left forearm
Broken Left Ankle
1x Brutal GSW to left thigh, tearing artery, gnarly exit wound
2x Self inflicted GSW left and right forearm

Self inflicted cut to left palm
Left Eyeball dislodged from socket.
Multiple lacerations lining her chest and arms.
Chest, stomach and arms covered in bruising.

Missing Right middle finger
Body covered in bruising
Cuts and lacerations all over her torso and arms






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finally the crazies are coming to nyheim 2.0

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See you again one day, little bird

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