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Ivan Malkovka
Character information
  1. Alias
    Beshnaya Saboka (Mad Dog)
  2. Mental
    Fuck You
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1989-05-29 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Novorossiysk, Russia
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Russian, Chernarussian, Ukrainian, English
  9. Relationship
    Pretty much whatever chicks he picks up and the whores at the brothel
  10. Family
    His mom was a whore and his father was a queer bitch
  11. Religion
    Not too sure? Some sort of Christian


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Strong and Big
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    His body is covered in Russian Gangster Tattoos [WIP]

    LEFT ARM: AK 74u (no stock) tattoo with an open bolt, and dollar Bill's coming from the chamber and muzzle with the saying "Fortune from Mischief" in Russian under the handguard

    LEFT FOREARM: Rising sun tattoo Just above his anterior wrist

    LEFT HAND: A tattoo of a church with 4 domes/steeples on the back of his hand --- the Russian letters вор (translated to VOR) on his index to ring finger --- five dots similar to a dice on the space between his thumb and index finger --- A snake with its mouth open coiled around a rose on his anterior wrist

    NECK: Wolf paw on the bottom left of the neck with the following tattooed from left to right on the toes: lowercase Beta on the 2nd toe, Uppercase Beta on the third toe, and Alpha on the last toe

    CHEST: Eight pointed stars on the shoulders at the end of the clavicles --- A decorated cross in the middle of his chest --- Woman holding a wilted rose to the left side of his ribcage --- 3 cards grouped together as if in a hand a joker, jack of clubs, and king of spades

    ABDOMEN: Madonna and child on the right side of his abdomen

    RIGHT ARM: Grim reaper with a scythe and an hour glass --- crown of thorns under the reaper with "Crown for bitches" in the center of the crown in Russian

    RIGHT FOREARM: Horizantal dagger going 'through' his anterior forearm with a dozen droplets coming from the entry and exit points; five are shaded in ---

    RIGHT HAND: Ring tattoo of a cat (кот) on his ring finger --- Ring tattoo of a skull on his index finger --- ring tattoo of an anarchy 'A' on his middle finger --- A spider facing upwards on the back of his hand

    BACK: Devil dancing with a blindfolded women on his back, each figure on either side of the back with the saying "A Dance with the Devil Last's Forever" In Russian just below the scene --- an eye at the top of both shoulders

    KNEES: Eight pointed stars on either knee

    THIGHS: A tattoo of The Gate of Heaven on his right thigh and a tattoo of The Gate of Hell on his left thigh
  7. Occupation
    Russian Gangsta





-Petty Theft
-Arrested 2000 - no time served
-Drug Possession
-Drug Dealing
Convicted 2008 - served 4 year prison sentence
-Convicted 2013 - charges dropped due to lack of evidence
-Assault and Battery
Convicted 2014 - charges were dropped by the victim
-Kidknapping [SUSPECTED]
-Human Trafficking [SUSPECTED]


I spent my youth in a small house in a city in the Krasnodar district in Russia, Novorossiysk. It was like every other city under the shadow of the so called communist government. Life was shit, people were poor, and the mob pretty much ran the shithole. The only thing that set this one apart from most is this one had a port, which so happens to be where my father worked. He worked on the dock mostly unloading and loading the boats and my mother was an assistant at some hole in the wall shop. We made enough to get by but not much more. In fact with the fall of the Iron Curtain, things seemed to get worse for us. Things were just shit. My parents didn't abuse me, or drink to (too) much excess, or anything like that. In fact if they probably deserved a better son, but oh well, my brothers are the only family I care for.

If the struggle for money wasn't enough for them, some friends and I started getting in trouble. It started at about age 9 with just throwing rocks at cars and running, small vandalism, and occasionally stealing shit from stores. Even the one my mother worked at. Ha, things started picking up for me when I was arrested at 12 years old for theft. I was with a friend from a few houses down and we were just fucking around, nothing to do so we decided to visit one of our favorite shops haha. We went in there, and I started filling my pockets with small shit as did he. As I made my way to the door, I guess the shop owner saw what I was doing and he grabbed me and called the police. My friend saw what happened and ditched like a bitch. The police came, called my father and they ended up not charging me with anything, but my father wasn't as forgiving. He took a paddle to my ass.

The next day after school, i walked up to my friends and punched the shit out of my bitch friend for leaving me there. Then when he was on the ground I kicked him over and over until he couldnt get up. I guess at that moment my path was determined for me.

As we grew older though, our mischief became more serious. I guess you could call us bullies at school, though we didn't go out of our way to steal lunch money or give wedgies or whatever Americans do. As we entered our teenage years, we would steal from cars, drink, smoke weed, bust out windows, shit on that level. I even started dealing drugs at 16. I dont know much about where it came from, or even the people I worked for, other than that I got my supply from some guy named Anton, my boss, and I think it came from shipments at the dock. That was territory that my friends wouldn't venture to, however. It was a way for me to do what my parents couldnt, actually provide for me and make money. I was sick of living like a peasant. I wanted money and I wanted a lot of it. Huh, I guess you could say the money was my drug now that I think of it.

One day in the fall when I was 17, I was in the middle of making a sale when the bitch said he couldnt a Ford what I was selling. He then had the bas to try to haggle a lower price. I told him to fuck off but he didnt listen. He started throwing words, I started throwing words, then I started throwing fists. I guess that was when the cop drove by and started to chase us. It was my lucky day as he went straight for me. Of course I was handcuffed, searched, and then arrested for drug possession. They have me four years for that. I turned 18 in a jail cell.

It was in prison where I would get inducted into the Vory V Zakone or the thieves in law after proving myself by beating down bitches who were testing me. I might have been 18, but I was not about to take shit from anyone. Once I was out I joined the Bratva that basically ran the city. They were into arms trading, human trafficking, and of course the drug trade that I was apparently working for before. We eventually transitioned more to the arms trade as violence in the world was growing. One prominant supplier and buyer was actually a certain fraction in chernaurus. It was during a trade deal at one of the dock cities that the outbreak happened, thus stranding me and my brothers there.




I enjoy Ivan, +1

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Just now, Aisling said:

I enjoy Ivan, +1

preciate you!

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