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Lukas Zima
Character information
  1. Mental
    Perfectly Sane
  2. Morale
    Very High
  3. Date of birth
    1972-08-06 (47 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Berezino, Chernaurus
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, English
  8. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    71 kg
  3. Build
    Aging but muscular
  4. Hair
    Very short Black hair
  5. Eyes
    Menacing brown eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    It doesn't matter how often Lukas shaves he always has a five O'clock shadow.
  8. Equipment
    TTsko pants, jacket, aviator glasses, shotgun, and pistol. Always has a wad of cash and a copy of his business plans with him.
  9. Occupation
    CEO of ZRS.
  10. Affiliation
    ZRS, Chernarussian state
  11. Role




Lukas Zima was born into a upper middle class home in Berezino, Chernaurus. His father, Lukas Zima Sr. was the proud owner of ZRS. Zima Oil Company was Lukas Zima Sr’s baby. He had created and funded this business from scratch and he would say that it was worth every penny. It was instilled to Lukas Jr at birth that he would one day take control of the company and his father made sure that he was prepared for such a task. Therefore Lukas Jr went through hours of finance and accounting classes in hopes that he would use these skills one day when he became CEO. However Lukas Jr found it difficult to pay attention in these classes and often his mind wandered to other possible ventures, such as life as a professional athlete or maybe even a soldier. But whenever he brought these ideas up to his father they were shut down immediately. Years went on and Davidek slowly blocked his father’s business out of his mind and in turn Lukas and his father slowly drifted apart from one another. But Lukas Sr. always assumed that his only son would take the reigns of ZRS. 

When he became of age Lukas made the hard choice to join the CDF rather than to immediately help expand his father's business. He had no faith that his father's small oil company would last and he wanted to strike it out on his own in the military. This broke his father's heart and their relationship was permanently severed. Lukas Zima Sr. slipped into a very drunken depression and father and son hardly spoke after that. Seeing as Chernaurus was still being controlled by the Soviet Union Lukas enlisted in the Russian Army that was stationed in Chernaurus. He served diligently and climbed through the ranks until the Soviet Union fell. The CDF was created for the new Chernaurus and Lukas was promoted to Captain. Now a captain, Lukas started to mingle with the top military brass and along with that he started to assimilate with the top of society. His gleaming smile, firm handshake, and silver tongue made Lukas quite the people person. Here forged strong relationships with top political and military leaders from all over the region.  Every time he was promoted, Lukas's horizons expanded as a result. Many years passed and although he was aging, Lukas's military prowess was never doubted. However, after the Chedaki uprising, Lukas finally retired from the CDF as an esteemed brigadier general and returned home after nearly two decades in service. 

He returned home to find that his father and his business were still around, but only hanging on by a thread. Being the strong patriot that he was, Lukas felt that he still had a duty to serve his country in some form or fashion. Therefore he decided that he would finally take control of the family business. He pushed aside his senile father and started to completely revamp the failing company. Investing his money strategically, Lukas was able to make the company appear profitable enough that his upper class friends were willing to invest and buy into his company.  Within a years time, ZRS had multiple oil rigs and buyers all over Chernaurus and even in the Green Sea region as a whole. After a night of drinks with the CDF commander ZRS became THE supplier of oil for the whole of the CDF; his most proud business moment.  His rapid success however, attracted unwanted attention. And one night while returning home from a long day of work an attempt of was made on Lukas's life. He barely made it out alive and gives all credit to his many years in the military. After thinking it through for a few days Lukas realized that he, and his company would have to become tougher and more aggressive. The next day Lukas comissioned the creation of the Vlici Chernaru; his own private militia. He appointed long time 'family friend' Pop as the leader of the group. He had served Lukas and his family for years and his loyalty was unquestioned. Next Lukas expanded his estate, placing bardbed wire on all fences and keeping armed guards around at all times. His Oil Rigs became mini fortresses and his house became the Alamo. Because of his connections with right people in the CDF and police, none of Lukas's aggressive decisions were infringed upon.

When the infection hit Lukas thought little of it. He had full confidence in the CDF to handle it but after a few days Lukas made the executive decision to move his family and business to the CDF base of operations. Surrounded by the Vlici Chernaru and his top advisers, Lukas continues to do business and seeks to make this infection as profitable and rewarding as possible.  


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